One of the twelve, named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, “What are you willing to give me to betray Him to you?”

Mt 26:14,15

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Part of the Easter story is about betrayal.  Above we have Judas willing to betray Christ.

Coincidently, today we have many in the Democrat Party and in the media fixated, without any significant evidence, on whether or not candidate Donald Trump or his associates colluded with Vladimir Putin in the last presidential election.  Never mind that Democrat operative and Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta has a private, sweetheart deal with two Russian oligarchs and that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved Russian purchase of a large share of America’s uranium and received (from the purchasers) a very large financial donation to the Clinton Foundation, that – of course – has raised no private or public inquiries or objections.

Betrayal is a constant in international affairs.  Take, for example, this from Whittaker Chambers’ Witness, his extraordinary account of Soviet widespread infiltration into the pre and post-World War II federal government:

… the Communist Party could recruit its agents … by the scores within the Government … they were precisely among the most literate, intellectually eager and energetic … in the nation … (these men and women) were dedicated revolutionists whose primary allegiance was no longer to … country – nor those factors which give a country its binding force: tradition, family, community, soil, religious faith. (Emphasis added.)

Rather makes you wonder if those on the Left who find constant faults with so much in this nation and its history have any inkling of the division they create which favors our adversaries and weakens this Nation.

Think about the damage they have done to family, faith, marriage, race relations, our financial stability (as to the huge national debt accumulated in the Obama years), education, our political discourse, personal relations as to men and women, industry, law and order, etc.

Nary a thought as to how their deeds benefit our avowed adversaries.

Lest you discount betrayal, or think the Left is harmless – one of my Johns Hopkins professors is serving a life sentence in federal prison after spending 30 years spying for Fidel Castro.

Beware of the Judas Factor.

Egyptian Atrocity – ISIS attacked Christians in their church on Palm Sunday. Does anyone doubt that Christians and Western Civilization are active targets today?  Yes, you are a target of opportunity.  Pray for those who suffered great loss in Egypt … and get real.