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The moment you have a self at all, there is the possibility of putting yourself first – wanting to be the centre – wanting to be God …

C. S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity

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Lewis writes here about corruption – an individual’s corruption – a vital element in human history, an issue each human must face in his or her life, a critical factor in understanding corruption in culture … in those around you – particularly among those holding or seeking power and the legions of advocates for this or that which promotes or demands simply their selfish desires without regard to anyone else.  In politics and culture today, we have many such errant narcissistic individuals and groups all more or less nihilists.

Make no mistake – the foundation of corruption is the individual desire to be his or her own God.  Yes, such thinking is insane and produces discord, division and conflict.

Yes, thinking one is one’s own God is frankly – living a colossal LIE.   You doubt this?  Think abortion as mere “choice,” or Holy Matrimony as same-sex “marriage,” or slavery as acceptable, or division by race, or multiple “genders.”  These are manifestations of men and women acting as God.

As Lewis so correctly says this “hopeless event” of human as God: it is men and women “invent(ing) some sort of happiness for themselves outside God, apart from God.”

We like to think of ourselves as smart, intelligent, an educated society.  Yet, the thinking and conduct such as described here (and so clearly visible among political-social-sexual “activists,” pundants, college professors and their ill-schooled products of nonsense, ideologies and hubris – as well as entertainers, celebrities, the media and some who would be “clerics,” and lawyers with grossly little intellectual depth or range or insight, among others) – simply puts the lie to our brilliance, and the opinions of a whole range of people whose godlessness defines their ignorance, establishes their uselessness.

Yep, God versus godlessness.  Sanity versus insanity.  Truth versus gibberish.



The ultimate result of shielding (people) from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.

Herbert Spencer

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The recent Kavanaugh confirmation hearing put in play the memory of one witness – his accuser – a 50 plus year old women with a Ph.D.  Her memory of the alleged events 35/6 years ago was the principle issue in question.  Yet, her memory was never submitted to thorough examination … hardly questioned at all.

This is particularly astonishing for two reasons: (1) we know a great deal about memory and the brain’s function as to memory, (2) Democrats on the Congressional Committee which held the hearing pronounced her testimony believable and concluded that her account was true even though she could NOT present ONE corroborating witness to confirm one fact she asserted as to the allegation and despite her inability to remember and recount critical parts of what she alleged.

Here is some of what we know about memory that is extremely pertinent to the woman’s claim:

  • memories are formed by a number of things to include – what we imagined, fantasized, dreamt
  • memories fade over time
  • memories are fresher over time when they involve a trauma that one has (literally) personally experienced themselves
  • memories fade particularly when one has not talked of an event over the years
  • people can have false memories – they do not lie for they believe their memories but they are recounting a fiction, not a truth
  • when one is deprived of memory – they will grow a memory that conforms to their belief system
  • in false memories what began as a lie or untruth takes on the form of truth to the person over time
  • stress clobbers memory especially as to the source of the memory
  • memory, like light, bends with stress over time
  • what one imagines can easily be confused with what actually happened over time
  • when danger looms memory records two things: (a) the details of where you are, why, who you are with, and a host of related details, and (b) the sights and sounds present and your perceptions – that is – (a) and (b) are recorded in your brain
  • these things, (a) and (b), associated with danger are stored in your brain – so to warn you as to future danger.

Memory was neglected in these hearing and no one among the lawyers present and involved, nor the people on the Senate panel, knew enough to ask pertinent questions despite what is known about memory and brain function.

Putting the accuser to the above test one would have to doubt her account –because she alleges a dangerous situation and yet has no detailed memory that would have been taken in and recorded in her brain.

We pay Members of Congress well and staff their committees and offices – yet something like this gets overlooked.  Just not good.


Good Source – Diane Ackerman’s excellent book An Alchemy of Mind was very helpful in my preparation of today’s blog.

Wrote this … while managing the flu – now back to rest.






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