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The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.

Vaclav Havel

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Salvation.  The heart + reflection + meekness + responsibility.  So observes Vaclav Havel.

Don’t see much of this around Washington these days.  Salvation is a word rarely heard since we began barring God from public conversation.  We can thank the marshmallow middle and the strident Left for that basic act of dislocation – as to the latter their inevitable preference for error.

Heart, reflection, meekness, responsibility.  Little of this here today.  Heartless is more the form.  Reflection, like thoughts of salvation, appears permanently shelved in favor of the instant news cycle where comments issue as frequently as pulse beats as politicos and “talking heads” tommy-gun out the “latest inside scoop” replete with “unnamed sources” (a delightful name for twins today, by the way).

Meekness, my God!  None of that here.  Washington is more a mob at Filene’s Basement tearing the bargain “name brand” apparel from one another in a melee resembling Wrestle-Mania gone mad.  Meekness, it seems, is too orderly and vulnerable for Washington today.  Gone is the obvious power of a calm and measured voice.

It follows there are few signs of responsibility – at least among the those who daily carp and complain, and report and exploit.

We could use some Vaclav Havel.  Inmates running an asylum never works well.


Footnote – Vaclav Havel is among the most interesting figures of the late last century and early 21st century.  A writer, philosopher, political dissident and politician who served as the last President of Czechoslovakia (1989-1902) and the first President of the Czech Republic (1903-2003).  A widely-esteemed and admired man or faith, courage, talent, heart, thoughtfulness, insight, humility, service and responsibility.  Don’t you wish we had such a presence here today. ‘Tis time to tell the children to be quiet.

… the Almighty will not pervert justice …

Job 34:12

+ + +

The Comey matter has generated a whole lot of conversation which reflects a broad ignorance among the politicos, media personalities and commentators (lawyers included).

Well aside from the inane partisanship among the Democrat Left, assessment of Mr. Comey’s worth is simply summed up in Job and the applicable quote above. To wit: Comey perverted justice.

You see, an investigator does not have the power to make the decision as to whether a person is or is not prosecuted, nor does he serve as a jury determining a person’s innocence or guilt.

Lest we exclude Ms. Loretta Lynch (the Attorney General) from her unforgivable behavior in meeting privately with the husband (Bill Clinton) of a person (his wife, Hillary Clinton) while his wife is the subject of a very serious FBI investigation – Ms. Lynch might well be reminded that she, too, in her inexplicable airport runway meeting served to pervert justice.

Neither Mr. Comey (head of the FBI) nor Ms. Lynch (the Attorney General of the United States) displayed any rudimentary regard for justice nor any evidence of the simple requirements of their ethical duties as lawyers.

Far beyond the obvious breach of legal ethics and of their respective, defined roles as judicial officers – both Mr. Comey and Ms. Lynch remind us that a bright, well-educated person might be expected to grasp the concept which Job pronounces – that is: that justice is to be cherished not perverted.  Alas, neither were up to the task.

Sadly the mish-mash of frantic, idiotic public comments about Mr. Comey’s lawful dismissal by President Trump just underscores the worthlessness of listening to the news media, politicians, and self-claimed legal wizards on virtually any matter they care to mention.

Voices of the uninformed are many these days.  Talk though they may – they have not much of value to say.  Best find truth in what can be trusted.  Scripture will do very nicely.  To wit: Job works just fine in sorting out Mr. Comey’s dismissal and Ms. Lynch’s poor judgment.


Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about those things.  (Emphasis added.)

Phil 4:8

+ + +

This is from the Letter of Paul to the Philippians.  It speaks of virtue.

We are not a healthy society, not a virtuous society.  Yes, there are virtuous people.  You can see them in the military men who occupy positions in the present administration of President Trump.  One thinks of General Mattis, General Kelly, General McMaster.

Sadly one does not see it in critical places like universities, in the Church leadership, in the Congress, in the Judiciary.  Without virtue we will  perish.  If there is one thing that we need and must insist upon it is: virtue.

