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… the Almighty will not pervert justice …

Job 34:12

+ + +

The Comey matter has generated a whole lot of conversation which reflects a broad ignorance among the politicos, media personalities and commentators (lawyers included).

Well aside from the inane partisanship among the Democrat Left, assessment of Mr. Comey’s worth is simply summed up in Job and the applicable quote above. To wit: Comey perverted justice.

You see, an investigator does not have the power to make the decision as to whether a person is or is not prosecuted, nor does he serve as a jury determining a person’s innocence or guilt.

Lest we exclude Ms. Loretta Lynch (the Attorney General) from her unforgivable behavior in meeting privately with the husband (Bill Clinton) of a person (his wife, Hillary Clinton) while his wife is the subject of a very serious FBI investigation – Ms. Lynch might well be reminded that she, too, in her inexplicable airport runway meeting served to pervert justice.

Neither Mr. Comey (head of the FBI) nor Ms. Lynch (the Attorney General of the United States) displayed any rudimentary regard for justice nor any evidence of the simple requirements of their ethical duties as lawyers.

Far beyond the obvious breach of legal ethics and of their respective, defined roles as judicial officers – both Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch remind us that a bright, well-educated person might be expected to grasp the concept which Job pronounces – that is: that justice is to be cherished not perverted.  Alas, neither were up to the task.

Sadly the mish-mash of frantic, idiotic public comments about Mr. Comey’s lawful dismissal by President Trump just underscores the worthlessness of listening to the news media, politicians, and self-claimed legal wizards on virtually any matter they care to mention.

Voices of the uninformed are many these days.  Talk though they may – they have not much of value to say.  Best find truth in what can be trusted.  Scripture will do very nicely.  To wit: Job works just fine in sorting out Mr. Comey’s dismissal and Ms. Lynch’s poor judgment.


Face to face with what must be, Cease thou from sorrow

Bhagavad-Gita, 2:27

+ + +

So begins the book Simply Sane: The Spirituality of Mental Health by psychotherapist Gerald May, M.D., a 1982 book addressing this significant question: How does one manage sanity in a trouble-ridden world?

As the above quotation suggests: Dr. May makes this vital point – face your life, live it out, accept as it appears, stop seeking the “Holy Grail” of control and perfection, stop expecting that a therapist, or medicine, or particular attitude, habit, achievement, possession, etc. can provide you sanity, comfort, satisfaction. May’s simple proscription for a sane existence: BE, just BE – exists as a human being.

In particular, Dr. May decries the extraordinary reliance people have on therapists. He sees this as a reduction of the human being and his or her natural endowment – their created state of being.

Reading him, I cannot but help to see in the present day, some 35 years since the book was published, that what he says about dependence on therapists and other substitutes for actually living your life out applies four-square to “political correctness” of the idiot Left.

You know if you wonder where insanity comes from today, you need only look at the Left and their “political correctness.”  It is way past high time to tell these “sickos” to take a long walk off a short pier.

Really, does anyone want to resemble the life of Bruce Jenner?  Miley Cyrus? Whoppie-Cushion Goldberg?  Chuckie “Hair-plug” Schumer?  Granny Pelosi? Maxine “the C.I.A. distributes crack in my neighborhood” Waters, or Senator Hiawatha “high cheek bones” Warren, or Bernie “never held a job” Sanders – he – the three house socialist?

Sanity today is secured by saying to the gender crowd, the fascist Left, the child-killing feminists and a sundry “snowflakes,” and whack-job academics and race-baiters – “Shut up, you loon – I’ve had enough of you.”

Want to counter-punch your way to sanity and freedom, I give you a simple phrase to use and invoke as often as necessary: “Hey you, shut up.”

Have a nifty day, boys and girls.


Update – Bad Week for Liberal Yahoo Montgomery Country, Maryland.

After the rape arrest of two immigrant students for an assault of a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom, today a school bus driver is arrested for the sexual assault of two 11-year-old school girls.  No word, yet, as to how the school administrators and whacked-out Leftist multiculturalist politicians will defend this mess and remind all again that they love children, provide for their safety, and take umbrage at anyone who disagrees with their view of “reality.”

