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Let us lie in wait for the righteous man, because he is inconvenient to us and opposes our actions; reproaches us for sins against the law and accuses us of sins against our training.

Wis 2:12

+ + +

From the Book of Wisdom.  How vibrant is our sacred narrative!  But do we read it?  Take heed?  See how it fits our mortal life?  Today, no less!!!

Are we not a culture that finds the righteous man inconvenient?

What shows us any evidence that the accusers know the wisdom of their faith?  Or possess humility?  Or have accurately assessed their failure before they condemn others unjustly?

Who but God reproaches us so that we might grow and become friends to one another?

Do you bother to study the lessons that you have been given?  If not, why not?



When all else fails, there is always delusion.

Conan O’Brien

+ + +

I learned a long, long time ago and very early in life that there are many around us who merely adapt to the common realm of the culture or make the fatal mistake of deciding that they will create their own reality.

The number of the latter group have mushroomed in my lifetime.  I suppose that is so because when you are in an affluent country and you live far better than most people in the world in almost all material respects, you think you are “special,” – the author of your destiny.  Of course, add-in mass communication culture and the digital world and people can appear to live out there “special” nature and this is where delusion breeds absurdity.

We have today and yesterday a real exquisite example of delusion breeding absurdity.  It comes to us in the form of: (a) Professor Ford who has leveled a damaging allegation against the prospective next appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court – and (b) her lawyers.

You see the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has set aside next Monday to allow the Professor (accompanied by counsel) to appear before it with the prospective next appointee and his counsel to and testify under oath.  The accused nominee has agreed to appear whenever the Committee desires.  The accuser, Professor Ford, through her counsel first indicated she desired to give her testimony but then said that she will not do so until the F.B.I. has done an investigation as to the alleged incident three-plus decades ago.  This is where the delusion and absurdity come in:

  • the F.B.I is not the proper body with jurisdiction,
  • the alleged incident is under the jurisdiction of the Montgomery Country, Maryland, police and prosecutors where the transgression is said to have occurred and the Professor is still entitled to file a complaint and indeed must file a complaint if she wishes justice to be done
  • additionally, lawyers working for the Professor take this odd position, to wit: the Professor’s allegation must be taken to be true and that she has no burden or obligation to appear to establish the veracity of her assertions – that is, that what she says to the nominee’s detriment must be thought to be true no matter the denial by the accused
  • … this is Alice in Wonderland logic – first the sentence and then the trial …
  • the Professor and her lawyers take this position: the presumption of innocence and the right to trial and the right to confront one’s accuser be damned
  • you can only conclude that the Professor and her legal handlers have no regard for the law and the established institutions and practices designed to protect the innocent while also allowing the aggreived to pursue their claims of injury.  How ironic – – – injustice utilized to sink a nominee to the High Court and permanently injure his reputation.  Injustice preferred to justice preserved.

If there is an explanation as to how one can think in this manner, it seems to emerge from radical feminism.  What do I mean?  Feminism promotes the idea that the body is political and that as such all things contrary to that view may be discounted, ignored, diminished, destroyed, etc. – because nothing is more important than a woman’s body – nothing – not justice, nor faith, nor the soul, nor fairness, nor another’s reputation and good name, nor a child in being or in utero, – nothing.

The problem created when the body alone reigns is that people discard logic, law, thinking and let thinking emanate in and from a body part, or the body itself.  Such a disposition allows delusion to become absurdity.

Yes, there are bigger things in the world than a body part which, in itself, does not define who we are.  We are far more than that – a sacred soul, for example.





Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.  Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Rom 12:2

+ + +

Look at Washington today and think about the above proposition – “don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world.”  A very emphatic proposition.

Think about the Democrats and Feminists in the context of the last-minute uncorroborated allegation of some social or sexual misconduct of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh when Mr. Kavanaugh was a high school student.

Very much a remake of the Anita Hill episode vis-a-vis Justice Clarence Thomas.  Like Ms. Hill – the women making the allegations has not offered any evidence that she spoke to anyone contemporaneously with the alleged incident.  The present source of the allegations cannot remember the year this incident was to have happened, the house where it is alleged to have happened, nor did she (like Ms. Hill) make any complaint with anyone in authority – police, teachers, counselors, etc.

Indeed, the woman making the allegation (as is reported) has recently taken a polygraph test and is presented by a Leftist lawyer and partisan feminist.

Sadly we see the consequences of the division caused by feminists and the power-at-all-costs Democrats.

Having worked in Washington, worked in the Congress, practiced law in the city and lived there for decades before adjourning to study theology, enter a vowed religious community and began writing on living faith in secular culture – I can only tell you that this whole mess shows the nature of Washington culture and the craven nature of Democrats who like power more than character and just conduct.

Yup, that’s Washington culture.  Refuse to sink to such a low level.  This is a place that needs some real resurrection.  No Abe Lincoln or George Washington in this group.