Truth.  Honor.  Justice.  Love.  Grace.  Excellence.  Purity.  These are the things we lack within the culture and in critical institutions.

When it is lacking, those who fail in this regard need our scorn, and surely not our silence nor our support.

We must stand for these virtues.  Accept nothing less of leaders and one another. Those who lack virtue must be called out, held accountable, dismissed from public life and possession of any position of authority.

When those such as Hillary Clinton go unpunished for breaches of national security and laws governing national security, we lose self-respect.  Likewise when others are unpunished for unlawful use of the IRS to thwart the legitimate political interests of American citizens, we lose self-respect.  And when the former President’s national security advisor lies and appears to escape punishment for using classified surveillance material for political purposes, we lose self-respect.  In these unpunished things – virtue is denied and the esteem and authority due America is lost.

A critical part of our present ills, a part that can spell our doom, is the lost of virtue.

There is no greater problem we face than this.  We had better place this at the top of our tasks – the restoration of virtue must be our national priority lest we destroy ourselves.


Fraud of the First Order – Barack Hussein Obama, “the self-righteous one,” with yet another “speech” for $400,000.00.  Two incredible things about this: (1) it shows what a fraud he and the Democrat Party is, and (2) it is unimaginable that anyone would think that this guy has anything to say that is worth their attention, let alone their money.

Wonder if Chris Matthews and the MSNBC crew still get chills when they think of Mr. O?

Dedicated to my Grandchildren, my Nation and to you.

# # #

Zion will be redeemed with justice and her repentant ones with righteousness.  But transgressors and sinners will be crushed together, and those who forsake the Lord will come to an end.

Is 1:27-28

+ + +

It is Lent.  We are closing in on Easter and the Resurrection.  Is it not a good opportunity to take this time between now and Easter to reflect on the above and ask: What do I see around me?  What do I hear daily?  In the news?  On television?  What is the state of our culture? Our nation?  Our leaders?  Our public conversation?

Have we forsaken God?  Have we listened as if there is no God?  Have we deserted our faith?  Been led astray?  Become pagans and thought and acted as such?

What is the tone of public discourse?  Do those among us divide for the lust of power? Have some among us elevated ideology and politics above all else?

Who among us speaks with faith?  Shows the courage to offer an honest picture of who we have become and how that is so unflattering, so godless?  So destructive of person and nation?  

We live in urgent times.  In talking about the Jews and Jerusalem and Judah, the Prophet Isaiah is speaking to us, today at this hour, in this time.  You best take heed.

Nothing good, absolutely nothing good, comes to those who forsake God.

If you do not live first in faith, then who but yourself can you blame for the troubles we have and the decline we court?


Discouraging – It is truly discouraging to see so many House and Senate Democrats carrying Mr. Putin’s water in their efforts to delegitimize President Trump and anyone who dares to challenge the settled and corrupt ethos of political Washington.

It leaves one to conclude: (a) they are the unwitting handmaids of Mr. Putin, (b) they are showing their Leftist allegiance, (c) they love the sweet Washington honeypot that gives them privileges the voting public does not enjoy and keeps them from real work, (d) all of the above.  Whose team are these guys and gals on?  Putin’s?  Their own?  Both?

The separation of church and state, however interpreted, did not signify the separation of church from society.

To look upon religion as the ultimate source of morality, and hence of a good society and sound policy … pays religion – and God – the great tribute of being essential to the welfare of mankind … to man as well, who is deemed capable of subordinating his lower nature to his higher …

Gertrude Himmelfarb, in The Roads to Modernity

+ + +

The efforts of the press, televised news media and others to discredit President-elect Donald Trump before he assumes Office shows us that something as basic as culture and identity is at stake.

What do I mean?

The Left has had its way in this culture for almost six decades.  Their ideology has been planted in schools and colleges, in the judiciary, entertainment, in the media and in the newspapers, in Washington, the federal bureaucracy, some large cities and a few states. Likewise, killing children in the womb has received the protection of the Constitution and same sex “marriage” has been endorsed by the Supreme Court.

