The ultimate adventure, when all the barriers and ogres have been overcome, is commonly represented as a mystical marriage of the triumphant hero-soul with the Queen Goddess of the World.  This is the crisis of the nadir, the zenith … at the central point of the cosmos … within the darkness of the deepest chamber of the human heart.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

+ + +

Herein, Campbell is recounting how critical a part the image of a woman (the Goddess) plays in the mythic stories recorded in human history.  Those of us who life with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, live in the tradition Campbell describes. Feminists, and many women today, do not.

Secular culture, it godlessness, it images, mass communication, ideologies and politics diminish and destroy what once was good.

Sadly, women today are divorced from their hallowed history.  They seem, in the errors of “the modern feminine mystique,” required to re-invent themselves, start from scratch, be their own “creators.”  This is a flawed disposition of those infected with heritage denied, story rejected no matter that it survived centuries upon centuries in all cultures.

This is a sad and foolish misadventure.  Women, once, revered are, by their own doing, reduced.

Campbell says this about the sacred legacy of the woman:

” … she is the incarnation of the promise of perfection; the soul’s assurance that, at the conclusion of its exile in a world of organized inadequacies, the bliss that once was known will be known again: the comforting, the nourishing, the “good,” mother – young and beautiful – who was known to us, and even tasted, in the remotest past.”

The image of the woman, the Mother was one that gave the cosmos distinct feminine attributes –  a “protected presence.”  Sadly, this has changed, suffered assault and insult.   Good God, we have institutionalized child sacrifice and given it legal and Constitutional protection and women celebrate this – a political victory, while for others a moral and human tragedy.

With the abandonment of the sacred identity of women, children pay deeply; and, marriages and family falter and fail – as cultures and nations follow in suit.

What a price we pay for the loss of the nature of being.


In the office of the modern psychoanalyst, the stages of the hero-adventure come to light again in the dreams and hallucinations of the patient. Depth upon depth of self-ignorance is fathomed, with the analyst in the role as the helper, the initiatory priest. …

The crux of the curious difficulty lies in the fact that our conscious views of what life ought to be seldom correspond to what life really is.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

+ + +

We are a less than learned culture and far from wisdom in the aggregate, or person to person.  We swim in the waters of self-ignorance, swirling about making waves and undertows for all that are near.

On dry land we preach hallucinations and offer plans for their institution.  Making matters worse, we silence the priest and reject the wisdom figure – preferring the sick to the well. The narratives are destroyed.  Such is our pride and stupidity.

Never has a people spent so much money on education that makes us dumber, more blind, less human, more mistaken, divided, hostile and unpleasant.

Guided my ignorance we pursue a life that is not.

We are far from access to the symbols that resound in human history – the clues and stories that give us depth, and truth.  We are as to a flower, a blunt instrument – unbending, artless, a thud, a heavy foot – brainless and crude, destructive, silly and expendable.

Sick and addicted we stumble along, banging into one another and splintering sanity, crushing virtue, creating sickness and alienation from self and from others.

No society can exist for long when ignorance commands the day.  Beware.  You are forewarned.

The zombies gather in business suits and fancy dresses with grand ideas about us. They claim they know best.


Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Mahatma Gandhi

+ + +

It is really quite revealing that Hillary Clinton has not disclosed the nature and scope of her medical condition.  More so, because we know she must take off several days a week to rest in seclusion and even more so because we have seen her in public in a very feeble and weakened state, as needing help to walk up stairs, as in a complete collapse, and according to her husband to have lost consciousness now often over the years.  Likewise, her testimony in various investigations and legal challenges reminds as, along with her own reporting, that she has an habitual loss of memory.

These are very serious signs and it hardly seems reasonable to be a candidate for President when the survival and wellbeing of millions upon millions of people depend on you to be healthy and possess a sound mind and memory required for prudent judgment.

As Gandhi says so accurately – a just cause has room for the truth.  It follows that we should expect the truth from her.

If one wonders about the fitness of either major candidate to govern, is it not Ms. Clinton’s responsibility to be completely truthful about her health and her illness or illnesses?

Absent that, how can she be trusted?

