I’ve began to realize you can listen to silence and learn from it.  It has a quality and dimension all its own.

Chaim Potak, in The Chosen

+ + +

Television.  Advertising.  Billboards.  Cell phones.  Protesters.  Celebrities.  Gossips. Politicians.  Urban masses.  Intellectuals.  Experts.  Complainers.

They cannot learn because they do not listen.

Babble.  They babble and rant.  In their chatter they subtract from the sum of human knowledge and bludgeon tranquility.

I often arise and write before the sun comes up.  It is quiet.  Silence reigns.  I hear the wind  – when it is barely in motion and when it howls.  I hear the silence of the sun as it rises – regal, certain and unafraid …  while mere humans think their voice holds the world in place.

Escape the madness.  Listen to the silence …  Learn from it.