“How often the priest had heard the same confession … man was so limited he hadn’t the ingenuity to invent a new vice …” (Emphasis added.)

Graham Greene in The Power and the Glory

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Lot of large volume selling in the recent stock market decline.  A very, very large amount … and today we learn that four U.S. Senators made very sizable sales of their holdings (in the millions, it seems) after receiving a Senate briefing and before the frantic sell-offs took root and moved the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from a level of close to 30,000 to a level of 19,000 – a drop of about 30 percent.  Such a loss stripped the investment portfolios of Mom and Pop investors significant value that took years to secure … For many people these invested savings are their retirement funds.

Yes, some people took advantages based on information they had that was not available to others, known to others.  Some got to the leave the building knowing that it was destined to ignite.

This is very much the kind of actions that we regrettably see among the “privileged” class … the elites.  This, by the way, is exactly why Boris Johnson is Prime Minister in England and why Donald Trump is President in the United States.  Simply stated – people have a poor regard for the “elites” – the privileged class.

How fitting is Graham Greene’s observation – old fashion vice exercised by those used to having more wealth than others and coming to expect that they shall always be at the head of the line. Is this not a variation of the Hollywood parents who schemed to gain admission to college for their mediocre children by bribing individuals in the targeted colleges, paying others to take entrance exams or correct answers to those exams so that their “little darlings” might secure admission to a here-to-fore “elite’ college?

What we see is corruption – the type of behavior that destroys community, devours nations and guarantees economic lost and decline. Yes, the corruption of others has an extremely high cost and yes, the innocent pay most dearly for this corruption.

Make no mistake we are at a crossroads.  Good or evil?  United or divided?  One or all?  Fair or unfair?