If a man cast the blame of his sloth and inefficiency upon others, he will end by sharing the pride of Satan and murmuring against God.

Fr. Zossima, in Feodor Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov

+ + +

Do you want to put the moment to the test, simply ask do you shoulder individual responsibility?  Do others do so?  Does the State ask this of us?  Does the Left seek this of our neighbors?  Or are we always passing our responsibilities to others?  Giving others the bill for our laziness and lack of responsibility?

Who is gaming who in the current system of government?  Are our elected representatives capitalizing on the lack of responsibility of others for their electoral benefit?  And at our expense?

And where oh where did the trillions dollars of national debt that Mr. Obama created go? What did you get for your money?  Was this irresponsibility at its largest and most obvious?  And why not a whimper from anyone?

Is our public policy geared on giving the debts and defaults of others to you and for your payment?  Are you tired of subsidizing those whose choices create for them real hardship without their ever changing their conduct or being contrite?

In a land where individual responsibility is far less visible than it once was, you can safely say we are a long way from the hero’s journey … and far more vulnerable as a result.

When individual responsibility fades, decline and defeat is on the horizon.

We live in serious times.