Ignorant people see everything in black and white – they rely heavily on the myth of pure evil – and they are strongly influenced by their own self-interest. (Emphasis added.)

Jonathan Haidt, in The Happiness Hypothesis

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In the above remark, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explains wisdom as it is derived from adversity.  He is making the point that wisdom is “tacit knowledge” that allows a person to balance their own needs with the needs of other people and things like institutions, the culture at-large, and those adversely affected by decisions and circumstances.

Those without wisdom see only black and white, find pure evil in other people, groups, things and ideas and act exclusively in their own misshapen, narrow, ill-informed and often hateful self interest.

It used to be some associated this sort of orientation with religious zealots – now it defines the American Left – from the U.S. Congress, to the media, the college campus on down to primary education.  You see it manifest regularly in the protesters, on television “news” shows, in liberal newspapers and among the “special pleaders” intent to bend you to their exclusive point of view.  But to what consequence?  A social breakdown that’s what.

Those described above divide us.  Their notion of diversity splinters us and creates enemies – the good (those on the Left) from the evil (those who are not on the Left).

As Emil Durkheim reminds us such social divide furthers self-destruction – and we see it now very clearly in those in the streets, and those in the Halls of Congress who refuse to participate in the daily work of the Legislature in order thwart the work of the elected majority and the sovereign citizens who elected them.  Yes, in the Democrat Party of the Left.

What I find most remarkable about the Left is this: they rant and get their bowels in an uproar without the slightest evidence that they are informed, well-educated or sufficiently wise or thoughtful enough to critique this nation, the culture and surely not themselves.

There has been plenty written by very astute people on the decline of American culture in that last four or five decades.  Those on the Left seem to ignore such essential work as James Hunter’s The Death of Character, Anthony Appiah’s The Ethics of Identity,  Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue or a whole stack of excellent and informative work essential to any sound understanding of American culture today.

My point?  Those noisy, rude, one-dimensional, crude ideologues on the Left hold no credential that justifies them NOT being dismissed out of hand. They know little and are adverse to doing their homework.

Would you ever wish a doctor with no particular knowledge of the specific problem you present to treat you?  The answer to that question fits the present state of ignorance we encounter in the all-too-public Left … personal associates included. Turn away.