Everyone agreed that Clevinger was certain to go far in the academic world.  In short, Clevinger was one of those people with lots of intelligence and no brains, and everyone knew it except those who soon found it out. (Emphasis added.)

Joseph Heller, in Catch-22

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Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 was ahead of its time.  It is not an anti-war story but rather a tale that, written in 1955, so clearly foretells of the ills of secularized, modern America and its forthcoming bounty of obviously inane and imbalanced individuals.

Yes, Heller saw who you have come to know as your neighbors, in-laws, workmates, bosses, politicos, “progressives,” Nobel Prize winner President, media types, Hollywood Leftists, academics et al.

Heller’s genius?  He saw the range of the insane and utterly confused and mal-functioning to come. He realized: (a) the bureaucracy is full of these people, and (b) bureaucracy cannot exist without them, and can never do anything useful with them.

As to the above Clevinger, in particular, Heller detected and described the worthlessness of intellectuals whose idiocy is only made richer and purer by collecting and concentrating them with the same ideology at the same institutions, and in the same academic departments.   Yes, Heller saw 2017 in 1955!

Yes, think of the loons who created Obamacare.  Or the ineptness of any number of state or national governmental initiatives.  Do you not find Clevinger there? Or any one of the amazing host of characters in Heller’s Catch-22?

To make matters worse, we have chased God from the scene leaving the disordered prepared to color outside the lines with only the gravest consequences for you or me who, like Yossarian in the novel, wish merely to proceed without major calamity created by the overactive misfits of our age.

Prayer, religious revival and monastic solitude are often called forth out of the chaos of the age.  We can’t last much longer being characters in Catch-22.