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The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.  (Emphasis added.)

Albert Einstein, in Out of My Later Years

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Do you remember the story of Jesus visiting the home of Martha and Mary?  (Lk 10:38-42)

In that story Martha is busy preparing a meal for Jesus and others while her sister Mary is seated at Jesus feet listening to him.  Martha asks Jesus if he does not care that Mary has left her to do all the preparations alone.

Jesus answered Martha – “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

This is precisely the wisdom Albert Einstein expresses. We all have the capacity to experience the mystical.

A life lived within mortal limits is a life not lived.  It is a life without fullness.  It is “the mystical” that makes a life, that alone completes a life.

Feodor Dostoevsky writes in The Brothers Karamazov this: “Much on earth is hidden from us, but to make up for that we have been given a precious mystical sense of our living bond with the other world, with the higher heavenly world.”

We have many like Martha.  And few like Mary.  Which are you?

Those like Mary possess calm, certainty.  They see and they are not lured into all that is earthly.  They are not worrisome.  Addicted.  They are not egotists.  They are not trapped in the nonsense that prevails among the masses.  They are not captured in the present day and all its false gods and endless foolishness.

Our culture is full of Martha in many forms.  Ignore them.  They have chosen the lesser things.

Are you Mary or are you Martha?


Russia and Us.  It is interesting that for all the hubbub about Russia over the years, we have not been smart in dealing with them.  We have been, because we have “leaders” who do not live life on a mystical plateau, unable to see the undeniable truth about Russians which is this: Dostoevsky reveals their core, their heart – their orientation to life (even as they try to supplant him with Marxist nonsense).

The truth of who they actually are is their soft underbelly and, not being well and fully formed, our “leadership” cannot see it.

When the blind confront the blind – it is always an “eye for an eye.”  Endless folly. “Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right.”

It is not that I’m so smart.  But I stay with the questions much longer.

Albert Einstein

+ + +

Staying with questions.  Yes.

Who among us has this staying-power?  There are such people and we see them today.  I think of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster as examples.

Each of these men answer questions with an economy of words, plainly and when they do they make sense, they teach and demonstrate their intellect and evidence that they have stayed with “questions much longer.”

That said is it not the question to ask ourselves can we distinguish between those who have stayed with questions and those who have not?

In Washington, Hollywood, the media, academia and politics we have a surplus of people who are “breezy” thinkers … the superficial who run with the unexamined view.

But can you as one stuck in a mass communication culture distinguish the thoughtful speaker from the superficial one?

Democracy does poorly when we cannot separate the insightful from those who think not and speak too often.

Ideologues, by the way, are indeed adverse to staying with questions.  Their preference is the unexamined point of view over the hard task of honest inquiry.


Spent today with family and friends.  Perfect.  Posting late in the day.

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… Dick’s physics was so hard for ordinary people to grasp … he did not use equations … people … were baffled by him.  Their minds were analytical, his was pictoral.

Freeman Dyson (speaking of Richard Feynman)

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In mass secular culture, we are “dumbed down.”  Think about it.  We see the same images, we hear the same dribble from TV’s talking heads.  Idealogues confirm one thing: they have reduced their existence to mass-think, unexamined utterances.  Ditto the most inane ideological product of ideologues: political “correctness.”  That, in and of itself, is madness and repressive.

Education has, in this country, become close to useless for its superficiality and conformity.  Dull, unthinking people study “communications” and anchor a news network … not a salvageable thought in their brain.

Let’s give just one contemporary example.  The chattering media types look at President Trump’s carefully targeted and expertly executed cruise mission strike on a Syrian air base and ask (with indignation): How can he do this after previously saying that we should not be involved in Syria?  These lads and lassies see statement “A” and compare it with action “B” without asking themselves: What changed?

Think about it.  Statement “A” in a moment of time.  Action “B” at a subsequent point in time.  Would not a thoughtful and wise (and “educated”) person whose job it is to follow the news of the globe be able to see that perhaps conditions arose to warrant Action “B?”

Why for instance could they not see any of the following:

  • President Obama’s shameless inertia said to our adversaries “we are weak” and “unengaged” – take what you want
  • silence is a tacit approval of the use of poison gas on innocent civilians and is an extremely dangerous disposition in an area and era where terrorists offshore and in our midst show a delight in killing others by any means possible
  • North Korea in developing their missile capability boasts that they are prepared to use these nuclear weapons on us and anyone in their area of interest.