In the last six decades, Black families have been destabilized by federal and state laws and policies, federal and large state budget discipline has been lost, and the government has gained more and more control of the individual, private business and the economy and religion is held “suspect.”

It is fair to say that our culture has been changed, as has been our identity – individual and collective.

The recent national election has been a repudiation of the Left and what it has done and become.

Those on the Left (the newspapers, college professors, teachers unions, Washington insiders, televised soft news stations and people, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the Democrat Party, etc.), accustomed to “getting their way,” are “throwing a fit.”

Today we engage a fundamental question: who are we and does our culture reflect favorably who we are?

Herein, the quotes from Ms. Himmelfarb.  We are defined not by the state or politics.  We are in the most basic, most truthful and profoundest manner defined by faith, its ethos, its morality.  Our identity and well-being rest there and when we live by this our culture reflects the good that we are and life gets easier as folly and conflict subside.

Properly considered, we are seeing at the present the opposition of the Left to the restoration of national health and prosperity.  Pretty fundamental stuff.  Big stakes.


Suggestion – You might want to be careful about where you get your news.  I used to read five newspapers a day.  I now read one, the Wall Street Journal.  I don’t watch much on TV. The best I can suggest – pay attention to your religion and grow your faith – the best guide to living well.

Jesus’ call to conversion and penance … does not aim at … “sackcloth and ashes” … but the conversion of the heart, and interior conversion …

Catechism of the Catholic Church (Second Edition), para. 1430

+ + +

In all things God works for good, our good.  It is no less so in our misdeeds, our sins, our crimes.  Yes, in attending to our guilt we are given to new growth, moved toward God and our peace and perfection.  But we must acknowledge our failures, our evil deeds, our dishonesty.  Failing to do so we remain deep in the darkness of sin and despair.

Illustratively, if Mr. and Mrs. Clinton and their colleagues have done wrong, their rehabilitation requires that they publicly own their wrongful conduct for without that any gratuitous “forgiveness” offered by others in position to pardon, or to “excuse” further examination of their very questionable conduct serves a dreadful and destructive personal and public end.

That is to say: a failure to examine the conduct that is known and seems to foreshadow very significant and wide-ranging behavior that compromised national security and appears to have sullied the role of public service at the expense of substantial private personal financial gain affirms of us a two-tier justice system that separates the privileged class from everyone else and defies Christ and the wellbeing of the lawless persons involved, insofar as they cannot live a rehabilitated life – ever.

You see, interior penance is a radical re-orientation of a life.  It is a return and restoration to wholeness, humility, a cleansing of the soul, a return to health and to a relationship with God. This is precisely why we seek punishment and is, if you will, the good news offered to the world by Christ Jesus.

To fail to hold others accountable is a faithless disposition, a denial of God.  

To be accountable for our wrongs is to be vested in God’s mercy, to trust in His grace, in His love.  In owning our misdeeds, we are strengthened in faith.  A culture that does not hold us accountable is a faithless culture – on its way to ruin.

To balk at inquiry and investigation or to easily “pardon” for unexamined deeds denies God and furthers the godlessness that is the primary error of American life and government today.

Restore us to thyself, O Lord, that we may be restored.

Lam. 5:21


Ideologies are mental prisons that produce blindness.

Fernando Araya

+ + +

Yes, the election was won by one who is not of the present political establishment. For this we can be grateful.  This is a critical corrective opportunity, for we have been gifted with an outsider who brings a new set of eyes and a critical view of the current very troubled state of our Nation and our culture.

However, let us be clear about what has happened in American culture and what has brought us to this point.

Our culture has been radically distorted by Leftist ideology and Leftist ideologues. They populate the Democrat Party, union bosses, the media, press, educational system, entertainment industry, clerical corps, and ranks of wealthy globalists.

