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The social disintegration which has followed in the wake of … (Leftist) “liberation” has seldom provoked any serious reconsideration of the … assumptions – vision – which led to such disasters.

Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.

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Yesterday an Oberlin-educated liberal woman New York judge released a mentally ill man on his own recognizance (without posting bail) after the man had entered a New York City police station and tried to take a female officer’s gun from her. (A loss for those in need of mental health treatment, the police, the citizens of New York City, the judiciary, the rule of law, compassion and common sense.)

With this, I thought of Thomas Sowell and how American liberalism has damaged and destroyed society without any accountability but for the increasing disdain that much of the common folk in the Republic are beginning to show at the ballot box.

Lest people think Dr. Sowell is part of the “White Power” band that the present day sing-song liberals so often implore to justify bursts of Leftist anger, Thomas Sowell, is African-American, a U.S. Marine who fought in Korea, a Harvard and Columbia-educated man with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago.  He has, by the way, long been a clear-headed critic of the American Left and the nonsense they propose and force on others.  Yes, smart, good, informed people debunk the Left and American liberalism as it should be debunked … and they are right as rain.

Ironically, yesterday I heard Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a lawyer, offer reasonable concern for the under-tested marketing of vaccines now used on children.  For his concern, Mr. Kennedy (a liberal) has been lampooned by the Left, shunned and discounted for stating his concern.

That is today’s American Left – strongly intolerant of views that are not their own.

Yes, we live in a dark era of social, political and personal disintegration – a disposition sustained and spread by American liberalism today.

Whither truth, honesty, intellect, common sense, free speech, morality, decency, maturity and humility?  No sense listening to these guys anymore.  They have ruled themselves “out-of-order.”


Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go forth from your country … To the land that I will show you; and I will make of you a great nation … And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Gen 12: 1, 2, 3

+ + +

I sit in the morning fog in God’s green land.  Behind the mist are the pastures and the hills and mountains that I am sure to see when the veil is lifted and the sky is opened. I listen to De Profundis and Palestrina’s Gloria from Missa Papae Marcelli.

The news of the world is troubling.  In this land we wake to stories of overdoses, and of the murder of two young Muslim teenage boys on the eve of their high school graduation, both honor students on their way to college, and of conflicts and hostilities in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.  In our legislature the Party out of power acts like spoiled children, turns to obstruction while problems pile up and division disheartens.  Small groups act like angry pagans demanding this or that.  Racism surfaces among those once its victim.  The morning fog cannot hide the shame of this.

It had been four centuries without a prophet until Jesus emerged.  Four centuries.  Our Jewish brothers and sisters wondered why God was silent.  Then we received The Word, Immanuel – “God with us.”

We have been given the opportunity to become the children of God, to become the great nation that Abraham was called to bring forth.

Children of God and children of Abraham, but how do we act today?  We act as if there was no Abraham, no Jesus and there is no God.

Today we seek to create good through human acts but in place of good is conflict, discontent, selfishness, hatred.  The flesh and the will of man cannot triumph … it is God who perfects man, not man who prefects man.  Like Abraham we must be His vehicle, His instrument.

Like you I see the conflict, the needless hurt, the arrogance of man and woman, the reliance on self as if we are God.  We have credited ourselves with wisdom and power we do not have.

The good and wise man is humble, speaks softly – sees others as his family.

Are you the good and wise man?  Am I?




In those first years the roads were peopled with refugees shrouded up in their clothing … Creedless shells … tottering down the causeways like migrants in a feverland.  (Emphasis added.)

Cormac McCarthy, in The Road

+ + +

We live in a time of cultural crisis.  We are creedless.  Without a guiding story and the lessons such stories have provided over the ages.  The overarching narrative for centuries past imparted meaning, gave purpose and direction and identity, situated one on the map and within human history – a place in the sacred story of being.

Now we creedless shells.  And we are not just lost, but rather spinning in disorder and an immaturity that extends to people in their heretofore mature years.  Gray haired snowflakes, fear-filled idiots.  They populate, and seem even more present in mass media and within the celebrity status so cheaply bestowed on all measure of ill-informed moron whose face is projected on a screen or television.

