Dedicated to Joe M. and all the others who stopped reading or thinking years ago – preferring instead to cling to illusion while Western Civilization, American democracy and national security are jeopardized.

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Marxism’s moral defects and failures arise from the extent to which it, like liberal individualism, embodies the ethos of the distinctly modern and modernizing world, and that nothing less than a rejection of a large part of that ethos will provide us with a rationally and morally defensible standpoint from which to judge and to act … (Emphasis added.)

Alasdair MacIntyre, in After Virtue

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This is a quote from an author who, in After Virtue, has been judged to have written the best book in moral philosophy in a century.  In his book, MacIntyre explains how the West lost contact with the foundational knowledge that allows one to make sound moral judgments.

MacIntyre’s extraordinary work is must reading for anyone who wishes to understand life and politics in America and the West today.  Suffice it to say we are a long, long way from moral reasoning, moral conduct, average intelligence, informed judgment and even farther from wisdom.

Did Mr. Obama or those in his government have candidate Donald Trump wiretapped or otherwise monitor his conversations and communications and those of his associates?

If I were to bet, I’d bet “yes.”  But why?

Well, for a number of reasons.  To begin, Lee Edwards in his biography on Barry Goldwater reported the President Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) wiretapped Mr. Goldwater’s private campaign airplane when they ran against one another in the early 1960’s.  I note, by the way, that this conduct was pre-Watergate.

Moving closer in time: Mr. Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton for a private conversation while Mr. Clinton’s wife was under federal investigation and there were no repercussions whatsoever.

I add that Mr. Obama pledged that if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor – and if you liked you health insurer you could keep your health insurer. His Democrat National Committee paid people to attend candidate Trump’s rallies and engage in violence.  His Justice Department seemed reluctant (to say the least) to pursue Ms. Clinton and her husband for number of their questionable activities or her apparent violation of national security law or requirements.

In keeping with MacIntyre’s broader cultural critique, we have Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney’s tax filings and proudly claiming those lies led to Mr. Obama’s re-election.  And we have the Democrat tactic of character assassination of those who oppose them.  And, the leaking of “classified” documents (without transcript by the way) to discredit those who oppose them. And, of course, there is (in Democrat-controlled urban areas) always a concern about voter fraud as demonstrated in the recent clumsy Green Party efforts to have a recount in Detroit, Michigan, of the voting in the recent presidential election which, ironically, suggested in some areas more voters than the population might support.

Then there is Internal Revenue Service’s thwarting the bona fide and lawful civic work of conservation political organizations.

These but a few things that suggest MacIntyre is right, i.e., that we have lost the capacity for moral reasoning and action.

That said, could wire-tapping an opponent happen?  What do you think?


Postscript – Make no mistake, Republican, Conservative or Independent behavior of like kind must also be called to account.  Morality and honesty are NOT partisan issues.