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… these priests had no faith from the beginning.  It was not … Japan that conquered them; it was simply that their sociological faith, nourished in Catholic Portugal, evaporated beneath the impact of pagan culture. (Emphasis added.)

Yanaibara, in Asahi Journal, 1966

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Professor Yanaibara is talking about the apostasy of two Catholic priests in the 16th century in Japan.

He makes the point that their faith was sociological, not of a depth – not that which defined them.

This raised today for me these two questions: How is it that Americans can denounce their faith so easily, disregard it so easily, abandon it, live without it? And, this companion question: How can Americans (particularly the young and the Left) discredit and attack this nation so easily?

What has religion or America done to them to cause their renunciation?  What hardship has been imposed on them?  Of what are they deprived?

In Japan the priests were subjected to physical torture.  The most common form of this was to be bound around the body up to your chest and inserted upside down into a pit of filth (including excreta) where you would be submerged up to your waist.

This practice often led lay Catholics to renounce their faith.  Fathers Ferreira and Rodrigues, under these circumstances, disavowed their faith.

This leads me to this question. Is your faith strong enough that you will oppose those who would deny it and make you alter your life to fit their demands? Likewise is your love of America strong enough to allow you to stand tall when others undermine her, attack her, her history and our historic legacy?

Think about this?  Are you living a life of depth and meaning?  Do you value what you have been given?