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“sedation – conduct or language inciting to rebellion against authority of the state”

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

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We awoke today to find out that men and woman in authority within the Federal Government acted unlawfully to convict a man of something he had not done and attempted to drive an newly-elected President from office by asserting that he had colluded with the Russian government to gain his electoral victory despite knowing full well that this allegation had no basis in fact.

Yes, we awoke to the proposition that men and women in high positions of authority sought to subvert both the rule of law and the authority and institutions of the United States government.

While we are yet to have individuals indicted and charges filed against them, it seems as if that will in due time arise.

This, of course, is a shameful act to convict innocent people of wrongdoing; but worse, it is an effort to drive from office an elected President of the United States and in so doing destroy this government, the laws that govern us, the U.S. Constitution which protects each of us, preserves our liberty and sustains our freedom while destroying the Nation itself.

That said, among the most troubling aspects of what we are hearing today is this: it is being reported that the malfeasance appears to have included the former President of the United States and some in his White House. Yes, it is shocking to hear that former President Barack Obama appears to have been aware of these activities.

This leads me to ask myself: what would cause a seated President to be privy to anything like this?

What I come up with are these two things: (1) we are wise to remember we elected an individual with a thin record of personal success and experience, (2) the fever pitch of partisan politics on the Left seems to capture the entire person leaving each of assume (a) they know best, (b) government is god, (c) only they merit possession  of government power, (d) our political system must undergo “fundamental change” to fit their ideology no matter the cost (presumptively even actions that might bridge to questionable conduct).

The formula for such thinking seems to be a good amount of hubris + “license” granted by a degree from a fancy college or two, a critically unexamined ideology, and a life heretofore devoid of hard acquired wisdom and in the ideal – a deeply informed knowledge of our nation’s history, its Constitution and institutions, the international system, foreign policy, economics, finance, trade, national defense and the military.

Limited knowledge and experience should give all real caution because such limitations can lead to real problems and mistakes.

Governing this country is not a task for the uninitiated.  That said, the political Left insists that all must bow to their ideas and desires. This disposition poses great chance for very serious errors.  Indeed as we see now – ill-informed partisan actions can tear a nation apart.  Lest anyone doubt this remember that “sedition” is derived from Latin seditio meaning “a pulling apart.”

We have on our table now a very serious matter the essence of which says this: will we preserve this country?

I caution that our preservation requires prayer, good faith efforts, bi-partisan cooperation, shared wisdom, candor and God’s will.

I note that this Nation is a rare entity, established by wise people inspired by faith.  It follows that this Nation’s wellbeing is a greater concern than the ideas or urges of a single person, political party or movement.

Time to get serious and become One – indivisible, humbled and unified.  We are, remember, Americans.



May we always celebrate and remember our mothers.

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”To the mother alone it has been given, that her soul during the nine months should touch the soul of the child, and impose upon it predispositions to truth, gentleness, goodness …”

Jean Baptiste Lacordaire, in Conferences of Jean Batpiste Lacordaire

+ + +

A fully sensate and mature woman who carries a child would, it is fair to say, cherish  the opportunity to carry her infant in her womb.

Alas we are somewhat less it seems than the women Lacordaire references in 1850.  Yes, sometimes “change” moves us from good to bad, from life to death.

Many women in our midst celebrate themselves but not the child.  Those endless advocates for more abortions are sad evidence that we are not what we once were – and that is NOT a step forward but a heinous diminishment.

Today, as I do in most days of my life, I think of my mother.  She was selfless in her commitment to me and to being my mother – loving me, teaching me, guiding me to the age when I would launch out into the world. Yes, all her work and dedication was but for one thing – that I may take flight while she remained in her place alone.

I often tell people that my mother saved my life.  And she did.

When money was short – I ate and she proclaimed she was not hungry. Many a dinner I sat with her – a plate of food for me and a black coffee for her.

I do not know if, as our author above says, I acquired the marks of my mother’s soul – but like her I worked hard and dedicated myself to my son, my family and now to my grandchildren as well. Like her I was tough, resilient, loving and thankful for being called into this life.  Like her I tried to use my time and talents for the benefit of others who needed a voice, an advocate and a friend.  Like her I lived among the troubles of the age but remained untainted by the negativity and soulless self-promotion and hostility that was and is now so common.

