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“ … the individual psyche is not just a product of personal experience.  It also has a pre-personal or transpersonal dimension which is manifested in universal pattens and images such as are found in all the world’s religions and mythologies. (Emphasis added.)

Edward F. Edinger, M.D., in Ego and Archetype

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Dr. Edinger is a Jungian Psychiatrist.

In the above quote he is telling us that Carl Jung realized that we are not just a product of our life experiences but rather we all house within us, as human beings, a residue of experiences that human beings who come before us have captured, and have woven into our nature as being simple humans – men and women.

Indeed, he is saying, as Jung said, that we carry the lived experience and knowledge secured by humans over the course of their existence.

Likewise Dr. Edinger notes that what is captured within is found in the religious narratives and mythologies which stretch through human history.

So let us assume that this is true.  What might that mean?

Number One, it means that if you wish to be fully human and well developed psychologically, emotionally, socially, interpersonally and intellectually, you had best come to know in the longest and deepest sense who you are as a human being  – from a long line of human beings.  It means you need to know what it is to be a human person in the long history of human beings and that you carry within a necessary and sacred story of being human.

It also means that, since what we know pre-personally is recorded in religious narrative and mythology over many centuries that we had best take an interest in religion, in mystical stories and in faith, religious narrative, religion and the sacred that is within us.  

It means also that there is a spiritual dimension to being a fully developed human being and that a society of human beings had best have room in its culture for religion and the mythology that tells us truths of what a human being actually is.

And most importantly it tells us that we had best have a hallowed place in our culture and our life for religion, for faith and our religious narrative … that our country, its peaceful functioning, its preservation of liberty and prosperity, our communities, happiness, civility, family life, marriages, joy, health, contentment, meaning and purpose, wisdom and compassion, honor and courage, enduring nature, moral and strong character requires that we have a place within us and the culture for religious disposition and religiously inspired behavior and action.

Friends, without faith, without religion – it is impossible to live a full human life or sustain a nation whose culture forsakes the vital primary role of spirituality and religion in the human person and the community of people.