My point is this: We are not thinking wisely, critically and we are not at all aided by this dullness.



… the mind that withdraws from gossip, useless news, potboiler novels, and surfing the Internet will have much more time and energy for God, and for praying, readingthinking, and listening to and caring for other people. (Emphasis added.)

Fr. Hugh Feiss, O.S.B., in Essential Monastic Wisdom

+ + +

Fr. Feiss has a very relevant and useful point for today.  I add but one caveat to what he says.  What he prescribes does not allow only listening to and caring for others – but rather listening to the quiet voice of self within you and caring for yourself so you might be of maximum wisdom, help and guidance to others.

Let’s face it from high court to kindergarten, and at all junctures between heaven and hell, the disordered, selfish, wrong and malevolent liberals and Leftists have corrupted this culture, abandoned truth and made a mess of simple public discussion.

The first step toward sanity is to disengage from the “house organs” of Leftist nonsense – popular sources that echo their foolishness.  Yes, there is a monastic wisdom that is wisely invoked today.

In the ageless separation that Fr. Feiss describes one can read and think, engage timeless wisdom and embrace Truth once again.  Doing so will bring confidence and vital knowledge to you – with that, liberals and the Left can be put to the test and shame they deserve – clueless clowns that they are.

The fact of the matter is this: it does not benefit to engage disordered and hateful children in debate or conversation.  To do so is the epitome of “wasting one’s time.”  As they say, there is no reason to try to teach a pig to sing, it is useless and annoys the pig.

Fortunately the liberals and the Left are louder than they are large in number. Our failure has been that we have not attacked them head-on.  We have debated as if they pose arguments and points of view that justify conversation.  Wrong. They do not.

Think about it: abortion is child sacrifice, countries require defensible borders, there are only two genders, marriage is between a man and a woman, habitual deficit spending ends in economic disaster, free market economics produces a higher standard of living and greater individual wealth and socialism and Communism do not, religion and faith matter, and there is a God and He is neither dead nor irrelevant.


If you find this post useful, share it with others.

Observation – Time to put the Judiciary in its due Constitutional place – which is limited not superior to the Executive.  If we let the matter stand – we will have government by and of ill-informed, biased Federal Judiciary and chaos, and the Nation’s collapse will result.

By the way, President Trump should pull his pending nominee for the Supreme Court in favor of Federal Judge Pryor. Why? The pending guy is not independent – he likes to be “liked” and we already have at least two such individuals on the Court.  Judges have to have more maturity and courage than needing to be “liked.”

Tomorrow – Polis and ekklesia: learning from the Greeks.   

Thinking About America and a New Presidency

# # #

We fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living.

Stephen King, in Duma Key

+ + +

Democrat Congressman John Lewis from Georgia and a leader in the early days of the cause of Civil Rights for Black Americans identifies President-elect Donald Trump as an “illegitimate” President but gives no reason for this claim.

Things such as this make you wonder if Stephen King isn’t right in what he says in the above quote.

Congressman Lewis has been in the U.S. Congress for a long time.  He has been a Democrat for a long time.  The Democrats have held power in the Federal Government for a long time and hold virtually exclusive power in major American cities – yet, the problems in the inner city remain.

One wishes Congressman Lewis would not speak so loosely.  We do ill is to divide, to do well is to unite.

Partisan politics (which sadly is the only politics the Democrats practice and pursue) makes us weaker as a nation, divide unnecessarily and forestall the welfare of many, many people.

We all make regrettable comments.  The public ones like this can be very destructive. When unity and cooperation are needed, division is very costly, a tragic wound.

Americans need to work together.  We live in troubled times and others wish us ill, desire our destruction.  We need not help them in their cause.  

In times such as these, partisan politics destroys.

Unity NOT division.


Go in safety, inasmuch as we have sworn to each other in the name of the Lord, saying, “The Lord will be between me and you, and between my descendants and your descendants forever.”

1 Sam 20:42

+ + +

These are the words of Jonathan to his friend David.  Jonathan’s words tell us that their shared relationship with God cements their friendship from generation to generation.

In the present hyper-secular world and its mass communication, this is a significant reminder for us.

These words lead me to ask: Who are your friends?  With whom do you keep company?  To whom do you listen?  Do you let any fool in mass communication culture into your head? Your heart?

Are you a discrete listener?

If you are disquieted, confused, upset or troubled, ask yourself who enters your life? Whose words do you listen to?  Might they be the source of your discontent?

