“Man is a mysterious compound of body and soul. In him spirit and matter closely unite to form but one nature and one person … It is both a rational and a biological law that a composite being cannot subsist and develop save on condition of harmonizing and bringing its various elements under the control of the highest of them … Life is, therefore, a struggle. Our lower faculties tend lustily toward pleasure, whilst the higher ones are drawn towards moral good …

Adolph Tanguerey, S.S., D.D., in The Spiritual Life

+ + +

I watch rioters in South Africa and San Francisco, California run into stores in broad daylight and steal arms full of clothing, valuable cosmetics, watches, jewelry and the like while no one provides opposition. Likewise I have seen hordes riot and loot and set fire to businesses, police buildings, courthouses in various cities in the United States and those arrested for such deeds let free – without penalty. Yes, I see government neutered, society savaged, culture destroyed, peace turned to barbarism, justice forfeited, chaos endorsed.

Likewise, I see agencies of government corrupted – laws broken and no consequences whatsoever. I see a Governor of New York astonishingly unable to take responsibility for his failure to attend properly to the recent “pandemic.” I see as well an American President who swore an oath of office to protect and enforce all laws who now refuses to enforce those laws that govern entry across of our borders. Likewise I see his son go totally unpunished for his range of lawless activities and his father’s astonishing need to make erroneous claims (like he drove a sixteen-wheeler semi-truck and trailer as part of his working history).

Let’s face facts. We do a lousy job familiarizing our children and students at-large in what it takes to be a good person. By the acts we see – of those who brake the law and those who sadly occupy positions of authority – it ought to be crystal clear that we are producing some of the least well-educated and lease personally developed human beings one might ever encounter – and we have given them the “green light” to run amok. What a hideous sight! How can any good come by this?

Think of what you hear – our children are being taught to think of race as the governing principle of all life. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus tells us that they “are coming for our children.” Liberals propose that crime is caused by police and hence police departments must be diminished – police offers discharged, police forces radically reduced in size. How is this going to stem the explosion of homicides in our cities and the ever-increasing deadly presence of dangerous drugs – many of which are imported from across our undefended southern border?

If we had any smarts – we’d realize that we are NOT preparing children to be fully formed human beings, nor are we instilling in them knowledge of what a human being is and is capable of being in the most excellent form of existence.

How hard is it to actually expect that those in authority might know something about the human person, ethics, morality, our history, the nature of mankind, the place of faith in human existence, the history of Western Civilization, something about philosophy and psychology?

We have wasted loads of $$$$ on education – including so-called higher education and have little to show for it. In the place of intelligence, insight and wisdom we get homicides, drug use, unprotected borders, unpunished authority figures, elected officials who fabricate their working class and educational history and refuse to take any responsibility for their own conduct.

Yes, we get those in authority focusing on the displacement of faith – hostility toward religion, God’s exile, hedonism run loose, shrinking police forces, faux history lessons given by bigots, open season for looters, teenagers chasing their “foes” with deadly weapons, hyper-dangerous cities, public officials to whom abiding by the law seems not to apply.

Best to get back to the task of producing fully developed, honorable, humble and moral children, men and women. What we presently see is the exact opposite of what we need and who we are made by God to be.


Postscript – While it is a hefty book, becoming familiar with Tanquerey’s The Spiritual Life will give you a very good understanding of what a human being is capable of becoming in the full. Presently the evidence is clear that we short-change ourselves to say the very least … and the status quo is only becoming worse not stabilizing and surely not turning for the better.

News – China threatens the U.S. and England over Taiwan, and we have La-La-Land Joe Biden in the White House. Can you spell – disaster?

Big government – small people. Small government – BIG people.

“It begins with being, with God as the creator of everything. What is first in intention is last in execution … God intended … to create … a Person. This person is the Bride of the Word – as all the imagery in the Gospel of wedding feasts and the like brings out. In this concept of being, then, all of us are one person together; each of us in our individuality is at heart one Person. We are told to love one another as ourself, not as if the other person is our self but because she or he is our self, our deeper self.”

Basil M. Pennington, in Thomas Merton Brother Monk

+ + +

Imagine what life might be like if we were anchored to the idea that we are not individuals as much as we are God’s beloved – honored to be a person, the intentional choice of God – The Divine.

Imagine if we all treated each other in an esteemed manner. Imagine if knowing ourselves “the Bride of the Word” we led lives of humility, honor, valor, service to others, of kindness and generosity, thoughtfulness, gratitude, morality, joy and contentment – satisfied to be God’s created ones.

If we all shared a common Divine identity – would we not have greater love and respect for one another and self – and enormous love and gratitude for Our Creator and those with whom we share this life and this planet.