” …  from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat … “

Gen 2:16

+ + +

In standing between good and evil the human person is more than animal.  He possesses more – that more is conscience.  He and she must choose what is good, not what is evil.

Our choices, you see, either bring us closer to God, or separate was further and further from God.  It is in the first that full life is known and experienced, and in the second that death comes to us before our mortal end – a death that extends into eternity.

We die as we live.  Conscience is always in play.

Funny how this proposition is lost to us today.  We no longer imagine the dynamic of an existence between good and evil and the role this plays for us in active choice, decision-making, and the vital place for conscience in our daily existence.

Case in point, the nitwit Democrat Liberals (and their bed mates in the teachers’ union) who run affluent Montgomery County, Maryland, welcomed an 18 year old illegal immigrant and another 17 year old friend into the school system placing them with 14 year old students in the 9th grade.  (The school system, predicatively, prides itself in ignoring an immigrant’s legal status.)  Well, these two non-English speaking geniuses were arrested this week for pushing a ninth grade girl into a boy’s bathroom in a local high school and sexually assaulting and raping her.  The authorities, of course, never vetted these young men – had no idea who or what they were.

No sense of responsibility for good and evil equals no conscience, and evil emerges.

In the above case, the Country school administrators, the teachers’ union, Country Liberal Democrat pols and those who support them ought to be held equally accountable for their part in this heinous assault.  Choosing evil has its price … or surely must have its price in a good and faithful society.  And that price ought to be the exile of the fools who prepare the way for evil, yes, an immediate exile for those who are a threat to public safety.  Send them far East of Eden, never to be seen again.

Let’s face it, in our secular age, we seem to think and act as if one’s mortal end is the end of our existence, that all in mortal life is all that is, and all that matters.

With such an ignorant mindset, the onus (it follows) is for us to live as fully as we fancy in the here and now – conscience aside.  Hence, we proceed to ignore reality, consume all that we can, acquire all we can, glorify ourselves, fuel our life experience with drugs, sex, alcohol, greed, power, status, celebrity (however fleeting) and the false idea that we are “masters” of all and wiser and more sure-footed than others.  Baloney.

Does one wonder why so many pursue selfish interests to the absolute exclusion of common sense and others – even family?  Or why divorce is so common? Likewise that children are abandoned?  Mental illness and obesity flourish? Suicide, too? Gang violence? Adultery? Pornography, as well?

In a culture without conscience, do not the executioners prevail in number while the innocent are, like the girl who was raped, offered up by those who choose evil and its furtherance?   Have we not had more than enough of the agents of evil: the Liberal Democrat and the “progressives” (Marxists) that gather with them?

Tree of good and evil, Friends.  Let’s get real.


“Behold, the virgin shall be with child and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel,” which translated means, “God with Us.”  (Emphasis added.)

Mk 1:23

 + + +

God with us.

Think about that.  God with you.

How might that change your life?  Frankly, in a very, very fundamental way.

If God is with you, might road rage visit you?  Insecurity?  Anxiety?  Anger? Impatience?  Fear?  Worry?  Uncertainty?

Indeed, is there anything that can diminish you?  No, there is not!

If God is with you, do you act like the troubled denizens of Hollywood?  Think about blowing up the White House like “Madonna?”  Or “call” for a “military coup,” like the obscure “comedian” Sarah Silverman?  Or act like the impudent and childish Democrats in the U.S. Congress?  Or the anarchists on the Left?

Indeed, if you have God with you – how can you be dissolved into depression over an election result?  Would one not have let politics precede and “trump” the reality that God is with you, and you (in turn) are with God?

How quickly I see people I know who are Church-goers completely dissolve in despair because their candidate (a person of very questionable conduct) did not become President.  Their “belief” is paper thin, and just as weak.  More appearance than substance.

One thing you notice very plainly is this: many who attend Church are easily anchored in the culture, and uncritically so.  That is, they present themselves for worship but park their trust in politics and status, income, address, their bias and poorly tutored views, etc.

Is any of this necessary when one recognizes that “God is with us?”  You know the answer.


Ignorant people see everything in black and white – they rely heavily on the myth of pure evil – and they are strongly influenced by their own self-interest. (Emphasis added.)

