“To be or to try to be,” that is more the question.

Gerald May, M.D., in Simply Sane

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This seems like a very apt quote for the country and the world today.  Why do I say this?

Well, because there are ample signs of insanity, indeed more than I recall in my lifetime.  I cite only a few.  The exceptionally poor quality of discourse among politicians, academics and news people.  Likewise, the blood lust in the Middle East is cause for alarm, as is the presence of opiate addiction and the violent urban gangs in America, the assault on religious freedom and free speech, the disintegration of Europe, and the unwarranted attention given to transgenderism as if it were critical to national survival.

We seem to be untangling, becoming unglued.  Those who might lead seem lost, or hostile to America – intent on its undoing.  I think of the explosive national debt produced by our former President, or his reduction in our international role and in the strength and size of the military and the forced growth on the dependent class.  I think too of the Clinton corruption that goes unchecked, and the Left’s role in the rise of racial tension and its hatred of Whites, and the state surveillance of political foes.

Ample signs of insanity it seems to me.  People have abandoned being itself in favor of any feeble diversion they can latch on to.  By May’s standards: insanity – pure and simple.

We have, apparently, abandoned our individual responsibility to simply be …  to exist as human beings – to develop and mature.  In fact, I hardly encounter anyone in conversation among a range of friends and acquaintances who would not agree in whole or in part with what I say. What I see is seen by others.

Yes, there is a sense among many that we have become sick, are inclined to insanity as evidenced in a broad range to troubling conduct, public comment and oddball advocacy.

It seems to me that nothing short of insightful and wise discourse among the few who can be guides in a return to sanity and simple being will suffice at this moment in time.  Of course, when insanity becomes anarchy – perhaps more is needed.

For the Lord speaks, “Sons I have reared and brought up, But they have revolted against me.”

Isaiah 1:2