… whoever grasps the Law will obtain wisdom … she will raise him up above his neighbors, and in full assembly she will open his mouth …

Sirach, 15:1, 5

+ + +

Today in the Catholic Mass we celebrate St. Thomas Aquinas – whose work and words survive to this day.  Wisdom.  He spoke in the wisest of ways.

This makes me think about this simple question: If wisdom speaks do we listen? And this: Do we listen in a discriminating way?

The above quotation advances this predicate: we must be familiar with the font of immutable truth about life, the human person and The Divine to access wisdom … So the ageless truths precede our capacity to hearknow and, having integrated truth into our daily living and thought, to witness in word or deed.

In the secularized culture of mass communication we are besieged by endless conversation and actions.  This rain falls constantly on us.  We are soaked by it, bathed in it.  Yet, are we equipped to listen wisely, discriminate, dismiss what is babble, destructive, debilitating, false – even sick?  Ditto as to actions we see everyday.

A culture in crisis is a culture where first and fundamental truths are not known and, as consequence – what is heard and seen is absorbed as if it might in its falseness and foolishness be treated as true.

Case in point: abortion is not “choice” – it is killing an unborn child.  Contraception is a choice.  The killing of a child in the womb is not.  Do you see, how what is false and hideously so can become “as truth?”

Think about it.  Are you anchored in immutable truth?  Can you detect what is false and turn away from it?