It is many years since she has passed away but I say this – she is with me every day. 

Now I am the one alone as my grown son, an educated man with a wife and children of his own, charts his journey and does for his family what my mother did for me and what I did for him.  We are, it seems, all connected to she who was my wonderful mother.

If only we could see and value the sacred threads that run from mother to child, from father to son, from family to family, from age to age.   If that be the case – our public dialogue would fundamentally change for the better, our contentment would be ever-present, our courage would blossom from our adherence to the truth we now dodge in favor of our own self-centered desires that leave both children and family often more injured and confused than guided by a trust that what we have always done as mothers and family is precisely what we need to do to be fully human, happy and satisfied that we have done in an optimum way what is good and everlasting.

Hats off to the mothers among us who have done what only a loving mother can do.  Yes, in their love and sacrifice – a nation is built, happiness abounds, community lives and we are one.

Love you, Mom.




We must hold those in power responsible for the lawlessness and corruption they exhibit.  Make no mistake – doing that is essential to the restoration of our extraordinary culture of liberty, unity, promise and success.

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“The price of greatness is responsibility.”

Winston Churchill

+ + +

Do you think an Olympic Champion acquires his or her title by living irresponsibly?  Or a World Champion Boxer gains his title without taking responsibility for the effort, focus and sacrifice that achieving such a lofty goal requires?

Do you think men and women who succeed are simply born into affluence or that their achievements, their contentment, their success and notoriety is won without personal sacrifice or cost?

Of course the price of achievement is the direct consequence of individual responsibility!

Indeed there is nothing wrong in America that can’t be eradicated by individual responsibility.

If each person were to simply dedicate themselves to individual responsibility this nation would be restored to it unique position of freedom, leadership and achievement – an achievement that has arisen over and again in the face of hardship, misfortune and challenges far more difficult than today’s pandemic.

Think about it.  We settled a barren land.  We moved undaunted across its vast open space.  Many fled their country of origin to settle where religious freedom and individual liberty were valued and where a person would be expected to take responsibility for their own life and its trajectory.  Even those who arrived to a life of servitude have proud offspring who have flourished and now hold some of the most prestigious positions in the Nation.

America is a place for those who seek not a government to make them dependent but rather the opportunity to exercise individual responsibility from generation to generation.

Unlike other countries we offer opportunity and freedom, a morality that values and expects individuals to be responsible.  In fact our foundation rests on the idea that each one of us is God’s chosen son and daughter and that each one of us no matter the circumstances can, if we are responsible, succeed.

We are not and never have been a people who seeks socialism or communism.

We do not seek that others might support us while we remain idle.  We are better than that.

We can, if you think about it, reject the words and promises of others who, while never achieving much on their own, tell us that we ought to sit back and let the government give us others people’s money so those who govern can retain power and control over us while we are left under-developed, less whole and less prosperous than we have been made to be.

Don’t fall for the politics of the socialist or the communist which accedes to power only if you become serfs, dependents, perpetual wards – those who are diminished and left idle and deeply discontented for a life that is forfeited and a promise of self never realized.

Make America and yourself great again.

The hell with pursuing “fundamental change” that the overloads would have us embrace so they and their bloated bureaucracies might retain power at your expense.

Demand what is your brith right: to be free and independent so you might achieve what God has planted within you.


75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War – our triumph over the totalitarianism of Nazi Germany’s national socialism.

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”Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes a crooked path will be found out.” (Emphasis added.)

Proverbs 10:8

+ + +

Washington, D.C. – Today we see the above Proverb put in play.

Yes, in our own lifetime, in the Nation’s Capitol we see proof of the impeccable truth of Proverbs 10:8.

The release of government material in the General Flynn case and the public access to the private testimony taken in the House of Representatives concerning the alleged collaboration of the Russians in the electoral victory of Donald Trump show that neither that President Trump colluded with the Russians in gaining his election to the Presidency – nor that General Flynn engaged in unlawful behavior of any sort.

