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God does not give us graces and talents or virtues for ourselves alone …

Thomas Merton, in Seeds of Contemplation

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The Left lost because it is the Left.

Ideologues are inauthentic, impersonal, a nuisance – the deadwood of backwater small college campuses and ungoverned larger but narrow educational wastelands.

Their orientation is to smallness – self and selfishness.  You see it in their reaction to the election results and in their attitude toward others.

As to their reaction, we see it in hateful protest marches and public disruptions. These are less protests than they are childish tantrums.  Such is the instinct of those to whom childhood trophies and Nobel Prizes are given for no particular achievement.  Such is the “instruction” offered by cave-in administrators at places like Yale.  Better an education at Krispy Kreme: less expensive and closer to maturity.

The Left lost because the guy that beat them saw other people better than they did.  He saw those who were excluded and maligned.  He saw them because he did not have the Marxist cataracts that obscures their vision.

Their candidate offered nothing inclusive, rather just more hatred and division, and sing-song failed Marxist-derived refrains.  All B.S.

You see the ideology of the Left divides, antagonizes, excludes and is (or attempts to be) belligerent.  It does not sit well.  It is a-human, sick, soulless, unkind, unloving.

Indeed, it is blameful, ugly, hostile and in this – quarrelsome, tedious, rote, trite, anti-intellectual, controlling, inhuman and autocratic.  Its advocates are a bore.

Its efforts at governing have failed, and fail now in a huge ways – trillions in national debt, increasing welfare rolls and dependency, the shrinking of the middle class, activation of racial conflict, the divisive fiction of gender politics, loss of gainful employment, danger-enhancing stewardship of our national security, Obamacare – the unaffordable health care fiasco, etc.  They break rather than build and bind.

Let’s be honest – the Left fails and pisses people off all the while they insistently demand more failure.

Perhaps the single most interesting psychological aspect of the Left is this: they are utterly unable to see themselves; unable to see themselves, they cannot see or understand others.  Indeed, they maintain that others are “the problem” and hence, others are “the enemy.”  Such is the wasted educational years they endured – times that made them far more ignorant than wise.

Funny thing, in a free society no one wins at life or politics who is not mature enough to honestly see themselves and others.

In the end, the Left is childish, boring and blind.

In this election they got precisely what they earned.


Upset with the Trump Win – You can thank President Obama and candidate Clinton.  The President never led, was aloof and arrogant.  Ms. Clinton was simply a hodgepodge of untruths, hyper-secrecy and lawlessness.  In a populist year – neither Mr. Obama nor Ms. Clinton were likable.


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