The most perfect political community must be amongst those of the middle rank … those whose states are best instituted wherein these (the middle rank) are a larger and more respectable part, if possible, than both the other (ranks); or if that cannot be, at least, (larger) than each of them (the higher and lower rank) separate.  (Emphasis added.)


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Aristotle identified the importance of the middle class.  Seems like many of the most influential people in America and the West don’t recognize or understand the essential nature of a broad middle class.

I think, of course, of the export of middle class jobs, the decline in life expectancy of the middle class, the growth of opiate addiction in that group, Hillary’s classification of the middle class as “a basket of deplorables,” Obama’s idiotic swelling of the dependent class.

Yes, globalists seem to dismiss the value of the middle class.  With them, money and market spare have more value than a stable, broad middle class.  Ditto, the political elites from Jeb Bush to Chuck Schumer – politicians who rely on the money of the super-wealthy in corporate life, in finance, technology industry and entertainment.

Assuming the elites, globalists and politicians have no knowledge of Aristotle, they might at least be expected to realize when the Communists take control they always disable the middle class and religion.  Take Communist Stalinist control of Poland, for example.

When the Communists controlled Poland, members of the middle class were removed from public service and their religion (Catholicism) had its churches and lands confiscated and its head (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski) imprisoned along with hundreds priests.  Additionally, the Marxists banned public religious ceremonies and prayer – removed public displays of religious symbols, closed Catholic newspapers and discouraged young people from attending Mass.

Yes, the middle class was targeted for extinction – along with their religion because the middle class and their faith is essential to freedom and democracy, peace and community.

Brings to mind the American Left today and, in particular, the dubious princes of social media and commercial ventures.  I think of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.  The former who thinks of his gossip machine (Facebook) as filling the role of religion !!!  I also think of Bezos (creator of Amazon and destroyer of The Washington Post) who is celebrated for his monopolistic quest to be the supplier of all things once sold to you by others who employed the middle class and who left plenty of income opportunities for others in their field who did the same.

Lose the middle class and America is lost, plain and simple.