The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.  (Emphasis added.)

Amendment X, The Constitution of the United States

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Much of the discussion after the U.S. House of Representatives did not issue a vote to repeal (in initial part) Obamacare yesterday is of “failure.”  But is it failure?

The Left’s effort to seize control of one-sixth of the U.S. economy and force national health care on states and individuals subject to tax penalty is, as we know, an abject disaster and destined to implode.  Such is the lunacy of the Left’s utopian ideas and totalitarian instinct and desire.

So I ask, so what if it fails?  Might this not be an interesting turn of the worn?

Note that those who lament national healthcare’s poor health all assume that only a national program with the federal government “in charge” can provide for the health and wellbeing of each of us. Nonsense!

Where exactly has the federal government shown such genius?  In securing a balanced budget and our economic future?  Controlling their deficit spending? Protecting our borders?  Preventing leaks of national security information? Prosecuting Hillary Clinton and others for their violations of law?  Curtailing government growth?  Waste? Inefficiency?  Redundancy?

So what is my point?  Why not let things evolve as they will.  Why presume that states cannot determine how it is that they wish to attend to the health needs of their citizens?

Is it not ludicrous to think, as the Leftist totalitarians do, that the health needs of the citizens of Oxford, Mississippi, are the same as those of the citizens of New York City?

Indeed, is it not possible that somewhere in this land citizens might conclude, unlike the Leftist totalitarians, that it is not the responsibility of citizenship that one must subsidize the healthcare needs of those who make obviously poor personal choices – like drug use, abhorrent sexual practices, “unwanted” pregnancies (in an era of easy access to contraception materials) alcoholism, smoking, obesity, etc. 

What we have at this hour nearing the implosion of Obama’s ill-conceived national healthcare program is this: a clear indication that our choice is between disintegration and integration.  Meaning this: the Left divides and destroys all things which stabilize and sustain this country and its freedoms, while the Conservatives sustain an integrated whole and a civil social order by cherishing and preserving: custom, convention, the Constitution, morality, the rule of law, common sense, the autonomy of the states and the rights of sovereign citizen, the decentralization of federal power, economic freedom, free markets, religious freedom and a strong national defense.

In yesterday’s news there is opportunity.  And there is proof of this one thing: Granny Pelosi and her Leftist totalitarians unwittingly “celebrate” their unmasking as those who disintegrate.  While the Conservatives in the Republican Party show they know the way to an integrated civil society.

Yesterday we may have taken a significant step away from Soviet-style Marxist totalitarianism.  Could the death of Obamacare be the “fall of the Berlin Wall” and the birth of American freedom and renewal of individual responsibility?

We can only hope and pray.