The stories of various cultures over recorded human history have often included a hero who dies only to return from the netherworld to lead others to a good and ordered life of human meaning and fullness.  From this, the mortals become Creedal People – believers, those with an ordered existence, people who live in confidence, with purpose, in joy, with courage, intimately, in community, without fear, with understanding, and insight, and wisdom.  Think of the Christ story.  Ah, but now we reject Christ and the Christian story.  Indeed public mention is unwelcome.  Bigots shout Believers down and wimpish, little officials defer to the ignorant ones.

Rejecting the Christian story what takes its place, and what are the consequences?  Just look at contemporary American culture and see the small-scale, self-serving nitwit narratives that divide and destroy.  What are they?

I am woman, hear me roar.  Yes, the story of woman always short-changed and their need for status and superiority.  The “war on women” – its flipside: men are the problem – and more particularly White men.  Goodbye, amore – hello women obesity … and the war on men.   Division grows.

Religion is exiled – no prayer in public places, no trace of Judeo-Christian narrative in the civic square – unbelief the way for today.

The primacy of politics.  Nothing matters but politics and all things are political. Public toilet use becomes a “civil rights” issue, the nation has a “criminal past’ – so its borders do not matter, the country must be dissolved from within.

Family is destroyed.  Gender does not matter.  It is “redefined” to fit one’s fetish. In its place John and Bill, Jane and Betty – transgendered little Billy.  Child sacrifice is resurrected after centuries of sanity … and its efforts protected and publically funded. And no one sees anything unusual about this.  The fabrication of homophobia becomes an “illness.”

Race relations go sour – a fine by-product of the Civil Rights era, and Black racism has its public figures.  Tables turn and fellowship is dampened.

Christ is dispatched.  Children become snowflakes – unable to live life as it presents itself.

The liberal and others mimic Marxism and think they are “just grand.”  Dependent citizens grow as does taxpayer-supported-welfare for the “do-good” organizations.

The environment matters more than the human person and far more than the unborn child.  We have become less a nation, and more comprised of angry and discontented fools – migrants in a feverland.


To know eternity is enlightenment, and not to recognize eternity brings disorder and evil.  Knowing eternity makes one comprehensive; comprehension makes one broadminded; breadth of vision brings nobility; nobility is like heaven.  (Emphasis added.)

Lao-tse, in Tao Teh King

+ + +

Last night I watched a conversation between Tucker Carlson and a clean water “activist.” In this experience I was reminded once again (as I often am in virtually any televised news or interview program) how narrow and limited we are, how we have no familiarity with any of the multitude of sources of wisdom (like that cited above) that are part of the treasured record of human history.

In short, we are ignorant of the human story and in this loss of story, we have lost both self and sanity.

The “activist” (i.e, one who draws a stipend to advance the idiotic ideology of a particular point of view and those who possess it like one might seize The Holy Grail) postured as a sneering, hostile, anti-social, narrow-minded lout who (as these types always play to this character) could neither answer direct questions asked for fear of conceding that an opposite point of view to their position might exist, nor concede in conversation that there is a greater complexity to the issue that they are paid to advance.

Forget dialogue.  Forget conversation.  The Left does not allow that freedom. Small-minded as they are, they are, of course, tolerant of all things except tolerance.

The activist today stymies discussion.  They are the N.M.L.W.B. – the “narrow-minded Left Wing Bigot” from “central casting” – a dime a dozen and worth even less.

They are, it seems, always lawyers … and true to the “profession,” they open their mouth only to establish that there is a vast difference between “an education” and a fully developed, stable, insightful, wise, social and discerning person.

Having seen this sort of conversation over and over, it is hard not to conclude that mass communication in present day secularized culture is not worth a person’s attention. It is, sadly, too often merely the display of the sickness, arrogance, stupidity, hostility of some half-baked, none-to-bright mini-Marxist spewing the simpleton-mantra of some “party” line as if their view was indeed critically examined or contained a sliver of truth or value.

When you think about it – Who needs these hand puppets?

Frankly, when a sense of story is lost, nothing but insanity follows.  Such chatter will, in time, blunt the senses and leave one wondering where these “crazies” came from … only to find out they are hatched by Liberals, tutored in early and secondary education, and bolstered at places like Harvard and Yale.

Beware of the “crazies.”  Listen at your own risk.