Yes, we see today that Flynn was the innocent victim of the corrupt action of government officials and that President Trump was the similar victim of corrupt conduct of those in authority who desired his removal from office.

The released material shows General Flynn was the target of a lawless prosecution and likewise that President Trump was also the target of his Leftist Democrat political opponents, in and out of government, who desired, truth be damned, that he be ousted from Office.

In the above process a goodly number of government officials, lawyers, “reporters,” media figures, Democrats, academics, consultants, “esteemed“ public figures have destroyed their reputations (some of whom may eventually face criminal charges) and injured the institutions they occupy as well as destroyed the confidence that the American public heretofore had placed in their trust.

So, as the Proverb says, it is left to us to find out who among us took the crooked path?  Anyone in the former White House?  In the D.C. consulting community?  In the law?  In politics?  In government Departments and Agencies?  In the news and media?  In the intellectual class?

If there is a positive takeaway from this sorry mess it might be this: we are a fallen people and this corrupt fiasco ought to serve to call us back to humility and one hopes to abandonment of partisan hostilities and national division in favor of unity, mutual respect and away from destructive Leftist ideology and the hate that it produces.

Alas, we can only hope … and pray.

We are stronger, happier, more secure and more prosperous when we are united and as One can abide by a high moral code that secures our trust in one another and the preservation of this Great Nation.


Back at it … back to blogging after a brief absence to tend to the repair of Ye Olde iPad.  Alas the world as we know it persisted in presenting its assortments of daily folly during my brief absence.

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“ … the just man subjects himself to the whole moral order, whilst the unjust man subordinates the whole moral order to himself, and constitutes himself the center of all things. (Emphasis added.)

Jean Jacques Rousseau, in Emile

+ + +

The unjust man dictates to others a “new moral” code.  He and she thinks nothing of eradicating the existing moral order – the product of learned reflection in centuries of human history and the truths previously and painfully discovered.

Do you see the arrogance of this?  The foolishness?  The selfishness?  The presence of  it in our culture?  Its advocacy among the political Left – those who deem themselves the source of all wisdom.  Ignorance be damned, the Left seeks to “fundamentally change” America.  Thank you, Mr. Most Recent Ex-President!  No humility there.

Have you noticed that those who reject the moral order present in American history and reflected in its valued institutions and law are among the least accomplished individuals in the country.  Ideology they have. Humility they lack. Unwitting hand-puppets of the International Left, they proceed as if what they said is their genius. But alas possess they do a degree from one of the once-elite colleges that have become hither but schools of paddy-cake intellect and socialist/communist indoctrination.

This is the calamity we live today and the stakes that we face in the 2020 election of a President, members of the Senate and the House of Representative along with state officials – to wit: retain the moral order that undergirds the Republic and is the source of our freedom and liberty, community, national identity, prosperity and unity or sink into liberty-less decline – a nation wanton of morality and the freedom of economic opportunity.

Think about what you are living day by day.  Radical change or sustaining our moral order and the preservation of this Great Nation?  What is your choice?



Jesus answered and said … “if you have faith and do not doubt you will … say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen.”

Matthew 21:21

+ + +

When in the course of this virus have we said “Be taken up and cast into the sea.” The answer – we have not said this in public discourse, in the daily briefings, in commentary, in televised discussion, in worship.

So the question is put to you and to me: Why have we not the faith that Jesus describes above? 

What does it take for us to live as we have been instructed to live? Why is science thought more powerful than Christ?  Why is Christ dismissed so easily? Shelved in times of great peril?  What does our conduct say about us?

How can we think of ourselves as Believers?  As Christians?  As faithful when we ignore, indeed reject, what Jesus tells us so clearly and what he demonstrates so readily? 

Here, in the above quote, he turned a fig tree to a barren tree never to bear fruit again and he tells us that with faith we can move a mountain.

That said – we have relied exclusively on “experts” whose models have been wrong, drastically so.  And we have relied on our own initiative.  We have squandered treasure, injured our economy.  Made available hospital beds that have gone unused.  Thrown money at a problem.  Closed businesses at great monetary and human cost.  But we have not prayed. Nor have we sought the intervention of God.

