The voice of the parasite uses your own beliefs, formed through domestication and attachment, to hold power over you by placing conditions on your own self-love and self-acceptance.

Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., in The Mastery of Self

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We often find ourselves dominated by the ideas and demands of others, particularly our family of origin and our parents … more so now by mindless, unavoidable mas media and mass communication (each scrubbed of either faith or wisdom).

These sources create a parasite within – a negative voice that measures us and our conduct and thoughts and aspirations harshly against them.  Great personal discord follows.

The counterbalance to the parasite is the ally – the voice within that seeks what is good, and you, true, eternal, compassionate, just, loving, full and whole – a voice that brings contentment, balance, happiness and a sense of integrity.

Ally vs. Parasite.  That is your challenge. Most around you never engage the ally – electing to be led by the parasite – the voices and demands of incomplete, damaged and damaging people and the unhinged secular culture we occupy.

I have been, by the grace of God, raised by those who did not get washed up in the voice of a culture, or the demands of others.  My family had this orientation: be who God made you to be – go forth and find out who that is.

I walk and live with an ally.  Often I encounter the parasite within others.  Beware.