Big government – small people. Small government – BIG people.

“When I say that evil has to do with killing, I do not mean to restrict myself to corporeal murder. Evil is that which destroys the spirit.”

“Erich Fromm was acutely sensitive to this fact when he broadened the definition of necrophilia to include the desire of some people to control others – to make them controllable, to foster their dependency, to discourage their capacity to think for themselves, to diminish their unpredictability and originality, to keep them in line.” (Emphasis added.)

M. Scott Peck, in People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil.

+ + +

Today’s tug-of-war is not political in nature. No, it is more than that – it is psychological and spiritual – a struggle between those who are “not well wrapped” spiritually and psychologically and those whose instinct is healthy – that is, who wish to be fully formed individuals with both a spiritual life and and a developed psychological state of being. Yes, a struggle between those who seek to be healthy and whole and those who are diminished, broken and essentially mistaken, confused and lost.

Think, if you will, about advocating the elimination of police forces as a way of improving society. Healthy? Smart? Hardly. Only the lost and confused, the grossly mistaken can advocate such an obviously wrong-headed proposition.

Think, too, of the on again/off again saga of the paper thin mask. “No masks” says the expert – then multiple masks, then vaccine and no mask, then vaccine and masks. Think too – of those who jail the urban rioters here and there then let the looters, arsonist, assaulters go free. Sane? Coherent? Healthy? Hardly.

Think our “Head of State” – aging, cognitive impairment … his family – a son with with a troubled existence … and its many iterations and questions.

Think “economic shutdowns,” massive influx of illegal immigrants – none of whom are tested for the Covid-Virus. Or contracting with the Chinese Communists (our rival) to explore expanding animal virus to human beings (us). Brings to mind Fromm and Scott Peck.

Yes, control by others or a life as an independent, whole person whose rights are protected and allowed their full spiritual and psychological development. Contrast that with those who desire to control you, limit your Constitutional protections. Think too of the a-sundry School Boards and their masks-no-masks charade or their CRT and its dubious claims of scholarship.

If there is a struggle – it is between the disoriented and the whole, between those who wish to control all others and those who prefer to be free and fully developed spiritually and psychologically – between those who are sick and gravely mistaken and those who are well and wish to remain so.

Fromm and Peck – two pretty smart and able people. Where are you in this tug-of-war?


Big government – small people. Small government – BIG people.

“So whoever hears these words of mine and acts on them is like a man who has the sense to build his house on a rock. The rain came down, the flood rose, the winds blew and beat upon that house; but it did not fall because the foundations were of rock.” (Emphasis added.)

Jesus, in The Sermon on the Mount

+ + +

The gales of the godless Left blow. But you, Dear Friend, reside in a house that our Faithful Founders built on solid rock – a sacred dwelling that many since them have given their life to protect for our benefit, freedom and prosperity.

Today’s gale, as all bad winds do, intends to destroy what is tranquil and sturdy. But we have been built on rock and we shall not be altered or destroyed. We need on do but one thing and that is stand strong against the wind. Defy any effort to abandon our indestructible shelter – the home of our Ancestors, our children’s inheritance.

Only the smallest pests nip at one’s heels. A foul wind has a foul source. Stand tall against the annoying pests – a wind that blows no good.


Postscript– Adversity brings opportunity. This is a blessing – an opportunity to Stand Tall – protect our inheritance. With Christ – the Rock is Strong and will be forever more. ‘Tis your sacred time to stand tall against the wind.

Big government – small people. Small government – BIG people.

“Grant me grace, O merciful God, to desire ardently all that is pleasing to you, to examine it prudently, to acknowledge it truthfully, and to accomplish it perfectly for the praise and glory of your name.”

St. Thomas Aquinas

+ + +

May we arise each day with the intention and desire to live as God hath made us, do as God would like, remain steadfast in seeking what is right and good and holy in a world that cries for what is sacred and everlasting.

Words to guide you – each day, day after day.


Big government – small people. Small government – BIG people.

Postscript – Sad day of Americans and the once decent Democrat Party for we offer no support to the freedom-loving Cuban citizens who seek support and protection against the Stalinists running Cuba. Only 90 miles from our Nation and we have no effort to assist those Cubans who desire life in a lawful, free society. Shame on Biden and the D’s. Guess Joe’s language about wanting to take President Trump behind the high school Gym was all “show and no go.”

“If I love a person, I will love that which most makes him a person: the secrecy, the hiddenness, the solitude of his own individual being, which God alone can penetrate and understand.

A love that breaks into the spiritual privacy of another in order to lay open all his secrets and besiege his solitude with importunity does not love him: it seeks to destroy him, and what is most intimately his.

