Set your heart on doing good.  Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy.


+ + +

Cultivating virtue will make you happy.  But who among us, who in public space and in the media and among politicians, comedians, celebrities appears to seek virtue?  Perhaps, no one.

Who indeed does within your family?  Probably a few, but likely not many?

And in the mob of Leftist protesters?  None.  Militant feminists?  None.  Abortion advocates?  Do they seek good in their heart?  No.  Militants are joyless and those who advocate death of innocents obliterate any good that might have once resided in them. For how can the abortionist feel any more joy than the executioner?  Or the heroin pusher.

And what of those who compromise your virtue?  What might you do?

The fact is we live in an age without an abundance of virtue.  This leads to the dilemma of what one might do socially when invited to spend time with or among others who are vulgar, crass, tasteless grunts, ogres, louts, loudmouths?

For me, I prefer to savor my time and select with care with whom I associate and how I spend my time.  In short, I gently excuse myself from invitations that would have me in the company of those whose conduct and disposition fall short of virtue.  Yes, I prefer solitude to disorder and riff-raff.

Discretion is wise, and good for us.  It preserves our dignity and our tranquility.

Emil Durkheim noted that freedom from social ties correlated with suicide.  It might be said today that immersion in social settings charged with normless individuals produces a soulful suicide.  And who among us desires such an end?  Not I.


Footnote – I often find that the mute button is a most useful feature on a TV remote. Ah, sweet silence rather than the chatter of the foolish.