… the future is made up of purely abstract and logical elements – inferences, guesses, deductions – it cannot be eaten, felt, smelled, heard, or otherwise enjoyed.  To pursue it is to pursue a constantly retreating phantom …

Alan Watts, in The Wisdom of Insecurity

+ + +

Mindfulness.  Do you experience the moment in the moment?  Do you experience life in each breath?  Do you see at any given moment what is around you?  On today’s horizon? Do you feel life?  Your heartbeat?

Are you standing in the moment?  In that, do you know the invisible reality of the Spirit? God?

When you chase tomorrow, you lose today.  When you chase tomorrow, you forfeit your True Self.  When you chase tomorrow, you miss God in the present … and God in the forever and a day, God in all the tomorrows come what may.

If you miss today day after day you will miss your life from your first breath to your last.

Our culture aims us to tomorrow and with it stocks us with fear and perpetual distraction.

In this we are captured, easily deceived, unsettled, destroyed – diminished and lost, sad, and worried.  In this we discard instinct and the knowledge it brings by design.  Yes, we become less human and less organic, less full and developing, and instead become like a cog, a widget, a valueless part of a constantly rotating Rube Goldberg machine doing this and that for no particular reason or objective.

Mindfulness.  Do you live in the now or in some fog of confusion that is tomorrow?

Don’t let others force you into fear and uncertainty.  Don’t let others reduce you. You are more than a widget and surely more than the small, inane and insane definitions foisted on you by those in mass secular culture who would control you by sustaining their disordered views.