Have knee surgery tomorrow.  I am likely to take some days off before I return to writing.  Enjoy each day.  Find peace.

How be it we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought; but we speak the wisdom of God in mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world … (Emphasis added.)

1 Cor 2: 6,7

+ + +

Listening to people and hearing what they say, and seeing what they do – often seeing their outrage expressed and worry exhibited – in this I conclude: they cannot see the wisdom of God in mystery.  Yes, this seems our state at-large, an all too often testimony.

Yet, then I receive an email, see something that stabilizes and inspires, have a conversation that witnesses God, God’s wisdom and the mystery.

Today I heard from my friend Sarah – wife of a husband who is also my friend and mother of two wonderful young woman … each accomplished and delightful.

Sarah wrote to tell me of her family and, as always, there is joy in hearing from her, or her husband, and sharing in the news of their lives and that of their two daughters.  But in this email there was clear evidence of the wisdom of God in mystery.

What do I mean?

On the eve of a knee operation, I am staying with my friend Marty.  And in Sarah’s letter she sent obituaries of mother who died on January 1 and of her father who predeceased her mother.

It was an act of privileged inclusion and intimacy to be welcomed into her family and her life. Such an honor.

Sarah’s mother was a beautiful women, a nurse whose name was Anita.  She was born on September 25. Herein “the wisdom of God’s mystery.”

You see these facts spoke to me in a personal and eternal way.  My deceased wife’s birthday was September 25.  My Dear Friend Marty’s wife’s name was Anita and she was a nurse.

In Sarah’s thoughtful and generous openness, words conveyed “the wisdom of God’s mystery.”  In her love and kindness, Anita and Sylvia lived this day with Marty and with me.

Never live in the flat dimension of godlessness.  To do so is to miss “the wisdom of God in mystery.”  Thank you, Sarah.