Honestly, who can we expect to prevail against nature if we fail to rely on our faith?  The answer, of course, is that we CANNOT expect to prevail against disaster by simply relying on ourselves.

This challenge we face is as much about calling us back to faith, to God as it is about health.  But alas, in this day we are secularized – more about self than about God – too prideful and “full of beans” to be any benefit to ourselves or others.

If ever there was a moment in time when it was clearer that God seeks that we might return to Him it is NOW in the midst of this virus.  Yet, foolishly we look to government to the exclusion of God.  So dumb, so misguided – so faithless.

Shame on us!


“In Aristotelian terms, the good leader must have ethos, pathos, and logos. The ethos is his (or her) moral character, the source of his (or her) ability to persuade. The pathos is his (or her) ability to touch feelings to move people emotionally. The logos is his (or her) ability to give solid reasons for an action, to move people intellectually.”

Mortimer Adler

+ + +

Most people in the United States and especially among those who have access to the public stage have no idea who Mortimer Adler was, what “Aristotelian terms” might mean, what ethos, pathos or logos are, or how they might differ one to the other.

We are, frankly, a culture of poorly educated people. Yes, going to the university does not do much for many who do so.  Our universities lack rigor and rarely introduce students to the Classics or require exposure to philosophy.  The indoctrinate but do not teach.

Our national education from beginning to end does not do a satisfactory job in familiarizing students with our Western heritage, the masters who have come before and the ideas that have furthered human community and provide the wisdom base of those few among us who actually understand Western Civilization, the great span of human history and the priceless unique nature of America and its vital institutions, Constitution and Republican form of government.

Adding to the inherent problems that the above suggests – we are, at this point in time, a mass of some very disordered people and destructive ideas. To top it off we are a culture heavy laden with suicide, homicide, abortions, broken families, unwed mothers, fatherless families, addictions to over-eating, sex, pornography, alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs.

Absent an education that is familiar with Aristotle and others, we default to ideology – Leftist ideology promoted and advocated by the ill-educated who cannot provide a shred of information about the brutality of Communism, the failure of socialism, or the extreme deeds and horrors of Germany’s National Socialism.

Putting our culture to the above test, one would have to say we have few people who display a life of moral character, possess the capacity to make an emotional contact with others and the ability to communicate with others in a manner that moves another to grow intellectually and more fully as a human being.

That said, it is hard for me not to conclude that we have many among us who run on partisanship and ignorance of what life and leadership require, or how impoverished emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and morally this culture is.

Indeed if there is one glaring example of our individual and cultural deficits it is the presence today of the hardened, coarse partisanship of the political Left and their kissing cousins in media, the press, academia, ideological think-tanks, TV talking heads, the “entertainment” cabal, “activists,” mis-guided “special pleaders” and lack-luster government bureaucracies.

We have wandered far from wisdom and the full development of the human person into a junction that is self-injurious and foolishness hostile and divisive – the costs of which are staggering.

‘Tis a sad sight and serious problem.


“… whoever wishes to be first among you will be your slave.”

Matthew 15:27

+ + +

Well now, ain’t that something!  Those who wish to be first among us will be our slaves.

I see that Old Joe Biden wants to select a Vice Presidential running mate who is a woman and that a number of women in politics have lined up to vie for the job.

I see too that Stacey Abrams – the Georgia woman who lost her bid to be a U.S. Senator from Georgia – is saying that Mr. Biden must select a “woman of color.”  (Just an aside, but isn’t white still a color?)

Well it happens that Ms. Abrams who does not go gently into that good night is an African-American woman.  How convenient.  Wonder if she is familiar with Matthew 15:27?

My point?  Demanding a place in leadership – desiring to be “first” is at the least religiously unsavory.  Where, pray tell, is humility?

Does one want those with a craven desire for power to actually possess power?

Have we not learned that those who demand control and power are virtually always the people least likely to be competent to hold power or control or use it well and properly.  

It is, of course, the craven desire for power which alerts us to this reality: those who seek power are quite easily corrupted by it.  Lessons of history, people … lessons of human nature!

Let’s take a moment to apply Matthew 15:27 as to the best of our life experience.

