“The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.”

Viktor Frankl, M.D.

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Ahhh … Viktor Frankl.  He who lived through three Nazi death camps.  He offers many lessens.  He paid the price among the worse of things.  He flourished inside hate and madness.  He saw.  He lived.  He shared himself with others in this dreadful hell he knew and in the world that awaited him when the demons were defeated and he was returned to all.

Choosing one’s attitude in any situation or circumstances.  This is not just our last freedom, it is our first and our forever and eternal freedom.

We are born into a world as it is.  Despite the zany notions of all who speak, that would have us change all things to reflect their vision.  Be discrete.  Be sober and careful.  Discern.  Some know and others do not.

But do you pause and think and see?  More to the point do we laugh at the folly ever present?  Do we see the world and those in it as the unwitting comics they are – the fools they present, the lunacy displayed?

Yes, some offer helpful advice. Others do not.  Forget not that at any given moment there is insight and foolishness, laughter and tears.

Laughter liberates and saves.  It is our comforting rebellion.  Seeing things around us as strange, even absurd at time, is the first step toward the good feeling of laughter, of truth, of wisdom and of freedom.

We are in such a state today – that we need laughter to defuse frustration, fear, worry, alarm, doubt … and anger.  Think about this – we are to pursue “social distancing” but what are we to do with our spouses and them with us?  Separate homes?  Meeting with glass doors separating us until all illness is vanquished?  And how about our children?  Are we to consign them to the life of a hermit in unpopulated places oceans away?

Think about it.  Is laughter part of your freedom?  Or do you bow to all the noise and all the echoes of those you hear?

Discretion.  Quiet.  Laughter.  Pursuit of what life is in all events – a gift well worth living and protecting but not at the cost of fear and worry and despair.

In choosing freedom in hard times – do not forget laughter and faith that tells us – life will go on no matter the challenges that spring up.  Listen discretely and remain human, hold on to love and laughter – carry courage and your wit and feel for what a “good life” is.