Joy is to fun what the deep-sea is to a puddle.

Terry Pratchett, in A Hat Full of Sky

+ + +

Joy is not always easy to find.  Sometimes we are in a troff.  A point where it seems that there are more troubles than pleasures.  But look around.

Do you know that there is someone who depends on you for their happiness?  You may be the source of joy to someone dear to you and not realize that you are joy to them.

My son is joy to me.  His children are a joy to me … I bet they (small as they are) have no idea what joy they are to me.  Their presence fills me with delight, happiness and gratitude.

When you feel down – which we all do from time to time – ask yourself a question like this: What would my father/my wife/my children/my friends do without me?

The truth is this: without each of us someone we know and love would be crushed by our loss.  We are far more the source of joy to others than we realize.  No one is expendable who is loved by another.  And we are all loved by another – usually many others.

My point?  When you feel an absence of joy realize this: you are a life-giving joy to others who depend on you for their very existence!!!

Put this in the bank.  It is the absolute TRUTH!  You are a joy to others!!!