I will be taking a short break from writing to entertain and enjoy my family.  So there will be no post tomorrow (March 18) or the day after (March 19).  I will resume posting on Monday (March 20).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  

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There is no true holiness without humility.

Thomas Fuller, in Gnomologia

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We don’t hear much about humility these days.  No, we are marked by its absence.  And the fruits of its absence?  Immaturity, pride, foolishness, ignorant self-assertion, claims executed against others so a personal pet-whim of ours might be “fulfilled.”

Case in point.  The self-proclaimed guardians of the Chesapeake Bay are howling over the possibility that federal taxpayer money will not flow to them in its habitual and endless way.  The beneficiaries howl because they now have (they believe) a right to others money and that this right exists in perpetuity.

In the course of this childish fit of anger, I raised on Facebook this question: when did we come to believe that all manner of do-gooder could feed forever at the public trough?

Further, I asked if it wasn’t time to choose carefully what ought to be offered taxpayer money and what ought not be offered taxpayer money.

Then I suggested that were we to stop gifting Planned Parenthood tax dollars to conduct child-sacrifice, we might then divert money to a cleaner Chesapeake Bay (if necessary and wise).

Well I got this response from a young lady: for the sake of children the Chesapeake folks must be given federal taxpayer dollars.

For the sake of children … well the young Miss said nothing of tax supported child-sacrifice. Missing that point, she (of course) took no measure of the almost 20 trillion dollars of national debt accumulated in large part during the eight years by the most inept person ever to be housed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Humility lacking, we make no sense.  Our thinking is childish, selfish, informed by ignorance and yields “it’s for the children” arguments.  Horse hockey!

What could be more “for the children” than ceasing to kill them or not burdening them and their children with a crushing future tax burden or national bankruptcy?

We have more people who should never be heard from than those who should be heard from.  In part because humility is a rare component in the contemporary American and our culture.

Can you imagine a public posture that says – kill kids, and keep the Bay clean for those not aborted?  

That’s the sort of idiocy we now have in abundance.