Jonathan Haidt, in The Happiness Hypothesis

 + + +

In the above remark, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explains wisdom as it is derived from adversity.  He is making the point that wisdom is “tacit knowledge” that allows a person to balance their own needs with the needs of other people and things like institutions, the culture at-large, and those adversely affected by decisions and circumstances.

Those without wisdom see only black and white, find pure evil in other people, groups, things and ideas and act exclusively in their own misshapen, narrow, ill-informed and often hateful self interest.

It used to be some associated this sort of orientation with religious zealots – now it defines the American Left – from the U.S. Congress, to the media, the college campus on down to primary education.  You see it manifest regularly in the protesters, on television “news” shows, in liberal newspapers and among the “special pleaders” intent to bend you to their exclusive point of view.  But to what consequence?  A social breakdown that’s what.

Those described above divide us.  Their notion of diversity splinters us and creates enemies – the good (those on the Left) from the evil (those who are not on the Left).

As Emil Durkheim reminds us such social divide furthers self-destruction – and we see it now very clearly in those in the streets, and those in the Halls of Congress who refuse to participate in the daily work of the Legislature in order thwart the work of the elected majority and the sovereign citizens who elected them.  Yes, in the Democrat Party of the Left.

What I find most remarkable about the Left is this: they rant and get their bowels in an uproar without the slightest evidence that they are informed, well-educated or sufficiently wise or thoughtful enough to critique this nation, the culture and surely not themselves.

There has been plenty written by very astute people on the decline of American culture in that last four or five decades.  Those on the Left seem to ignore such essential work as James Hunter’s The Death of Character, Anthony Appiah’s The Ethics of Identity,  Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue or a whole stack of excellent and informative work essential to any sound understanding of American culture today.

My point?  Those noisy, rude, one-dimensional, crude ideologues on the Left hold no credential that justifies them NOT being dismissed out of hand. They know little and are adverse to doing their homework.

Would you ever wish a doctor with no particular knowledge of the specific problem you present to treat you?  The answer to that question fits the present state of ignorance we encounter in the all-too-public Left … personal associates included. Turn away.


Radical feminism is the most destructive and fanatical movement to come … from the Sixties … Totalitarian in spirit, it is deeply antagonistic to … Western culture and proposes the complete restructuring of society, morality and human nature …

Robert H. Bork, in Slouching to Gomorrah

+ + +

Some women assembled in Washington yesterday to trumpet radical feminism.  It seems they feel better being discontented, and all the better to be at war with men, Western culture and its institutions and founding, its life-sustaining principles, its time-tested values, and its achievements.

What do you say about such people?

They are not especially humble.  They live in discontent among extraordinary opportunity, comfort, privilege, freedom, and affluence.

Listening to the speakers at their public assembly you have to say – they are frantic.  Who might deny that hearing a speaker say she had thought often of blowing up the White House.

They are distastefully lewd and fixated on their biology.  Who other than a radical feminist would dress up as a vagina or an index finger, or wear a pink “pussy” hat. Yes, lewd and childish.

Let’s face it: the embrace of a constructed victimhood  does not a happy person make.

Think about it.  Women seem to be consuming themselves.  Such is the effect of victimization.  Doubt it?  Look at obesity statistics on Black, White and Hispanic women since the advent of feminism.  Look around – you can see young women who are on the highway to diabetes.  Can this be a sign of contentment?

Look at fatherless families and fatherless children, too.

My point is a simple one – radical feminism is not sufficiently critiqued, and if we care about women and their unique importance to society and the human race, we ought to examine it carefully.

Examine?  Yes. What is good can always withstand review.  What is not, cannot.


Thinking about America and a New Presidency

# # #

Putin … views the current American political leadership class as utterly decadent and unworthy of traditional diplomatic norms and boundaries … (Emphasis added.)

The Democrats … hate conservatives or non-leftists.  They don’t like half the people of the country they seek to control!  They look at that half with disdain and disrespect.

Peggy Noonan, in The Wall Street Journal, October 15-16, 2016

 + + +

Barack Obama is releasing terrorist combatants and commuted the 35 year sentence of American soldier Bradley Manning who exposed military secrets to the grave detriment of America’s safety and national security.