Absent that, we are left with questions.  Is she but a shill of others who have expectations that they will govern with her but a prop?  Will our fate be determined by undisclosed wealthy individuals or interests who have been her and her husband’s financial benefactors?  Or by foreign oligarchs who have made generous gifts to her or her husband, their business interests or foundation? Under whose control will she be?  To whom might she be beholden?

The absence of these questions in the media and press only heightens the concern and poisons her electoral well.  Yes, sensible people reject those who are less than truthful on such vital matters.  Fools, on the contrary, rush in.

Those desiring increased power or enhanced wealth, count on fools and truths that are hidden from public view.

In sum, why do we wish to place our welfare and survival on the weakened shoulders of one who is not truthful about their infirmed state?  The limits of their capacity to function?

Are we a nation of fools or a nation of sensible people?


For all my friends here and now, those of yesterday and those deceased – those precious ones who lived the life God gave them no matter the circumstances, no matter the cost.  They are among the shinning stars of every dark night sky.

# # #

Strictly speaking, he was alone; but the room, and his interior life, was full of companionship.

Paul Elie, in The Life You Save May Be Your Own

+ + +

At any given time well over nine out of ten of the people you see around you will not have journeyed far or well, and surely not deeply and broadly enough.

You see most people are encased in their own immediate self – that is to say the surface experience of life as it either appears to present itself to them or as they selectively screen it to appear, twist it to their small template – a template usually nailed together by the hammer of yesterday’s hurts.

We are social animals and you realize the power of this when you realize those around you care not very deeply about you, that as soon as something captures them you are forgotten, misplaced or used like one might use a garden tool: only when necessary and convenient, then housed in the shed ’til another season of need appears.

For some, indeed for all I dare say, this is hurtful.

Social animals would rather not be garden tools touched only seasonally and only for a brief time.  But that is the way it frequently is and must be because others journey on the surface until they gain wisdom from hardship, and most importantly – we must know hurt and alone or we cannot know our self and The Divine, and we cannot love without need.

If we are never misplaced and forgotten, we can never be found and remembered.  If we are not shelved we can never be precious and handled with care, sought for who we are and what we do.

Yes, being alone is difficult but it is essential to your the journey.

If you want sadness and disorder and inexcusable hurt all in one I give you this: most people never really enter the journey for only the wise and strong come to welcome alone.


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Note: Thanks to the Podesta emails which have been made public, we know that important Clinton campaign figures were concerned that Ms. Clinton was securing cash donations that might raise questions.  Likewise, the emails show that others associated with the Clintons raised concerns that Mr. Clinton was accepting cash and valuable gifts that might raise questions.  Those who represent us must not act in ways that create these sorts of concerns among their own partisans.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

+ + +

This is the motto which appears on the flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  It is Latin and its says “Death always to Tyrants.”  It sits below an image of Lady Virtue holding a spear with one foot perched triumphantly on the chest of a slain tyrant.

These words seem a fitting invocation today given what we have learned from this most revealing presidential campaign.

In the end this campaign has not been not about policy, or personal preference for one face or image over another, or about alleged peccadilloes ginned up by the “dirty tricksters” on the Democrat Left who insured voter fraud would be committed and paid mentally ill and homeless people to cause fights and raise cane (Kaine, how beautifully Shakespearean the truth and its irony) at their opponent’s rallies.

Nor is this election about Hillary and her Klan destroying evidence of their wrongdoing, or the corruption of the justice system at its very top, or her jeopardizing our national security and personal safety in order to hide evidence of her “pay for play” corruption and ineptness, or the collusion between the partisan press and media and the totalitarian Democrat Left, or the unlawful acceptance by Ms. Clinton and company of campaign money from foreign governments, and corrupt oligarchs, or her lies or convenient amnesia when under oath or asked in public to explain her questionable conduct, nor about her serious, concealed, debilitating health problems.

It is not merely about the end of the Second Amendment, or a continuation of Mr. Obama’s feckless foreign policy of retreat and weakness, or the continuation of abortion, or the furtherance of gender and sexual politics, racial divide and Catholic and Christian bigotry.  Nor is it about building a socialist one party state and destroying the American economy and eradicating our national identity.

No, this election is actually about showing us the great divide between the elites in this country and the vast population of good, hardworking, honest, faithful common folks.

This election shows us that the elites have their own rules and that the laws and obligation we live by do not apply to them.

