Ash Wednesday … and Grace abounds !!!

” … Give up to grace.  The ocean takes care of each wave ’til it gets to the shore.”

Jalaluddin Rumi

+ + +

Grace is such an interesting thing.  Pliable.  It washes over life and comfortably settles in the cracks and crevices.

We do not control grace.  Heck, we often seem in our rigidity and in our imagined and manmade “protections” to actually guard against grace.

Grace is like an ocean wave.  We can neither put it in its perpetual motion nor control it from washing over us … … ah, but that we take exception that it might calm our desire, our anger, our frustration, our disappointment … that it might soften our heart and grow our understanding of self and other.

How we unwisely reject this great gift of faith.  How common it is that we wish to prevail over it as in all circumstances where our desired outcome dominates us as if we wish to dominate the Ocean and its grace.

So tense.  So buttoned up.  So far from Annie Dillard … and The Ocean.

It is so self-conscious … to step aside where the creeks and wind pour down … and then sulk … on the edge of rage.

Annie Dillard, in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek


Observation – The Democrats tepid (at best) response to President Trump’s speech last night shows the great gap that exists between them and their views and the majority of Americans.  Too many Democrats are ideologues, special pleaders, play identity and racial politics, are lukewarm to the very country in which they live, act like they always know what is best for everyone while exempting themselves from obligations they place on others.

Last night was a brilliant snapshot of the divide the FDR privileged big government Left has created.  Perhaps, the tide is turning.  Perhaps we can be one nation under God again.