Our universities and public school systems could all be best known as Candy Land – not educational environments – for they have failed to educate but rather have indoctrinated our children into an ideological view that is anti-democratic, ignorant of America’s history, its unique political philosophy and governing structure, the design and indispensable utility of our brilliant Constitution, our essential place in West Civilization, and the vital role that faith and morality play in our Nation’s peace and unity.

To see our five to six decades of decline and deterioration is to see the destruction of Leftist ideology culminating in broad scale Clintonian corruption that has undermined even our national security and personal safety and survival.

The point is this: we must restore our culture.  Yes, more than policy change is needed.

We must have a vigorous and brutally honest, critical review of education, popular entertainment, public media, legal training, and government support of troublesome private organizations and failing government agencies and departments.  Likewise, we need to reinvigorate an appreciation for the essential role of faith and morality in our Nation.

We need to ask ourselves: What is the philosophy that underpins the activists among us? Is it hostile to America and our peace and prosperity?  Does it bring division, hatred, bigotry, destruction?  Are their points of view based on what is true?  Or, are they merely self-serving and false?  Can they withstand a serious critical review?  If not, they will be exposed as fraudulent, be discredited and fade from view.

If we are to move forward and bring balance and peace to this society, policy changes are only the first step.  The more critical task is a sustained and serious, public examination of our culture and its parts – not asking simply: what is wrong, but asking how has the Left and its ideology distorted and damaged America in the last five to six decades?

The sweetness of truth is eternal.

St. Augustine, in De. Verb. Dom. Serm.

We must turn from ideology to Truth.


A Tip – If the Democrat Party does not move to the center, you can write them off.  Their current mindset is destructive and creates chaos.  Ditto the press and media.  No sense listening to disordered people.

The Blog Post for Saturday, October 29, 2016.

… the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.

Eleanor Roosevelt

+ + +

Now Dear Hillary, let’s not be looking for FBI Director Comey to be “bailing” you out of a mess you created by disclosing the details of his renewed investigation of you.

We know you had trouble passing the Bar despite (or maybe because of) your Yale education, but you know or should know that no prosecutor or investigator is obligated or permitted to disclose to others, particularly the potential target or targets of an investigation, the details they have at their disposal while their investigation is ongoing.

Yes, we recognize that this is not quite the paddy-cake treatment you got at the prior stage of your investigative troubles, but this is a new day and the world of law enforcement may just be reverting back to its normal standard … translation: you may be treated like every other target of an investigation (imagine that!).

But above all, knowing how you used to say that Eleanor Roosevelt spoke to you when you were in the White House, take heed of what she said: “the choices we make are … our own responsibility.”  Yes, that is a grown-up’s obligation making it all that much more important for you to accept responsibility.

Remember, you chose to have a private, unsecured email server, and to use a number of devices (some lost by you) to send and receive secret national security information in a manner that allowed our adversaries to access that which were state secrets – the very information which keeps us and those who work for us, and our allies safe and secure.

It was you who lied about this matter – telling one thing, then another, and another – all with the intent to avoid responsibility for what you did.

Dear Hillary, neither you nor your aids and enablers (who knew of your poor choices) did anything to stop you, but rather you and them furthered your delinquent choices regarding our national security and refused to tell the truth when it was required.  Tut, tut.

Responsibility, Hillary … responsibility.

Time to accept the consequences of your choices. Be a man, Hillary – be a man.


Please Note: Talk about corruption.  After posting today I opened an “evite” and acquired a computer virus.  These things used to be less common than they now are.  It raises question about discourse in “free” society.  And it raises questions about continuing to bother with communications that impose a cost on each of us.

expect to post again on next week.

Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.

Henry Kissinger

+ + +

The work of good and decent people can be swamped by the concerted corruption of a few bad people in positions of power.

Seeing this sort of thing is usually a local phenomenon – usually observed among the small time antics of city mayors and alderman the likes of which seem recurrent in places like Chicago.

Rarely do we see the full face of corruption on a national scene.  That said, the present disposition of the Madame Clinton email/server/national security/prospective “pay for play” mess presents an ugly outline of what public corruption might actually look like at the federal level.