This election has shown us tyranny and who the tyrants are.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.


This is an election about corruption and that means about who we are individually and as a nation.  Yes, are we moral and are we honest?

# # #

Those who put their trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, that cannot be shaken, that stands now and for ever …

Do good, Lord, to those who do good, to the upright of heart; but the crooked and those who do evil, drive them away.

Ps 125: 1-2, 4,5

+ + +

Looking back on my life as a lawyer in Washington, D.C., I cannot say that I recall anyone in my profession who lived courageously.

Perhaps, it was because we lived very well and there was money to be made; there always is in the capitol city of any nation for money never leaves power or the powerful.  Yes, this is a certain reason that the federal government should be decentralized – departments and agencies located outside Washington.  Why isn’t the Interior Department in the interior? The Agriculture Department closer to agriculture and those in it?  Etc.

Washington is a town of lawyers.  Throw a rock and you hit six or seven of them with one stone.

Lawyers there can make any dreadful thing look acceptable and see that decisions are delayed for ever.  This contributes to the government and legal opinions we get. Obamacare a tax!  Ya, right.

Given the gross corruption now visible in politics and in Washington, it is hard to justify the silence and inertia of the local Bar and ABA.  Ditto, legislators and the judiciary.

When I began law school we moved from teaching jurisprudence (moral philosophy) to teaching ethics.  This was a big mistake.  The former elevates the idea of good human being and good human conduct, while the latter seeks only that one adhere to a rule … and lawyers, more than any other profession, have the tools to make the argument that the grossest conduct approached but did not exceed the boundary of “the rule.”  

If you read of John Adams and other lawyers of bygone days you see people of principle, people with courage and wisdom, stalwarts of their community, people who earned the esteem and respect of others for their propriety, service to others not self, intellect, humanity, honesty, courage, fairness, compassion, leadership.

We are a far, far distance today from those people and those days. 

Shall we be upright of heart and courageous or harbor evil as we do now?  Your choice.


Prayer Request: Your prayers are requested for my childhood friend Gail Perry Borden and her husband, Ron. Ron suffered a heart attack while at their cabin in upstate Maine and was taken to a hospital in Bangor, Maine, and suffered a stroke there.  He was flown to the Massachusetts General Hospital where he is in critical condition.  Gail is in need of prayerful support as is her husband.

A strong city we have; he sets the walls and ramparts to protect us.  Open the gates to let in a nation that is just, one that keeps faith.

Is 26:1-2

+ + +

These are difficult times.  They try the soul, turn one to anger. Combat lurks.  Our God and faith is demeaned by Clinton political aides.  The privileged Bush Family acts like sore losers who are accustomed to getting “their way.”  The ideologues and racists seek vengeance.  They hate this nation.  Their intent is to destroy us.

What is one to do to temper the anger?  Retain a faithfulness in opposition?  

My first piece of advice is this: Leave the righteous anger to God, for He alone judges and demands recompence.

I for one have renewed a habit, and that habit is this: to read the daily Liturgy of the Hours – morning and evening prayer.  This anchors me.  Refreshes me. Fortifies me.  Guides me.

The above citation is from the today’s Morning Prayer recitation.

In these readings, I am struck by how we have, in our heritage, been formed as a great nation first in our Jewish history, then in the Christian West.

How shocking is the reality today that we have forsaken God and in doing so lurch to destroy what He has given us: faith, freedom, family, holy matrimony, children, peace, commerce, independence, liberty, the free market, prosperity, courage, confidence, belief, insight, the capacity to lead and to sacrifice for what is good, to serve those in need, to love, care and forgive, and to live in civility, humility and community.

The ways of the godless are always self-destructive for absent God, they are full of self-hate.

We have been silent too long.  Too tolerant of those who would destroy and bend all to their sickness and disorder.  The battle lines are drawn.  We do not find conflict, conflict finds us.

All strength comes from God, all courage from faith.

Center your life each day on God … and give hell to those who seek it.


Sanctity must be achieved in our lifetime.  We are here for no other reason.

Dorothy Day

+ + +

This is true on its face.  Salvation is not gained after death.  Our life is our workshop, the place where we establish who we are – whether good or evil.

