… God is pure life, and we are terrified of such life because we cannot hold it or possess it, and we do not know what it will do to us.

Alan Watts, in Behold the Spirit

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As a former vowed Catholic Brother with a graduate degree in theology from the University of Notre Dame and a focus on living faith in secular culture, and a long career as a lawyer, I am often asked by others: How is it that people claim to be religious and Catholic yet show little more than a rote or superficial sign of faith?

The question is meant to ask: How come these people do not live at a greater depth?  That they can endorse public policy like abortion that the Church most surely opposes?

The basic question, I suppose, is this: Why don’t people live more faithfully?

Alan Watts has the answer just about right, in my view.

People tend to hold onto their life with a death grip.  There is, in this, a reluctance to trust God.  They fear falling “into the hands of the living God.”  Faith, you see, is a matter of trust and people would rather trust themselves than God or anyone else.

Of course, this is a most fragile and strenuous way to live.  Imagine having to be “in-charge” of all that will come your way!  Imagine buying into the fiction that this is even remotely possible.  By the way, as one who has had a lifelong interest in and made a study of politics in its many iterations, I can tell you without hesitation that “progressives” (i.e., Communists) fancy government control of all aspects of life and do so in lieu of faith.  What I am saying, as one who studies faith in secular culture, is this: no God, and government fills the void; and that in this, religion and liberty are banished and central control over all aspects of life are, in time, placed in the hands of a few “true (godless) believers.”

Perhaps, you see more clearly why retaining “In God We Trust” on our currency might matter … and might be opposed.

Abandon God and the nightmare begins in earnest.


Observation – Lies are common to human existence, but don’t forget the Left (communism) is built in a lie and all its iterations share that foundation.  Faith, of course, deals in Sacred Truth.  Ever wonder why the Left so intentionally attacks and excludes religion?  Pray in public and see what response you get.  Remember, religious freedom is a fundamentally protected right under the U.S. Constitution.