The demons began to entreat him … “If you are going to cast us out send us into the herd of swine.”  … And they came out and went into the swine, and the whole herd rushed … into the sea and perished …

Mt 8:31,32

+ + +

Encountering the Leftist news media today, along with elected Democrats and others, is a little like encountering those possessed of demons.  It really is both amazing, and repulsive.

I frequently am asked by friends and colleagues what they might do to deal with the very troubled people they encounter – in their family, the workplace, the public at-large, and in mass communication.  My “go to” response: keep your distance.  Then I explain that disordered people bring disorder.  Indeed, such people seem incapable of doing otherwise.

You see multiple examples of this everyday.  An example just yesterday: Anderson Cooper (an eminently forgettable cable “news guy”) in an interview felt compelled to roll his eyes in disbelief, contempt, boredom at the words and persona of the woman he was interviewing.  Evidence of disorder.

Cooper’s disorder was of this variety: “I am so much better than and above this person I am interviewing.”  Oh, really Anderson, you fooled me … and your eye-rolling proved quite the opposite.

Then there are the two air passengers who had a knock down, drag out fist fight on a loaded airplane.  Disorder.

Who flies now?  Not me.  Who listens to the Anderson Coopers of the world?  Not me.

Sooner or later these folks will drive themselves into the sea.  You need not join them now or then.