In mass media culture, all sorts of disordered people have a public voice.  Nitwits can be very disorienting … and we let them gain easy access to us.

Case in point.  I see in the news today that Jimmy Fallon (another in the growing list of late night faux Johnny Carsons) slammed President-elect Donald Trump at one of the many idiotic, self-congratulatory, celebrity “awards” dog and pony shows.

Jimmy Fallon.  Really?

Why listen to a guy’s political views who was a “communication” major from the College of Saint Rose?  I mean, come on – Saint Rose?  Communication? Wouldn’t he have learned to talk by the time college appeared on his horizon?

Ge’ez Louise, the guy combs his hair with a stick of butter. What could he possibly have to offer?

We are made for healthy association with one another and, of course, with God. Yet, if we indiscriminately welcome disorder and foolishness into our head and heart, we are hardly feeding on what is good and true, valuable, insightful, wise, sincere, lasting, useful.  (I guess Mr. Fallon missed this at Saint Rose while “studying” com-mun-i-ca-tion.)

In mass culture we listen all too much to those who have nothing to say and are unworthy of our attention.

Be discrete.  Don’t be a lemming.  Don’t degrade yourself.

Take in those things that advance you, that grow the Spirit within you.  Less than that and you dine on garbage.


Footnote – If you wonder why Donald Trump tweets it is simple: the culture is insane, godless, and politically-correct crap, full of what is false – very totalitarian, and utterly amoral.  As Saint John Paul II said it is not politics but culture that matters. The truth of the matter is this: politics arises from culture. Donald Trump is attacking the errant, corrupt, authoritarian Leftist, godless culture that has been developed in a straight line with every Democrat from FDR to Obama.  Few see this and its necessity and genius.  

“Man instinctively regards himself as a wanderer and wayfarer, and it is second nature for him to go on a pilgrimage in search of a privileged and holy place, a center and source of indefectible life … his heart seeks to return to a mystical source, a place of ‘origin,’ the ‘home’ where the ancestors came from, the mountain where the ancient fathers were in direct communication, the place of the creation of the world, paradise itself, with its sacred tree of life.”

Thomas Merton, in “From Pilgrimage to Crusade”

+ + +

Merton made a significant breakthrough when he could see life as a journey, a pilgrimage to God – and see this as a part of every human being’s makeup, precisely how we are made, and made to long for that which is omnipotent, beyond us, everlasting, supernatural … for God.

This was where Merton came to know God in the acts of the ancient Irish monks whose desire for God had them float off to sea, “abandoning themselves to wind and current, in hope of being led to the place of solitude which God himself would pick for them.”

This is the attitude of the Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem and the journey of their older siblings, the Jewish people, who seek the remnant of the Temple and Jerusalem – their promised place.

This alone makes the acts of outgoing President Obama, and his very junior associates: hideous, ignorant and offensive.  They show in their acts either a disregard for what is sacred to Jew and Christian, or an utter disdain for it.

It would seem that Mr. Obama and his underlings do not now a place of theophany is common to believers.

Perhaps, they tell us that they do not and cannot believe or care not for those who might.  In such a thought is this:indication of the lesser human being – one without wisdom and grace, understanding and compassion … depth, emotional maturity and insight.

” … pilgrimage is a symbolic acting out of an inner journey … the interpolation of … meanings and signs of the outer pilgrimage … History would show the fatality and doom that would attend on the external pilgrimage with no interior spiritual integration, a divisive and disintegrated wandering.”  

Thomas Merton

We have suffered ignorance of eight years.  Now we see in our President’s disregard for Jew and Christian alike in his out-going support of a U.N. Resolution aimed at de-legitimizing a sacred reality shared by Jew and those of Christ.

… lacking interior spiritual integration – fatality and doom are now gambled for us by the insensitive and uninformed.  This: too great a price for us to pay.

Alas, we have to restore order lest the heaven rain down blood and gentle women weep for all that is lost.


Would any seed take root if he had not believed His promise when God said,

“Dears, I will rain.  I will help you.  I will turn into warmth and effulgence,

I will be the Mother that I am and let you draw from My body and rise, and rise.”

St. Thomas Aquinas

+ + +

If there is no God, how can these words from the 13th century survive, interest us, speak to us, make us think, perhaps alter our consciousness, orientation to daily life, and the meaning of our existence?

Aquinas thought that contemplation and solitude were among the greatest gifts we are given.  But alas we are very busy, and noisy.  So easily distracted, indeed to a state of exhaustion and impatience.

