After three centuries of tension and confrontation with the Roman imperial, the counter-cultural sect mutated into the agent of settled government and preserved the Graeco-Roman civilization in the West when that government collapsed.  (Emphasis added.)

Diarmaid MacCulloch, in Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years

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We can thank Christianity for our survival and the growth of Western Civilization – of which America is a vital part.  Yet, yahoos abound who would dismiss this inconvenient fact and dismantle both the United States and the West.

Frankly, it is a virtual certainty that few in this wayward cabal have spent any time thinking about Christianity’s place in Western or world history.  They are without regard for the destruction they invite and the jeopardy they create.

Think of this when the next law suit is filed against The Little Sisters of the Poor, or the next judicial wizard abolishes marriage or family or childhood or what-have-you.  And when some celebrity or insignificant “junior mint” advocates a borderless nation, or elevates the status of gender-confusion or disorder.  Or when the distasteful movement-of-the-day or dubious intellectual witnesses intolerance while preaching tolerance.

Yes, ask yourself:  Do these individuals have the vaguest knowledge of anything but their own ideologically inspired childish jingle and infirmed demand?

It seems at present we give way too much attention to the mindless and uninformed.

Think about it.


Footnote – Looks like “the free speech movement” ended at UC-Berkeley last night.  The fascist Left rioted, set fire, threw things, broke up a public lecture, trashed buildings and broke into ATM’s.  Bye, bye freedom of speech at Berkeley. So much for Leftist faculties, tolerance, “diversity,” freedom, equality, law, etc.