Without going into the tsunami of facts surrounding destruction of evidence, lying, co-mingling of public business with private financial gain, the most irregular investigative conduct of the nation’s lead investigative agency, etc., reports, testimony, evidence, and facts seems to suggest that an understanding of corruption in this shameful and very troubling story might well conjure up the immortal refrain of “Tinker, to Evans, to Chance.”  Yes, I refer to the double play combination of the Chicago Cubs who played together from 1902 to 1912.

So what am I saying with this poetic baseball reference?  I am saying this: to comprehend the scope of the corruption one would be wise to consider the relationship between the White House, the Justice Department and the FBI.

Why?  The irregular handling of the FBI’s investigation of Ms. Clinton suggests that their efforts were never intended to yield a criminal indictment.

If that is so, others to whom the FBI must answer were at some point engaged in the process and as the FBI’s superiors may well have tilted the scales.  If one were left to conclude that did not happen, one cannot reasonably explain the irregular behavior of the FBI.  There are just too many inexplicable things in their investigative conduct.

Best to see with both eyes open, no matter the unpleasant image that might appear.  This is more so when serious problems present, for to do otherwise is to foster the bad becoming worse and doing so rather quickly and creating permanent damage.

Need we be reminded that no public trust can sustain when the hint of corruption is left to fester?  Inaction in these matters is tacit approval of errant conduct.

Having applied bleach to emails, it is now time to apply the same to public institutions involved in the handling the recent affair.

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God?

George Deacon

+ + +

Folks, the stakes are high and you are in the game.  What will you do in this election cycle? Continue the present situation?  Or make a statement about honesty and truth?


“… the kingdom of God will be taken away from you …”

Mt 21:43

+ + +

You want to know how to explain life today in this fair land?  Simple.  Think of Christ and his teachings.  Think of his parables – as applicable today as they were 2000 years ago.

Remember the Parable of the Tenants in the Gospel of Matthew?  You know – the landlord leases his vineyard to tenants who refuse to share his produce with him. Yes, they beat the servant he sends to collect his yield, and then kill another and stone a third.

Finally he sends his son, and they killed him too.

Our tenants are the Democrat Left and the inattentive Republican elites, who gain election and take control of what was intended only for their temporary custody.

Once a nation of Judeo-Christian values, the tenants savage a heritage in favor of godlessness.  Like the scriptural tenants, they seek what is not their property or position and ignore those who object.  Our tenants include some in the judiciary and in the bureaucracy.

The claims of those who seek what is not their’s to have – shows us what we face now. This Parable is timely and in play.

Lest you forget, Jesus tells the evil tenants in this parable that: “The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit.”

You see Jesus is never in hiding but that he hides in plain sight.

Woe to those godless ones who are blinded by the need for control and power. They will destroy what is good unless we discharge them.  Either way, they will be held accountable. The question is: Will you be among the silent who are harmed and lose the Kingdom of God, or among those with responsibility for this behavior and its consequences?  Or will you claim your place beside the Landlord?

Why would we allow the evil tenants to rob us of the Kingdom of God?


Note – The State Department which is subject to a Federal Court Order to release Ms. Clinton’s daily schedules before the election has taken the position that they will not be able to comply with the Court’s Order until the end of December.  Fine with me – let the Court put a stay on the November election until a date after the Department complies with its Order.  Why take take the risk of electing our first felon as President?

Need I remind you we are a nation under law, not under men or felonious women.

Remember Benedict Arnold the Traitor.  All generals from West Point have a stained glass window in the West Point Chapel. Arnold’s window is clear glass – to remind us of his betrayal.  His window is the only clear glass window in the entire Chapel.  Lesson learned.

We have an order of succession to the Presidency, so we can run the government without Mr. Obama or either candidate and do so in perpetuity.  I’m fine with that.  He who governs least governs best!

There is nothing wrong with an interim government, headed by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, until justice is done and Ms. Hillary’s behavior is completely examined!

You never realize how much government you do not miss – until you have the good fortune not to have it imposed on you!!!


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