… imagery can be interpreted as … psychological; for it is possible to observe, in the earliest stages of the development of the infant, symptoms of a dawning “mythology” of a state beyond the vicissitudes of time.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero of a Thousand Faces

+ + +

I remember one of my first lectures when I entered a year of monastic life in the mountains of Colorado.  The speaker, an experienced Catholic priest, told us this: never lose touch with imagination.

Imagery.  Campbell tells us infants show signs of having a natural state of mind that exceeds the “vicissitudes of time” – that is, that accesses the mystery of life that has been recorded by varied humans, in varied cultures over the entire stretch of human history.

Oh, if that natural state were present in America and Western Culture today!  But alas, we are secularized and our ignorance is displayed in ideologies that bring us to ruin – personal and collective.

I get emails today from friends I have known over the years and with whom I have retained kind relationship.  The ones I refer to are in a twitter, a panic – turned to fear and frantic language; to wit:” Trump is a liar and those who support him are fascists, crazy, demonic, etc.”

Mind you, these are emails from people with college degrees who have cash in hand and have done well financially.  I note that they lack the state of being that brings them beyond the vicissitudes of time.  They have been sufficiently secularized, their imagination crushed and their range of experience boiled down to less than that of an infant.

These are brittle and sadly limited people.  Fear grips them.  Panic is near, and hatred within reach.  Resentment and anger has replaced calm and optimism.

When the Catholic Mass is said and the Body and Blood of Christ is consecrated the priest says “Et Verbum caro factum est.”  (And the Word was made flesh.)  This is the experience of apotheosis – an exaltation to divine rank … making what seems but one thing, yet another more glorious than our mere human perception thought it to be.  Imagination.  

We have lost the capacity to imagine, to access and experience what is Divine, Eternal, Real, beyond the vicissitudes of time.  We have been dumbed-down and where hope was once known hatred, panic, anger, antagonism has taken its place.

By the way, I sadly count those who offer attacks in emails as casualties of secularism and dismiss their “views” accordingly. Education notwithstanding they are lost … lost to the mystery, converted to all that is material, now – lost to Truth and the long yesterday of the human story.

We live very poorly today in the West… and one wonders if those who wish our death and destruction live closer to imagination than we do?   At the same time it seems the case that some among us, without imagination, pose a danger all their own.


… we are diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights …

Brandon Victor Dixon

+ + +

John Wilkes Booth, an actor, shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln in Ford’s Theatre on Good Friday, April 14, 1965 – five days after the South surrendered to the North ending the American Civil War.

How the worm turns.

Politically oriented actors and American theatres do not mix well.

One might imagine that an actor with a highly privileged secondary education at the very discriminating and very expensive St. Alban’s Preparatory School at the Episcopal Washington Cathedral and an Ivy League bachelor’s degree might know something about American history, bigotry, religious narrative, Christ, constitutional government, fellowship, friendship, manners and good taste.  But alas that is apparently not the case as far as Mr. Dixon and his thespian colleagues are concerned.

You see, said Mr. Dixon, of the extraordinary class of the privileged, chose bad taste and hostility as his voice in addressing one theatre patron, elected Vice President Michael Pence, in a manner that further extended the divisions that the Democrat Party of the Left and its mavens have been exploiting now since 1968.

Dixon’s words well impressed that he has, as his trade requires, learned the lines of the Left oh so well.  He is, as he says, not an American but a diverse American – a declaration that says: my identity is special and covers claims that villains among us crouch ready to attack me, and my way of being.  Balderdash.

The trite lessons of division are precisely what lost in the past electoral event so that being One in America might prosper.

Indeed, our thespian presents as one of the snowflakes who feel anxious and alarmed, fearful that others will deprive them of their idiosyncracies, that they may not be catered to like prize tea roses – fragile and pure.

One wonders how fragile and defenseless claims attend to the urban rioters in Portland, Oregon, who are much of the same disposition as the privileged Mr. Dixon.

And, indeed, there is the Hilliarian invocation of the need to “protect the children,” and “the planet” and extend their “inalienable rights” to any habit or articulation pursued regardless of its destructiveness or demands on others – like those of faith, the Little Sisters of the Poor, illustratively.

What we have here is Mr. Dixon casting aspersions on a man he does not know and all those Fellow Americans who voted in good faith for him and his running mate.

Mr. Dixon’s words convey the Leftist tactic of character attack and assassination, not the olive branch of good will and promised cooperation, or the appropriate and adult extension of friendship and offers of collaboration.  Mr. Dixon and those with his politics seem to make “war not peace” their habitual refrain.

