Christ is with those of humble mind, not with those who exalt themselves over his flock.  (Emphasis added.)

St. Clement of Rome, in Epistle to Corinthians

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

Carl Jung, M.D.

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Barack Obama was honored recently for his Profile in Courage.  Strange award for this former President to receive, not that awards are to be taken seriously these days … recall if you will the Nobel Peace Prize given to a man who accomplished exactly nothing for peace prior to its presentation.

Ironically, Mr. Obama is the subject today of an exhaustive biography by historian David Garrow who formally produced an acclaimed biography of Martin Luther King. “Ironically?” Yes, because “progressive” Democrat Garrow emerges from his 1000 page Obama biography to identify Mr. Obama as a hollow man, one who was cold, impersonal, and concerned most about himself.

There is, to be sure, little or nothing of either humility or authenticity about Garrow’s subject conveyed in this biography.  Garrow’s assessment is not flattering, but it is revealing, and for some it will be confirming.

The “progressive” Garrow registers disappointment that Mr. Obama so easily abandoned his once professed “progressive” politics and now favors $400,000 speaking engagements and the company of billionaires.  Unlike, Mr. Garrow – I am not surprised by this for I have been to the carnival as a young lad … and it so captures flim-flam.

Yet, when a public “progressive” turns on another as Mr. Garrow does, it delivers a significant message.

The message?  Politics is, especially among the Left, still about status and wealth and public adulation.

Many on the Left utilize politics so that they might “be somebody” – their ideas are often only a vehicle to get somewhere closer to the image they wish to acquire for themselves. Afterall, Mr. Obama and courage?  How does one square that picture?  Where is humility?  How does authenticity attend that ceremony?

For some time now I have seen in public figures people who seem to have ignored the sentiment expressed by Carl Jung above.  Isn’t life about becoming a full and complete person – coming to know the humility of an honest view of yourself and your life, so you might live comfortably in your own story, rather than spending a lifetime scheming to create an image of yourself that you desire?  Such a life is, and must be, hollow.

Lacking authenticity today, we seem too often to lack political leadership.

Ironically, like him or not, Mr. Trump in a very peculiar way is likely closer to “what you see is what you get” – that: a gross measure of authenticity when its opposite is so common.

Life deals us some strange cards, doesn’t it.