… when … sadness overtakes us we lose our perspective … and debilitating grief, depression, and … a desire for revenge can set in.

Dom Miguel Ruiz, Jr., in The Mastery of Self

+ + +

When bad thing happen, they can sweep over us, bring a dark pall over us.  We can feel discouraged.  In these moments, anger can climb and this takes us out of our stability and comfort and throw us into a tizzy.  In such an experience, we lose focus – take our strength and acute thinking and dull both.

What should one do when bad things happen?  Take the anger and funnel it into cold and steady concentration – a focus on what you wisely do to react to the changed and adverse circumstance.

Betrayal most of all – requires a laser focus and cunning response.  A conflict is no time to be over emotional.  It is, however, a time to be a steady, certain, wise respondent.

The victor is he who shows the greater calm and focus.  Steady at the wheel, people.  Let the fury settle your thinking and your aim.