The fact is this: the Left is bent on getting its own way at the price of continued destruction and hostility … nary a thought of “malice toward none.”

John Wilkes Booth, an actor, shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln on Good Friday, April 14, 1965 …  Lessons ignored too often require repetition.


Ideologies are mental prisons that produce blindness.

Fernando Araya

+ + +

Yes, the election was won by one who is not of the present political establishment. For this we can be grateful.  This is a critical corrective opportunity, for we have been gifted with an outsider who brings a new set of eyes and a critical view of the current very troubled state of our Nation and our culture.

However, let us be clear about what has happened in American culture and what has brought us to this point.

Our culture has been radically distorted by Leftist ideology and Leftist ideologues. They populate the Democrat Party, union bosses, the media, press, educational system, entertainment industry, clerical corps, and ranks of wealthy globalists.

Our universities and public school systems could all be best known as Candy Land – not educational environments – for they have failed to educate but rather have indoctrinated our children into an ideological view that is anti-democratic, ignorant of America’s history, its unique political philosophy and governing structure, the design and indispensable utility of our brilliant Constitution, our essential place in West Civilization, and the vital role that faith and morality play in our Nation’s peace and unity.

To see our five to six decades of decline and deterioration is to see the destruction of Leftist ideology culminating in broad scale Clintonian corruption that has undermined even our national security and personal safety and survival.

The point is this: we must restore our culture.  Yes, more than policy change is needed.

We must have a vigorous and brutally honest, critical review of education, popular entertainment, public media, legal training, and government support of troublesome private organizations and failing government agencies and departments.  Likewise, we need to reinvigorate an appreciation for the essential role of faith and morality in our Nation.

We need to ask ourselves: What is the philosophy that underpins the activists among us? Is it hostile to America and our peace and prosperity?  Does it bring division, hatred, bigotry, destruction?  Are their points of view based on what is true?  Or, are they merely self-serving and false?  Can they withstand a serious critical review?  If not, they will be exposed as fraudulent, be discredited and fade from view.

If we are to move forward and bring balance and peace to this society, policy changes are only the first step.  The more critical task is a sustained and serious, public examination of our culture and its parts – not asking simply: what is wrong, but asking how has the Left and its ideology distorted and damaged America in the last five to six decades?

The sweetness of truth is eternal.

St. Augustine, in De. Verb. Dom. Serm.

We must turn from ideology to Truth.


A Tip – If the Democrat Party does not move to the center, you can write them off.  Their current mindset is destructive and creates chaos.  Ditto the press and media.  No sense listening to disordered people.

… if you are guided by the Spirit, you are not under the law …

Gal 5: 18

 + + +

When you live in Christ, you live in the Spirit and laws are not what govern you. Rather you know contentment, joy in life, love and patience.  You live in faith and are above the fray, live in truth and distance yourself from the evil that occupies those who are not Believers.

In Christ is self-control, honest and full existence, friendship and fellowship, a buttress against all that is false, craven, corrupt.

In the present moment, Christ and all Believers are under attack.  Those possessed of selfishness and pride crave power and wealth, total control over all things and all people, the destruction of our Nation, a Civilization and Christianity to be replaced by a country that is built in their godless image.  These are sick people.  Idolaters.

These attacks come from the Democrat Left and are plainly seen in the Wikileaks emails of Democrat Party officials, Clinton campaign functionaries, and in the print and television media’s shameful, secretive coordinated collusion with the Democrat Party of the Left and Ms. Clinton and her political campaign.

No need for free elections for them – THEY DEEM THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR EVERYONE.

We live in perilous times.

The Democrat Left and Ms. Clinton and her minions, along with Leftist media people and news organizations, wish to destroy Christianity (particularly the Catholic Church) and Protestant evangelicals while gaining control of the federal government.

In need of an example?  Today The New York Times (aka, The New Yawn Times) “reports” that several previously silent woman have “come forward” to make a claim that Mr. Trump (Ms. Clinton’s opponent) had “groped” them several years ago.  One alleges this conduct was on an airplane in plain view of other passengers.

Interestingly, none of the “alleged victims” seem to have previously complained of the “alleged” actions.

