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When there is no enemy within, the enemies without cannot hurt you.

Winston S. Churchill

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We live in a divided age.  Such is the language, antics and advocacy of “identity politics.”

This helps explain the conflict between globalists and those who champion nation.

Globalists seek to reduce national sovereignty and increase the governance and power of international bodies.  The nationalists like national sovereignty just as it is.  More to the point, nationalists seek to preserve their national identity and the mores of their culture, their religion, history, law, morality, ethos, language and social and political structure. This explains their preference for borders, legal immigration and assimilation.  This also explains the antagonism of globalists to secure borders.

Truth is globalists have been in business since post-W.W. II; yet, there record has not been altogether successful.

Their works have caused injury to ordinary workers and reduced the middle class. Where international trade was thought to forestall armed conflict and develop a civilized discourse among nations, it has not done so.

Indeed, trade is, as one should have expected, not staved off nations seeking their own advantages at the expense of others. Many do all that they can to enrich themselves at the cost to their neighbors.  Where Bill Clinton asserted trade with China would further human rights and political liberty within China – he was profoundly mistaken.

We should have learned the consequences of the move to globalism by now. Sadly those elites who benefit most are less citizens of the land they live in and more members of the international class of the wealthy that have more than one ever needs to sustain a good life.

Frankly, globalism has made some the enemy of the many.  Time to draw us together – all one in the same boat.  Especially so since enemies without are gathering in opposition to us and our Western brothers and sisters.


Preening Judges – Well it seems that the judges of the federal bench in San Francisco, California want to preen for the Left-wing loons, so here is a dandy way to keep them happy and in tune with their “beliefs” (that they wish to dump on the rest of us): let’s simply take all violent illegals we encounter and ship them to San Francisco on the condition that if they stray from the city by the Bay, they will be immediately deported all legal rights having been forfeited on condition of relocating to their new residence.

The California Left-wing lugnuts ought to be happy to welcome those they want others to welcome.