… the useless always judge themselves as being important and hide their incompetence behind authority …

Paulo Coelho

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There is truth in what Coelho plainly says.  Think Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry and their “negotiations” with Iran on Iran’s nuclear program (and its quest for nuclear weapons). Their “negotiations” could be best called a “give-away” and generously assigned to incompetence or, less charitably, to something worse.

Think also of the Congress which cannot, it seems, to do much more than increase the national debt and, at the present, in doing so – give us a look (in present day Venezuela) at the pain and chaos that ensues when economies are run very, very irresponsibly.

Then you can recall the reaction of the highly paid Superintendent of Montgomery County (Maryland) Schools who scolded parents for their “xenophobia” (dislike of foreigners) when they complained that two immigrant students (at least one illegally in the country and both in their late teens) were arrested for raping a 14-year-old 9th grade girl in a school bathroom.

There are at present endless, indeed, daily renditions of abject stupidity, or apparent dishonesty emanating from “authority” figures.

Makes you long for smaller and smaller government.  The point: the fewer of them, the less insanity and resulting danger and waste.  Likewise, this sadly applies to courts and particularly to the federal judiciary.  And how can we forget Mr. Comey at the FBI or the endless “special pleaders” advocating one self-serving desire after another, or the legion of “climate-changers” who resemble nothing so much as the loony Leftists whose cause once was unilateral disarmament?

Have we not come to a point where less government is better?

… excel in everything …

2 Cor 8:7


The Breakdown – In my lifetime it seems that we have had a breakdown in the echelon of the elites – those well-trained of the privileged class who benefit from an affluent start in life, education at venerable schools and access to corporate, political, educational, charitable, governmental and professional leadership.

This is hard to fathom except to say we have abandoned religion and faith, morality, honor, dignity and public service – and elevated self, godlessness, indulgence, celebrity, gaudy affluence, fetish and Leftist ideology in their place.  In effect, we have replaced excellence with incompetence and shamelessness.

This, of course, must change.