In each individual, the spirit has become flesh, in each man the creation suffers, within each one a redeemer is nailed to the cross.

Herman Hesse

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Well, former President Barack Hussein Obama is cashing in on Wall Street.  The “holy one” is lining his pockets, giving a speech to Wall Street elite.  One hour: Four Hundred Thousand Dollars.   He and the Mrs. – just plain folks.

I guess the combined advances of sixty-five million dollars for him and his wife’s post-White House books are not sufficient to sustain them.

It is nice to see Mr. O nail the coffin of the Democrat Party – a political cabal of fakes and frauds, money-grubbing, power-hungry, superficial, faux moralists, and Left wing misfits.  Bye-bye, American pie.

He makes me think of that champion of “socialism” Bernie Sanders.  You know the socialist of three homes.  The ne’er-do-well who purports to champion the working man but never had a steady job until he was forty years old – and that was a government job! Indeed, Sanders a man like so many Democrats who have made a career out of politics … Hey, it beats working.  He joins Lunch Pail Joe Biden as a political lifer.

The Democrat speciality is get elected, staying elected, preaching to others, forcing one loony idea, program and policy after another down our throat no matter the destructive consequences – so long as they stay in charge and avoid the work the rest of us do.  After all, they are “special” – just listen to them and the fawning celebrities who live as they do and the media crowd who swim in their wake.

These folks fill the old Washington adage about career politicians: deep down inside they are really shallow.

It is as Hesse says: life is a journey of inward growth.  There is NO PATH to maturity and full human development, stability and mental health but through an honest personal journey.

Mr. Obama and this breed are the people who look at a high mountain from a very safe distance and say they climbed it – one arduous step after another.

Think I jest?  Remember Hillary who said she “took incoming sniper fire” exiting a plane in Bosnia … only to have a video tape surface showing her in a welcome line receiving flowers from a little girl.

Now it is your turn to put a nail in the Democrat coffin.  The Fraud Party just got its flowers from the Wall Street crowd.  Hypocrites.  Rank hypocrites!


Tomorrow – Carl Jung, M.D. on living an honest and full life.  No doubt I’ll have no Democrat readers.