Thomas Merton, in No Man Is an Island

+ + +

What makes the Left, Communists and Socialists so vile is their lack of boundaries, their incessant need to void the privacy of others.

Think about it – their state has no place for God who they see as a rival who must be set aside, destroyed.

In that simple articulation they say: “we care not a wit for sanctity of the human being – and less for his or her relationship with the Divine.”

Witness Communists and Leftists, “Democrats” change the nature of being human – diminish the essence of the human being, make life flat, without meaning and warmth – they erase the interior reality of the human person – leave all psychologically barren, rob the person of feeling, eternal insight, happiness, contentment, meaning, purpose, identity, sanctity and in so doing destroy intimacy and relationship, family, relationships between people – warmth and prospering marriages … subtract from the sum of human knowledge as well.

When others, the state in particular, so invade the essence of human interior life, they do not love – they destroy. If you doubt this – treat yourself to Czeslaw Milosz’s A Captive Mind – a personal account of life in a totalitarian Communist state … or treat yourself to George Weigle’s outstanding biography of St. John Paul II entitled Witness to Hope. Or take a gaze at what the Chinese Communists are doing to their Moslem population.

What we face in the United States today is literally the clash between the human person in their essence and the destruction of the human person and, as Merton’s quote so wisely states, those who desire to impose themselves deep within the human person act not to love but to destroy – for the intruders cannot love that which is not them and their distorted way in which they see the world and wish to live.

Think for a moment of the contrast between our Founding Fathers and the Leftists we see here today. Nearly half of those who signed the Declaration of Independence had a seminary education – they were people of faith, hence the protection of religious freedom, and speech and the sovereignty of each and every citizen of America. These were people who loved, people of faith. They far exceed the Left on display today.

So today the competent person must ask this: Do you wish to live as Our Founders were internally ordered to live and love? Or do you wish that your life were taken over by lost sheep – the confused, the sick, the selfish, disordered, psychologically impaired, spiritually lost who wish not your wellbeing and freedom but your rigid conformity to their confused and grossly mistaken view of life and the human person?

Let’s be plain and note sadly the misshapen state of Mr. Biden and his very troubled son and so many of those on the Left who demand our conformity to their confused state of being.

The choice today between what is intellectually wise, good and life-giving and what is unhealthy, profoundly disordered and utterly destructive could not be any plainer.

Wither you?

Shalom. Big government, small people. Small government, BIG people.

“How to hold secure one’s own moral and spiritual self, one’s personal, reflective destiny – amidst the crushing institutional forces of the state, but also the marketplace … “

“ … For (George) Orwell … and (Czeslaw) Milosz … the state threatened to become not only militarily and politically triumphant but psychologically so: the custodial Superego for millions, their Ids effectively enthralled, their Ego an instrument, pure and simple, of the state’s bureaucratic manipulation.”

Robert Coles, M.D., in The Secular Mind

+ + +

This is precisely the issue we face today with the Leftist thrust to seize total control of the individual … force a vaccine on others, suspend economic activity willy-nilly and demand conformity to their desire to install historically failed ideologies as THE governing proposition. A thrust to deprive people of their Constitutional rights, morality, their faith, their identity and independence raises serious questions.

Strange times … but like all strange times – full of delicious irony.

Look around – ask yourself are these advocates of destruction sane? Stable? Mature? Faithful? Honest? Sensible? Or are they not stable? Hence not to be trusted to lead anyone anywhere.

For heaven sakes just start with Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Who might follow then anywhere? Or take their lead from the lovely married couple of Bill and Hillary? Do these people display stability, psychological health, unimpeccable honestly?

What we face is not just a challenge about governing, or economics or even freedom – but rather a question of maintaining one’s psychological health and sustaining one’s integrity, spiritual well-being and historical, ancestral identity.

Those who wish to force their views on you may not be too well wrapped … and such people are not in short supply. So beware … they say “left” – you go “right.” They say “down” – you get “up.” Opposites are so very useful in life.


Postscript – If there is one troublesome concern I have it is this – we seem not to be as moral or virtuous as we once were. This, to me, is most upsetting and poses a real risk to our existence.

Big Government – small people. Small Government – BIG people.

“ … many of us in the social sciences and in psychoanalytic psychiatry have … understated all along the impact on individuals of all that happens in the name of race, class, politics, culture as it affirms itself on the radio, on television, on the Internet, in journalism, in advertising, in the theatre.”

Robert Coles, in The Secular Mind

+ + +

The Dems and the hostile Looney Left are trying to destroy our culture – that which gives us a personal and social identity that conforms to our Founders, our long and distinguished history as a nation and a people (coming here from all over the globe).