When I read this passage I think of mothers and particularly my mother and my Dear Friend Phyllis who (like my mother) was a wonderful, loving, strong, selfless, delightful, giving, sacrificial, wise Mom. Each were servants much as Christ was a servant.  They saw their life as being for their children and proceeding happily in that assignment and all its tasks.  I add, by the way, my Daughter-in-law Mary and Blessed Mother Mary to this my short list of outstanding woman.

I contrast as a result – those among us whose lives are lived humbly in service not to themselves but to their children.  Yes, I praise women who are foremost great Mothers.  I far prefer them than those (man or woman) who line up with sharpened elbows ready to shove others aside so that they might be “first.”

Greatness demands humility and sacred service of not self, but of others. Have not good Moms showed us that lesson!!!  Thank God for Good Moms!!!  We are nowhere without them!  God bless them all!


“America indeed has become a progressive nation, if we understand ‘progressive’ to mean progressing away from GodHis incomparable blessings, and the moral foundation that made America great, and advancing toward a mystical utopia where mankind is in control of mankind (think Lord of the Flies).” (Emphasis added.)

Ron Brackin

+ + +

Progressing away from God.  Save your travel money when it comes to touring the Nation’s Capitol – this is a place that has progressed away from God.  We are, indeed, housing a political class in each party that (as a group) seems to have forgotten there is a God and they are not God.

Case in point – we have today all sorts of government talk about wearing masks, keeping distance between people, not gathering in common places, not opening this business or that business, and a permanent change in American culture and social existence.

Likewise we have upended our own economy and emptied our churches of people and our schools of children.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Let me suggest it shows weakness, reeks of caution and fear, seems aimed at perfection and advances the notion that man has God-like powers.

Imagine in contrast, if you will, December 7, 1941 – the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and sunk a number of our warships and killed hundreds of our service men.

Do you think December 7, 1941, we were focused on social dispositions and crowd etiquette?  No.  We gave laser-sharp attention to the damage done, lives lost and who was responsible for this.

Alas, today we talk of face masks, vaccines, social distancing and not at all about China and its role in spreading this virus, and their failure to warn others of this deadly disease.

Frankly, having moved away from God and our historic legacy – we look like a people in search of a “mystical utopia” and miss entirely that something was done to us by others and we had best respond to that deadly conduct.






“We are called the nation of inventors.  And we are.  We could still claim that title and wear its loftiest honors if we stopped at the first thing we ever invented, which was human liberty.”  (Emphasis added.)

Mark Twain

+ + +

We have among us people on the Left – yes, those devoted to socialism and communism – who dare not live free and independent … independent indeed of government dependence funded by other people’s money and the ballooning national debt that, of course, will be carried by generation after generation into the distant future – if, of course, we last that long as state-dependents.

We are a long way from Mark Twain.  Once, and not that long ago, we valued human liberty and demonstrated in our history the willingness to fight to protect that liberty.

Alas, we are now soft and perpetually discontented – full of fear and fearful of being independent.  This land would never have been settled nor its economy have  flourished had we been occupied by the faint of heart, those lacking in courage and needing in its place the nanny state – a tit to suck upon.

In this the age of the Wuhan virus we are frozen in place, expecting to be issued a “pass” as to our impermanent mortal existence and any inevitable suffering and challenges, inconveniences and risk that is part and parcel of human existence and has been since that first man and woman walked this earth.

Nothing so disgraces a person like fear, dependence, inertia.  And nothing so becomes a person like courage and conviction – steps taken in times of uncertainty.

Today we are at a crossroads.  We shall either freeze in place and be for all intents and purposes subjects of the vast imperfections, misdeeds and fumbles of mother government, or we shall claim what is our birthright: to live as free people in possession of the liberty that we have been afforded in this Great Nation in honor of the God who made us free and intended that we might hold as precious the sacred liberty that is the essence of America.

So the question is posed: Are you prepared to be free and preserve and protect your liberty or are you to be the childish wards of Mother Government?

Yes, the Wuhan virus states the question.  You, Sir and Madame, must choose.  And yes, today it is, as always it is, that faith and courage precede choice and action.




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