Modern systematic politics … simply has to be replaced from the standpoint that owes genuine allegiance to … virtuesfor modern politics … experiences in its institutional form a systematic rejection of that tradition.

Alastair MacIntyre, in After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory

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Well, yesterday Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Democrat from California, called Gen. James Mattis, Wilbur Ross and all other Cabinet Secretaries “scumbags.”

How sweet.  Does Ms. Waters eat with that same mount?  Ugh …

The Left is coarse and tasteless – as well as wrong.  But now we see written large what it looks like to live in the After Virtue Era.  Pretty gross and pretty costly.

Ms. Waters, of course, is the genius that claimed at one point that the CIA was the purveyor of AIDs (or crack cocaine) in the inner city.

This is where we are.  Wonderful, huh … We have to bend the arc back to good taste, proper education which includes moral philosophy, Western Civilization, American history, family and religion.  Without this, we’ll live with the likes of Maxine Waters.

God help us all.