He became a Dominican monk and lived a vow of poverty with complete devotion to God.  Even in the 13th century this was a radical departure from what was.

His family kidnapped him and held him in isolation for two years in their castle to try to dissuade his choice of a monastic life.  This only strengthened his will and his faith.  In his solitude and forced imprisonment, he memorized Holy Scriptures.

Released he became a master at the University of Paris and focused his attention on Aristotle’s writings on metaphysics.  From this he learned how to make the profound seem simple to his audience.

In his studies his faith deepened and matters like the growth of a seed or the expanse of the human being came to form and to his understanding and he shared his insights with all.  To this day his words survive.

Are you not the seed promised life-giving water and eternal warmth?


Tomorrow’s Post: How the Democrat Left lost and Trump became President.

Computer still being repaired.  Next post on Monday, October 3.

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet.

Mahatma Gandhi

+ + +

Are you listening media?  Marxists?  Anarchists?  Atheists?  Hollywood Lefties?  University eggheads?  Liberal press?

It makes no sense in a secularized culture to pay any attention to what arises in mass communication.  Many listen uncritically. We can thank our “education” system for that. And, of course, innate laziness factors in.  Many think better an ideology than thinking. It is like: better fast food than good food.

Why do you let those with dirty feet trod through your life?  Your mind?  Rest in your heart?  Stomp on your soul?

Are you not smarter than that?  Do you not have more integrity?  Dignity?  Are you not a sacred being with sacred responsibilities?


Note: Want to know what “dirty feet” look like?  Senator Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney not filing or paying taxes for ten years.

People intent on securing power at all costs do discard decency and lie, lie, lie. Dirty feet. Plain and simple.  Don’t be fooled. Dirty feet.

Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. (Emphasis added.)

U.S. Constitution, Art. III, Sect. 3

+ + +

Terrorist bombings in New York City and in New Jersey this weekend.

Part of a chain of anti-American attacks inspired by Muslim jihadists?  That has yet to be determined.

Yet, there is no denying that over the last twenty to twenty-five years we suffered attacks, at home and abroad, carried out by those sympathizing with jihadists, or those who have allied themselves with them.

Muslim jihadists (and those who fund and support them) are at war with the West, the United States, Christians, and Jews.

One wonders, as a result, if the voices of our citizen-malcontents of varied stripes who harbor an open, vocal and demonstrative hostility to their own country are now at the very least out of step with reality and the danger we face.

Or is their action more serious?

Do the malcontents not embolden our adversaries?  Show division and weakness? Do their words not give aid and comfort to those who chose to be our enemy?

And what of politicians who deal with states that sponsor terrorism?  And of those who talk of closing all military bases?  Others who disclose sensitive security material?  Or carelessly expose it to our adversaries?  Or those who tailor intelligence to satisfy a preferred political narrative?

What of those in leadership positions who have allowed our military to be reduced in size and readiness?  Those who have spent us carelessly into debt?  Those who have aimed their hate at police?  The flag?  Or those who purporting to serve us but saw, in the end, only race or ideology as the final determinant of policy, choice and action?

Or those “special pleaders” who bombard us with their own resentments based on gender, sexual behavior, atheism, ethnicity or other Leftist ideals and orientations?  And the pampered athletes who dishonor the flag, country and those who serve them and all of us in this time of conflict?

Who can give honor or approval to those who give such comfort or assistance to those who desire our destruction?

And who among us can provide support to a political party that hosts these malcontents, or give heed to media outlets and operations that voice perpetual national discontent with our uniquely free nation?

Think about it.


Irony – I, as one who grew up in Boston among some of the most inventive, rebellious, street smart, cunning and courageous people, offer this wonderful irony: Donald Trump has shown that he is simply leagues ahead of the dullards in the news media, the stodgy and stale Republican elites, and the (God-help-us) ideological and megalomaniacal Left, including the once shrew Democrat Party. How so?

He manages to throw the press (and his adversaries) sufficient concern that, while they deplore his utterances and him, proceed to chase him for comment and (they think) further calamity.

In this we see a brilliant seduction that shows who is far the smarter. This is charming and shows the talent of more than your average pup.

Folks, you got a real gem when you got a dog that is smarter than the hunter. (Insert smile here.)

We are seeing some real political genius in motion, Sports Fans.  Enjoy it.

Leadership is best when it is smarter than those who chase them with intent to maim or destroy.  Are you bright enough to see what is in plain view?  

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