Think about it – our identity flows from our collective and personal family history, and our founding. Erase that (as the Left wishes to do) and you erase your identity.

Psychiatrists will tell you that grave confusion results when a person and a people’s identity is lost, eradicated.

Why, pray tell, would the Communists Chinese destroy their Muslim population if but to gain total control over others. That is the totalitarian way and what is going on here in the United States with the Democrats and their radical Communists and Anarchists today.

As one alone – I tell you I do not want to see the memory of my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles dismissed from my life – nor do I want the heroic history of this Great Nation destroyed, outlawed, exiled.

The totalitarian Left wishes to control your thinking, your identity – such is the reason for the likes of Stalin, Mao and other nation’s despots like Hitler. This is the challenge we face today – each one of us – individually and as a whole.

Push back is needed. If you forfeit your past – psychiatric issues will follow. Such is the cost of the life in a totalitarian Left country (See: Czeslaw Milosz’s A Captive Mind for a first hand observation of what happened when the totalitarian Leftist state controls your mind.)

Game On. More noise – less silence. No cane? Raise hell! Who controls you?


“There are some men for whom a tree has no reality until they think of cutting it down … men who never look at anything until they decide to abuse it and who never even notice what they do not what to destroy. These men can hardly know the silence of love: for their love is the absorption of another person’s silence into their own noise.”

Thomas Merton, in No Man Is an Island.

+ + +

No man ought attempt the destruction of a thing until he has loved that thing. But alas the haughty and arrogant know so little about life and virtually nothing about love and others, and God and Creation. It follows that they have no silence in them, no grace, no humility. What they have is EGO – GIANT EGO and no evidence of depth or rare insight, intelligence. You can forget wisdom in them for they have none of that whatsoever. Wisdom is a stranger they do not know and cannot see for the wise first know silence, then love.

With Merton’s help I have described the Democrat Left and the icons of the moment whose names will be quickly forgotten by subsequent generations for no one memorializes those who destroy what is good, sacred, rare, and an article of faith.

If we were smarter, wiser – we would discharge the Left and the wizards of technology. You see only the sage man remembers what is good for his life is built on silence first and in that one reverent stance he knows love, lives love, cherishes love and keeps that which is evidence of love. Of course, all love flows from the God who is Love and the wise among us dare not devour others in our own chatter but rather show us reverence by their silence and the implicit wisdom and contentment which their silence displays so plainly.

The point of course is to ignore those who devour others silence in their own incessant noise.

Yes, it is time to dismiss those who claim to “lead” by ceaseless noise that consumes all others who came before them and are here now as well. Those of grand ideas and ceaseless noise project as some alien god and deserve our routine dismissal.

Silence and love first – the foundation of wisdom and humility. In this is respect for others and preservation of what is good and sacred.


“And when they reached the place called The Skull, they crucified him there, and the criminals with him, one on his right and the other on his left. Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them; they know not what they are doing.”

Luke 23:33

+ + +

This is such an interesting passage. One wonders what exactly it is saying. Is Jesus saying it is a mistake? That those engaged in this crucifixion do not know what they are doing? No, each prospective answer is unlikely for crucifixions were common place and used frequently by the Romans to punish slaves and criminals.

That said, I am inclined to believe that all involved did not know that their God resided in them and that Jesus was proof of God’s extraordinary eternal love of each mere mortal being – a love so strong that God would send His Son to establish the sacrificial love He has for each of His children.

In effect, Jesus is confirming that God’s divine children do not fully comprehend God’s love of each of them and God’s establishment that they, like Jesus, will live beyond a mortal life to know everlasting life.

Jesus is exhibiting the love that the Father has for Him and all of us … it is that understanding that those who crucified Christ did not yet know – that great revelation is not yet known to those who persecuted Christ.

Think about it – God loves you in the same manner as He loved Christ and those who persecuted His Beloved Son. That is the precise unending gift of love that you are able to rely upon and know in this world and the next.

Take heart. Fear not. Do not despair nor give way to the conformity of secular life for God reigns supreme and mere mortal behavior is inferior to God’s love and life everlasting. Nothing on earth (neither nations nor princes and kings of nations) exceed God in any way – for mortals without belief in God exhaust their earthly power rather easily.


Postscript – BEWARE of the Tech Mavens. They are unrestrained in their gigantic ego. They intend to displace America’s currency with their own trinket-coins. Where but out of a huge and unearned ego do these characters assume these ideas? Who put them in charge of the world? Are they war heroes? Like our Founders are they seminary trained? What muster have they passed? Do they have astonishing military careers? Are they accomplished authors of instant classics? In what does their faith reside? Who put these people in charge?


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