… he did behave with a death-defying self-belief …

Boris Johnson, in The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History

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Johnson is describing Winston Churchill (most likely the greatest leader that Great Britain has ever had) in the above words.

Mr. Johnson’s portrait of Winston Churchill in The Churchill Factor most definitely brings to mind Donald Trump.  Churchill was despised by the British elites – who were, by the way, appeasers willing to concede defeat to the German’s before the beginning of World War II.

Appeasing elites.  Sounds a familiar contemporary American cord does it?  Yes. Elites do not fight, elites survive.  They have their stakes in life and join with potential adversaries to secure a common privilege – the nation and liberty be damned.

Are you seeing Mr. Trump in this reality?

When Churchill was but a few weeks into his tenure as Prime Minister – his Tory (i.e., Conservatives) colleagues closed ranks to dump him, throw him out of office. Yes, that is the way of those who have their fine share and desire to keep it (thank you very much).

It disturbed the elites all the more that Sir Winston was self-assured, decisive, hard to predict or control.  Worse yet, the elites were unsettled by Winston’s genius in seeing the spiritual evil in the Nazis, the fascists, and the corrupt in his own land. The vested elites shunned him, saw him as an opportunist and egoist, and one who spoke his mind without reservation.

Do you see a Trumpian element in all this?  Well, you should.

Life does not give us what we expect, but often what we need.  England did not want Winston Churchill – but the abysmal failure of their ruling elites required that England needed Winston Churchill.  Who is to say we are NOT in the same boat today?

A final word: Isn’t it just remarkable that our talking heads, political mavens, op-ed writers, news media, reporters, academics, veteran politicians cannot manage to wonder if Trump resembles anyone in recent history?  How dull can this bunch be?  Afterall Johnson’s book was published in 2014 … But then again, those who know everything seem unwilling to grow, and think, and rethink, and challenge their stale views and dreadful, ignorant bias and stupidity.

Do you understand what Brexit and Trump are saying?


P.S. – Feel free to send this along to a handful of colleagues.  It is best we sound the alarm – grow understanding.  Help people gain perspective and with that stability and confidence!!!  Tally-ho!