Best to live with God.  What we witness is the conduct of lost souls.


Why do the nations protest and the peoples grumble in vain?  Kings on earth rise up and princes plot together against the Lord and his anointed … The one enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord derides them.  Then speaks to them in anger … “I myself have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.”

Psalm 2

+ + +

Present day contemporary cultures world-wide are highly political climates.  Yes, it is as if politics and power as self-aggrandizement are the reason for being – that which makes life worth living.

The love of self enshrined in political matters – ’tis a story old as man.  We see it in the above Psalm.

When you think about it for but a moment, we live precisely the thing discussed above.  Look at the “resistance” shenanigans on Capital Hill and in national politics, particularly among those who have lost influence in the last decade or so.  Yep, princes plotting together …

Just as the Psalmist reports – those seeking power act as if there is no God, nothing wiser or better than they reckon that they are.

Why do we repeat the problems of the past?  Why do we act so foolishly?  Can it be that we have no relationship with God and know not humility and the stability of a bended knee.


Moses told us very explicitly that our blessings come from obedience to God.

Listening to John Rutter’s Requiem preformed by the Choir Clare College Cambridge – exceptionally beautiful … moving, deeply touching, truth and rejuvenation – feeds the soul and soothes the psyche.  Please avail yourself of such things – let that be your act of gift to yourself and others.  God bless you each and all.


… we all have to be “crucified with Christ,” suspended in a moral suffering equivalent to veritable crucifixion.

C. G. Jung, M.D., in Psychology and Alchemy, Collected Works 12

+ + +

Is there ever a time or a life in which one did not experience a moral challenge, a struggle with temptation, the experience of betrayal or witness depravity?  No.  This is life as a mortal … this is life in the world.

Make no mistake – we live in a Crucifying Time.  But who does not.  Yes, there come times when the incidence of evil is more obvious and more heinous … but all time brings us moral struggle and one form or another of treacherous rebellion and evil dressed in “justification” and maybe even brazenly not even disguised.

Now how can that be?  Well, we are people.  Imperfect, easily tempted.  Many live in their ego and its demands and ill-formed sense of “entitlement” and superiority.

The Crucifixion (it is said) “is the central image of the Western psyche.”  It is surely the case that it conveys the “juxtaposition” of what is human and what is divine.  In these times one is offered Christ once again – plainly so.  In darkness, you know, Light is brightest.  We live in such a time.

In a “crucifixion time,” – what do you see?  What do you know?  Who are you?  What do you do?  With whom do you reside?  With God or the godless?



… within the progressive societies … every last vestige of the ancient human heritage of ritual, morality, and art is in full decay.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero of a Thousand Faces

+ + +

Professor Joseph Campbell was a pioneer in field of comparative mythology.

In The Hero of a Thousand Faces he shows us that the myths of the world have but a limited number of responses to the riddle of life, and he presents in his book the shared elements of that quest to understand life itself.

Critical to quest is in recorded mythology, as the book title shows us, is the story of the hero.

In the final section of The Hero of a Thousand Faces Campbell focuses on the loss of the hero’s story in modern life and culture.  He observes that the systems of symbols which conveyed the hero’s story have collapsed – and in its place is something far less in content and instruction, namely – the self-determining individual sans our accumulated knowledge and wisdom, respect for the truths previously discovered and the traditions, institutions, and beliefs which guided us over many ages.

Losing track of our legacy, we are very much alone, leaderless and much poorer and weaker as a result.  Yes, our stories, and the symbols in them, once connected our conscious and unconscious life.  Today, we lack the insight and stability which that connection provided.

Look about today – those civilians who occupy leadership positions are dreadfully under-accomplished – offering a college degree and “big ideas” but no experience, wisdom or moral acumen.  In the absence of substance, self-reflection or familiarity with our long history they give us increased risk in place of value.  Where we once found meaning in group – we are now very much alone, divided and among adversaries who scorn our identity, our history, and faith – and promote the end to our borders as a way to destroy who we are, and what we have achieved.

I caution you about replacing a successful legacy with nothing as today’s disgruntled, inexperienced, arrogant adversaries demands.

The irony, of course, is this: now more than ever we need the presence of heroic men and women who will help us recover the coordinated, whole, spiritually charged soul we once possessed.  Absent this, the prognosis: chaos, suffering and decline.


Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking.  One but the shadow (i.e., the opposite side) of the other.

Carl Jung, M.D. in “On the Psychology of the Unconscious,” Collected Works 7

+ + +

When you look out on the landscape of culture today, it good to have some familiarity with those like Carl Jung who have made a concentrated and sustained life effort to understand the nature of human existence and the path to a healthy and meaningful life and culture.

