“ … after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace … will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

1 Peter 5:10

+ + +

Yes, in life we face adversity … and today we face a particular hard challenge.  A new virus is sweeping the world and our economy has its issues.  Our investment markets have sunken and many have seen loses in their retirement accounts.Uncertainty reigns and once again we find adversity has found us.

Make no mistake, in this circumstance we can expect to be stunned, upset, worried … but think about adversity as God knows it will find us,  He does not depart ever.  He is always present.  But the question looms – in our success, and affluence, and comfort, and success – have we lost sight of God?  Have we forgot His promises?

Yes, we have real problems in health and in finance, investments, savings and the economy.  We wonder if our industry will continue to have jobs for us.  We wonder if we are returning to an earlier time when we had less and knew what it was to be poor or of modest means.  Yes, these thoughts can bring us down.  But God brings us up.

Our first step is to turn to Him.  Ask for His guidance and support.  Ask for calm, and hope, and patience, and clear thinking.

We suffer and the God of all grace comes to us in our need.

Turn back to God.  All things become easier when we face in God’s direction.