As for man, his days are like grass; as a flower of the field he flourishes.  When the wind has passed over it, it is no more, and its place acknowledges it no longer.

Ps 103:15-16

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Do you understand the stakes in living?  Do you recognize for what you toil?  Do you live as if there is no God?  Is this the “lesson” of your culture?  Have you unwittingly complied with its ways?  Been so reduced?

In the end, those who have not served God are quickly forgotten, and in their place nothing.

It is said, and probably rightly so, that those who forsake God are lost to all in heaven – merely not a memory … yes, they cease in any form to be recalled.  To the Faithful Departed those who failed the Father simply do not exist … have not ever existed. Brothers – lost to memory.  Sisters, too.

How can we forsake the Father when He offered His Son for us, so we might be redeemed?

In your death will you be nothing?  To the faithful, will you cease to be?

Think about it.


Trump & Putin – The Democrats would have us believe that the Party of Free Markets is colluding with the oligarchs of Communism.  That’s rich.  The Democrats, the Party of the Left, the Party of Socialist Bernie Sanders and the Marxist professor class, is pushing the idea that Putin favors the Republicans and their free market, strong defense, small government disposition.  Have we forgotten Hillary and Bill’s sweet deal with the Russians in dealing our uranium interest to Russia?  Or the Podesta brothers lobbying for Russia and their joint business venture with the Communist oligarchs?

If you wish to understand why the Democrats are howling about Russia, there is one reason: having used the national security apparatus like the IRS (for political purposes) for some time – they need a diversion and Russia and Donald Trump is it.  Let’s be honest – the American Party of the Left is always favored by the Russians.  Like likes like.