…mystical awakening … “is primarily an unselfing.”

Evelyn Underwood, in Mysticism

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The current state of public discourse has me turning away from its chatter.  I ignore in particular the yammering of liberals (the Hollywood crowd (ugh), the mass media – full of sophomoric Brezinskis and “C-minus, minus” Cuomos, and the endless lost souls from Harvard and Yale Law Schools who appear all too frequently on the federal bench despite any glimmer of wisdom, insight or humility).

In my elected exile, I find quiet and in that quiet I discover the distinction between conversion  and awakening.  The former less fulfilling than the latter.

A conversion shifts the self from a lower consciousness to a higher plain.  It moves one from a smaller existence to a larger world of being.  Yet the self remains.  Not so in a mystical awakening.  There the self dissolves in favor of a passion for the Absolute.  In this the soul’s eye is opened and seeking the Absolute, the self does not matter.

When you come to see Babel in your culture, you vacate the senseless chatter for what does one on profit to listen to those who subtract from the sum of human knowledge while diminishing as well human experience.

If there is a gift in the calamity of the mindless mobs so self-assured in their ignorance, it is this: one can move from religious conversion to mystical awakening.

Yes, it is a time for an odd and priceless transition to being above and apart from the common insanity.

At our feet in this decline is the gift of mystical existence.  In this: a liberation.