Had the privilege of attending an evangelical service and to hear the testimony of a former pro football player, so I am posting later than normal.


And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Rom. 8: 28

+ + +

Today I had the privilege to listen to a very large, strong, warm-hearted, athletic man discuss his journey from urban poverty to the National Football League – a man who could not read and in the course of his career became addicted to drugs.

I saw a behemoth of a man candidly discuss his shame at not being able to read -a man who feared of being “discovered” as one who could neither read, nor write and who, in time, became a drug user.

I saw a man of courage in his public story.  I was a man who recounted those who stooped to help him when he fell.  I heard him tell of those of faith who never stopped being his friend, his brother.  I heard him warmly describe his parents dedication to their faith and his participation in worship as a child.  I heard a man speak of the grounding in “Christian values” that never quite left him, despite his troubles.

In the course of his story you could see how his failures combined with his faith and the presence of others of faith – gave him the opportunity to move past his fear.  You heard how his faith was strengthen by the presence of faithful men and women who never stopped caring for him and encouraging him to get and remain sober and to grow in faith.

In a way he, and others, who fail and continue to work at getting better, getting sober, giving more of himself to God are conforming to God’s call to them, are conforming to God purpose for them.  Yes, some must fall so others might learn, so others might see, so others might hear God’s voice.

There is great humility in failure, and in failure humility grows when we discover that we are not forsaken in failure, that we are still loved by God.

Do not fear failure.  Know that God works all things for good to those who love Him.  You are never too old to be new again.