I supplement the above with these additional quotes from Dr. Jung:

Man is not only governed by the sex instinct; there are other instincts as well … in biology you can see the nutritional instinct is just as important as the sex instinct … in … civilized societies the power drive plays a much greater role than sex … (Dialogue with C. G. Jung, ed. by Richard Evans)

It takes much energy to be in love.  In America, you give so many opportunities both to men and women that they do not save any of their vital force for loving. (Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters, ed. by Wm. McGuire and R.C. F. Hall)

These passages make one think of those in power, of the feminist movement that seems driven by the desire for political power and some of their female disciples who seem narrowly focused and limited developmentally as a result – and, of course, these words bring to mind numerous male counter parts.  Yes, it makes me think that power has its GREAT price and that power seekers often have little fullness or balance and as such are very likely NOT the people that you would want to have power and surely not influence over you, your children, others and this nation.

I dare say politics today shows us that far too many people in power (especially those who live their entire adult life in politics and public office and high level government executive positions) seem to be rather unbalanced and possessed by myopic views, narrow insights, and little to no wisdom.

Jung and others, like the late father of comparative mythology Joseph Campbell, are truly a treasure when it comes to explaining how we are, what we see, what we are living and understanding the disorder we experience in today’s exclusively secular culture.  Both Campbell and Jung can impart valuable insight which opens one up to the truths so obviously presented in religious narrative over the ages – an area by the way of which we have grown pathetically ignorant … and done so at enormous and unnecessary cost.

Time to put down the “smart” phone and the i-pad and put the tattoo money to some good books with insights that can shape and save your life and Western culture.



The eternal life is not the future life; it is life in harmony with the true order of things.

Henri Amiel, in Journal

+ + +

I have taken to distancing myself from the everyday, and particularly “the news” only in so far as I cast a glance at the calamity and the ridiculous ignorance of many who “report” on it and then, God help us, provide their own uneducated, small-minded, predictable, silly “commentary” on the happenings they mention.

That one thrust alone makes space of eternity.  The intellectual poverty and rote recitations of some left leaning ideological fetish are ironically liberating and sanity-preserving, if not life saving.  Enter what is eternal and indestructible.

Aye, a far better and healthier focus where love and humility seem to grow.

In the void that the nonsense has created, I live closer to my faith, and my loved ones (especially the little children) are more in my thoughts and prayers.  God and those I love and what is good emerge as most important.

My world is now meaningful and not confined to what is inane, self-destructive, erroneous, ignorant and captive to all the “clap trap” of fickle styles, language, forms of expression and the chorus of trained parrots that passes for contemporary discourse … and such.

I much prefer what is true and not mad, to what is false and perpetually angry.

In this I remember St. Augustine who wrote: “Eternal life is the actual knowledge of the truth.”  (De moribus Ecclesiae catholicae, etc.)

As a compassionate man, I offer this to you: walk away from the nonsense.  It is disorienting, wrong-headed, and destructive of person, culture and nation.



Labor Day, September 3, 2018

# # #

Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness.  He has a work, a life purpose.

Thomas Carlyle, in Past and Present

+ + +

Ora et Labora.

Prayer and work.  Ah, life is complete.  These two go hand and hand.

Take rest.  Have quiet.  You have labored long and hard.

Today there is time for prayer.  Find such time in each day.


Dumb Elites – The power “elites” in Washington so out of touch that they cannot resist engaging in behavior that drives people to Donald Trump.  They actually engage in conduct and schemes that make themselves undesirable.  That is what thinking you are smarter than others, better than others and more entitled to power than others gets you.  We are watching a very interesting object lesson.



It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.


+ + +

Seeing.  When problems arise, it is of the greatest importance.

In each problem there is opportunity for growth, for learning, innovation and self-discovery.  Wisdom flows from engaging a problem to find its opportunity.

These are not simply the words of an optimist.  These are the words of an opportunist.

All life is opportunity.  Everything is inclined to your growth and development.  Is it not the case that a bicycle must move forward to retain balance and keep us from falling?  So, too, we must do more than look to retain our balance and forward progress.

Yes, seeing moves us forward, changes us for the better, expands us and gives us value.

In the habit of seeing, we are an asset for others when misfortune appears.  Those who see find a way to move ahead – misfortune notwithstanding.

Seeing exceeds looking as daylight exceeds the dark.


It is said – A former administrative assistant to Senator John McCain tells us that Mr. McCain wanted an Hispanic women (expressly not a White Male) to succeed him in “His” Senate position.  Two things strike me in this comment.  One, “His” Senate seat actually belongs to the people of Arizona not “him,” and two – in six terms in the Senate, he never resigned from the U.S. Senate so that an Hispanic woman could succeed him.

Liberals are full of all sorts of sentiments that never seem to produce actions that support or activate their point of view.

In Washington, D.C. – we have a saying as to political folks: “deep down inside they’re really shallow.”

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