This, of course, follows Mr. Obama’s display of weakness in Syria when he threatened retaliation if Syria used chemical weapons on its own people – and, despite his words – did nothing.

The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens in his August 23, 2016, article “The New Dictators’ Club” describes how Mr. Obama succeeded in creating the circumstances for Russia, Iran and China to expand their power while he did nothing.

His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, of course did her part by equipping a Russian “company” to acquire significant holdings of American uranium needed for nuclear weapons while collecting donations to her family Foundation from those involved in the transaction.

The Obama-Clinton’s idiocy of the “Arab Spring” disaster, added to Syria and the uranium deal, the release of terrorists, and the freeing of Mr. Manning makes the point that Barack Obama has given ample reason for others to treat us with contempt and invited their collusion and aggression.

Too many of the Ivy educated “leaders” never learned the basic lessons of life and one is the simple school yard lesson that “bullies take what you let them take and to prevent this you must knock them on their backside and beat some sense into them.”  The sense?  Yes, this:” don’t screw with me or you will get far worse than you’ve been given already.”

But alas, we are “governed” by those who have never been in a fight in their life.  They have badly wounded this nation.

At the beginning of the movie American Sniper, Chris Kyle’s father tells his two young boys that God made three kinds of people: sheep, sheep dogs and wolves and that it is the sheep dogs who protect the sheep from the wolves.

We haven’t been electing sheep dogs, and the wolves are having their way.  That’s got to end.


Footnote – You want to know how decadent this culture has become under the “elites,” Left and the Democrats?  We now report on the news that Mr. Bradley Manning (confused, self-mutilating young man) is now Chelsea Manning. Language matters.  A twist here and there and we lose our way; lying has its very expensive costs.  Tower of Babel, anyone? Yes, the Left has succeeded in making us contemptible.  Why do you put up with this?  Sheep or sheep dog?



The Holiness of Rain

The rain falls hard today in the mountains.  Hard enough to give it voice, a steady presence in a quiet room.  There is a peace in its persistence.  It seems to “hush” with its music, its patter –  coupled with its consistent, rhythmic din.  To match rain, the skies are close in; clouds and their gray dim the light as if to call us within.  Peace is at hand.  God visits today.  Being alone takes on its holiness, forcing the Truth of God’s eternal, everyday – day and night, year in and year out existence.

# # #

” … my … pilgrimage has come clear and purified itself … I know I have seen what I was obscurely looking for.  I don’t know what else remains but I have now seen and pierced through the surface and have got beyond the shadow and the disguise.”

Thomas Merton

+ + +

These are Merton’s words upon visiting a cave adjacent to the ruins of ancient temple buildings near Polonnaruwa, Ceylon, and entering the cave to find large renderings of human beings and a giant reclining Buddha.

He felt in this excursion into this place an “inner clarity.”  He referred to this as “an aesthetic illumination” allowing him to see “beyond the shadow and the disguise.”

This was Thomas Merton’s last journey.  He was to die at 58 in a matter of days.

Is your life a pilgrimage?  Do you seek what you are created to seek.  Or are you captured by what is not Truth, not of the soul, of God, or of your divine nature?

Do not let the thought-police take you captive.  Your warden is a Loving Father.

For Merton the great stone figures were “in full movement,” beautiful and holy.

How does the world look to you?  What do you see?  Hear?  Feel?  Experience in the rain and the clouds?  Do you see “full movement” in motionless stones?


On the Eve of a New Year

And now I was lonelier … than anyone in the world … I had to be alone, entirely alone, if I wanted to live.

Wladyslaw Szpilman, in The Pianist: The Extraordinary Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw, 1939-1945

+ + +

These are the words classical pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman uses to describe the moment in Nazi-occupied Warsaw when he knew he’d have to hide from those who would kill him, have to be “entirely alone” to live.

His story is beautifully told in the movie The Pianist.  

What he says is true.  In a way, we must be alone to come to life – a life lived at depth and with reach, with meaning – in fulfillment, and in truth.  

This is a challenge to each of us.

However, many struggle mightily to avoid the challenges – to push the loss, or betrayal, calamity, or truth about themselves or others far from them (as if that is possible, and illness and confusion will not ensue).