Shades of Clarence Thomas Senate Hearings on his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Same trick was played by the Democrat Left (fueled by disgruntled feminists) when they brought forth a former Thomas colleague to allege he made indecent or suggestive comments to her.  In that fiasco, the colleague oddly also never told anyone of the alleged transgressions and made no public, private or legal complaint.

So once again, as with Mitt Romney and the admitted lies by a Democrat Senator about him not paying taxes for ten years, dubious stories are sprung on a Republican candidate by the Democrat Left and the Leftist media in the closing days of a presidential campaign with nary a word in the press or media of their own collusion or Mr. and Mrs. Clinton’s errant past and present business escapades, private computer server and email civil and criminal investigative and legal messes.

Need one say that those with an established history of lying are not to be believed about anything they say.  In contrast: those with faith need not lie.

Those without faithlive lies – all day, each day – all the time.  This is the mess the Democrat Left has brought us.


” … attracted to the systematic thought and severely backward gender relations … “

John Halpin

+ + +

Thanks to Wikileaks we now see how Clinton hacks, like the lightly “educated” Mr. Halpin, characterize Catholics.   It ain’t nice.

Catholics may, it seems, officially classify ourselves among the “basket of deplorables,” “the irredeemables.”

I wonder if the Catholic Latino population is pleased to know what contempt Clinton and her political operatives and advisers have for them?

Halpin, in this email comment, is deriding Rupert Murdock (CEO, Fox) and Robert Thompson (Managing Director, Wall Street Journal) for daring to educate their children as Catholics – – – as if it is any of his damn business!!!

The godless Left hates Catholics because we offer strong, cogent intellectual challenge to the poverty of their Marxist thought and their inbred corruption.

In contrast to the Clinton and her Klan, Catholics are a mirror image of what is good and what they are not.  More so, Catholics show the Leftist ideologues lack anything close to the intellectual training and ability, or strength of character, to live competently – live ordered lives as faithful men and women.

Yes, the bigots are exposed.  Their contempt openly displayed. 

Yes, according to Halpin in conversation with others on the Clinton teams, we make the mistake of appreciating “systematic thought.”  Apparently, they believe that we are better served by chaotic, illogical thoughts, random destructive Leftist foolishness and the childish ways of their Pagan Party of decline.

Yes, we are condemned because we embrace the systematic thought of Thomas Aquinas, Pascal, St. Augustine, John Henry Newman, Karl Rahner and others, and the hundreds of years of exquisite scholarship, art and architecture which Christian Catholicism has produced as the foundation of Western Civilization.

Likewise Catholics make the “grave” mistake of having faithful families, raising their children in their faith, embracing marriage between a man and a woman! Imagine that!!!

The arrogance of the Left, the Clintons and their poorly schooled cadre of C minus-minus students is only surmounted by their ignorance and tastelessness.

Well, folks now you know what the Clinton Klan thinks of you if you are a Catholic, Christian, evangelical.  Nice, isn’t it.  

They have earned your contempt.


The religion that Jesus gave the world is an experience … it is in being lived that it lives …

Malcolm Muggeridge, in Jesus: The Man Who Lives

+ + +

Acquiring the experience of another person is quite difficult.  We are not them. We do not have their history nor their field of their human experience.  Likewise, we do not have their temperament, their emotional, social, psychological, or intellectual make-up.

Yet, as Christians we are to acquire the life of Christ, to meet and experience Christ in our life and to grow in Christ over our lifetime.

We are not offered rules and regulations, ritual and ceremony – but rather Christ as the way to the Father and eternity.  It really is quite simple – we have but one goal: to experience Christ and live as he has taught us to live.

Yesterday, Ms. Clinton told an audience at a New York City fundraiser that Mr. Trump’s supporters were “a basket of deplorables.”  Imagine that.

Frankly, this reveals both who she is and who her supporters are.  Yes, this is the arrogance and bigotry of the American Left and the modern liberal – from Hollywood to Harvard, from news on the networks to the New York Times – this is the disposition of the Democrat Party that once was the party of the common, working man and woman.

Ms. Clinton’s words are her beliefs.

Today we face an election that poses this question: Is America as an exemplary nation where religion is encouraged and protected, or a godless country ripe for decline?

To be a Christian is to live the life of Christ.  Once in American this was neither challenged nor attacked.

Today we live in a very significant time.  Life or death? Faith or godlessness?


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