This obvious reality seems lost on Washington and on many of those in politics. The same can be said for the “global set” for whom money, status, influence, power and excess seem to eradicate any evidence of good taste, trust, honor, restraint or morality.  Each show by their conduct that they are not worthy of your time or attention.

As if the Comey-Lynch-Clinton disgrace is not sufficient, Ms. Clinton’s political aide John Podesta laments that the San Bernardino mass murderer was a Muslim not a white male. Yes, utterly pathetic.  Hereafter, know that the preposterous idea of a “War on Women” is and has always been a war on men, white men in particular.    

What can be done with people such a Comey, Lynch, Clinton and Podesta who disgrace themselves and this nation day after day?

With the state of corruption in the justice system and politics, and the conversion of the thoughtless press into partisan propagandists, one ought summarily reject these people.

Yes. But what more can the individual do?

Each of us can separate ourselves from the sordid mess.  Some, I suppose, can clamor for independent, privately funded inquiries to commence immediately.  (No sense expecting the Congress to do anything – in the majority they seem too close to the ongoing cesspool that is life and business emanating from Washington.)

Come what may, the individual can separate at no cost by simply making space between himself and herself and the dirt and deception that is secularism.

How so?

Pay less attention to mass culture; do not be trucked into its dialogue, nor attracted to the desires it promotes.  Don’t let them make you Pavlov’s Dog.  Don’t run when they call.

On your own, live a more monastic life – pay attention to prayer, silence, solitude, worship, spiritual reading, contemplation.  Monks, you know, separate from the “modern” man and women and their exhibition of folly and disorder. Monks are the better for it.  You will be too.

Rise above the muck.  Repudiate in each breath, and at every chance, the sickness that surrounds you in secular life.  Sanctity and salvation are established in life and how YOU live it. 


It is better to be alone than in bad company.

George Washington

+ + +

There are times when you realize that those around you cost you dearly, prompt the worse in you.  Bad company.

A culture at its worse and most distorted can bring bad company as a routine matter, a daily event – in all its communications and images.  Bad company.

Better to seek yourself.  For there is God.  Good company.  Better to be sequestered, in solitude.  Good company.

In being alone with self and God, one finds the best company, a bridge to eternal reality, good neighbors, good friends, the nature to discern and contemplate.


It is not enough for a Christian to condemn evil, cowardice, lies, and use of force, hatred, and oppression.  He must at all times be a witness to and defender of justice, goodness, truth, freedom and love.  He must never tire of claiming these values as a right for himself and others.  (Emphasis added.)

Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko

+ + +

As I look out on the American cultural landscape and its political terrain, I reach for the truth of Fr. Popieluszko’s words, for I like others struggle daily with how to stand exclusively as one who opposes evil and corruption and lies and hatred and godlessness without being converted to violence and the coarser ways of combat – verbal and otherwise.

The truth of the matter is that violence which others employ can convert us to violence also.  As one who grew up in a combative community where fighting and physical and verbal confrontation was routine, it is especially difficult for me to choose the witness of which Fr. Popieluszko speaks.  But he is an inspiration, and his way will be my way from now on.

Fr. Popieluszko was a parish priest in a working class neighborhood in Warsaw, Poland. He was also the Chaplin of the Solidarity (Labor) Movement which opposed the Russian-entrenched Communist dictatorship in post-World War II Poland.

October 19 will mark the 32nd anniversary of his death.  He died at age 37. Murdered by three members of a “security” unit of the government of Communist Poland (i.e., by the Communist “secret police”).

He was kidnapped and beaten and stuffed into a large weighted-down bag and thrown alive, but badly injured, into a reservoir where he died.

Yes, we see evil in our midst.  And corruption.  And the dirty tricks of Leftist politics.  And hear lies and see cover-ups and shame in high places.  And collusion between the once free “press” and their Leftist pals.  Yes, we see and hear hatred and especially hatred of those of faith and the Churches they claim as their own. Yes, godlessness is fashionable among Leftist politicos, in the universities and among the media and entertainment institutions, and in education in general. Yes, ideology and propaganda are prevalent and they distort and divide, and worse yet – sow despair within the hearts of those who listen uncritically.

I pray that I and others might take the way Fr. Jerzy describes and lived at this time of heightened conflict and discord.


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