There is an exquisite moment in the film when a particular invaluable truth is portrayed and it is when, with the Russians approaching Warsaw from the East, Wladyslaw is discovered in an abandoned home by a German officer named Wilm Hosenfeld.

In the stunned silence of this moment, Captain Hosenfeld asks Wladyslaw to play on an elegant piano that has survived persistent bombardments; and, Wladyslaw plays while the officer listens in rapt attention.  It is as if the beauty of this Jewish pianist’s artistry and the composer creative genius have touched the soul of the Nazi Captain.

The truth of the moment is the confirmation of the soul and its place of occupancy in each of them as it is in each of us.

The pianist’s talent and the composer’s gift traveled from one to another, from despised to preferred, from hunted to hunter.  With this the Nazi officer becomes the pianist’s protector – one who hides him and secures food for him so he might live.

The soul.  The unity of beauty, and creating, and music that lifts us and pulls us to each other.  No, evil cannot eradicate this.

Yes, evil and misguided ideas can cloud our way, dissuade us that bad is good when bad has a greater social acceptance.  And herein is the relationship between alone and full life.

The pianist and the officer each, individually and in silence, isolated from all around them, experienced what exists within and the eternal good that is in and of the soul – a soul created by God’s desire and design.

The truth of the matter for me, as I look back on my seven decade journey, is this: the trials and the “aloneness” that they impose on us – permit access to the soul and bridge the gaps between the preferred and the despised.  For you see, each is to cross the bridge of tears alone before life is fully lived from the soul outward.

May you think of this as the new year dawns.


Footnaote – Wladyslaw Szpilman purused his career as a concert pianist until his death at 88, in 2000.  Captain Wilm Hosenfeld died in a Soviet Prison Camp in 1952.

 I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

C.S. Lewis, in The Weight of Glory

+ + +

The Christmas Eve betrayal of Israel that is the U.N. Security Council vote that jeopardizes our loyal ally’s existence and enhances it as radical Islam’s target for annihilation is a product of an inexperienced President and a thirty-something foreign policy “advisor” with a degree in “creative writing” where years of national security, foreign policy and military experience should have been gathered.

As to the President, when you get the Nobel Prize for doing nothing you apparently learn that you have nothing to learn.  That said, we have a President guided by the fictions and fantasies of Leftist ideology which are “complimented” by a liberation theology that holds Christ, America and the West at more than arm’s length.

Yes, we have lived in the sophomoric times of a President that is (shall we say) “iffy” on our nation, the West and Christianity.  

As to the creative writer (failed young novelist Ben Rhodes) turned into the President’s foreign policy guru, we see a President whose comfort resides in assistants with little or no experience and surely not those with any more than he possesses.

Oddly enough the media seems utterly unmoved by this hazardous proposition –and the calamitous results topple forth: the “Arab Spring,” Benghazi, the evacuation of Iraq, the Syrian civil war, the rise of ISIS, the destruction of the Christian population and sacred sites in the Middle East, the inane and quite dangerous Iran nuclear “deal” and now the betrayal of Israel.  Yes, ignorance, inexperience and vanity do have their poisonous fruits.

Except for the serious problems caused by these two youthful “adventurers” we might count this as absurd folly liken to “what I did on my summer vacation” but at risk is our national security, and the waning of Western Civilization – and it is this latter matter brings to mind Christianity, its truth and the necessity for intelligent and wise people to value its great and governing presence in America and the world.  But alas, the Left (knowing everything as they do) discard all that has value in the long march to transgender bathrooms and borderless lands.

Fasten your seat belts boys and girls – make no particular plans for your retirement years. 

As for me … I believe in Christianity as I believe in the sun that rises … by it I see …


Footnote – Your writer is a lawyer who graduated from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and from the Graduate School (in theology) at the University of Notre Dame.  I have been an Army Officer, a counsel on foreign affairs in the U.S. Congress, a trial and appellate lawyer, a father and a vowed religious in the Congregation of Holy Cross.

My work has spanned four decades. I do not have a degree in creative writing and did not find my life in law, foreign affairs, religious vocation, or theology called for one.  Go figure.    


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