March for Life

Washington, D.C., January 27, 2017

God bless them all.

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It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.

Mahatma Gandhi

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I spent a good deal of my working life in a Courthouse, representing poor people in Washington, D.C. in various matters.  Some of these people were as nice and likable as can be, some were heroic; yet, in that venue you saw a deluge of individuals and families in extraordinary disarray and utter chaos … and you saw their disorder spread intergenerationally, and destroy communities.

I recall two brothers under five years of age who witnessed so much pornography in their home that they began engaging in illicit acts with one another.  And a frail woman in her 20’s whose life as a prostitute arose from sex abuse in her nuclear family.  And a murder trial that originated in a weeks-long party fueled by drugs and alcohol where the testimony of witnesses was so disordered and contradictory that no guilty verdict was possible.

I remember thinking long ago that the law assumes it will be administered to people with some semblance of order, human development, moral understanding and self-control and that those prerequisites do not exist in some quarters of our population.

I also remembering saying to a colleague that there is NOT sufficient wealth in our nation to subsidize social pathology as we do.

Enter Gandhi.

Thanks to the grievance mongers on the Left, all sorts of social pathology is advocated and then subsidized by taxpayers.  It is always easiest to be “concerned” when you hand both the cost and consequences to someone else.

How charming that our departed ex-President “cared” on the way out of office to approve more Syrians entering the country.  Of course, he is not sharing his housing with them, nor supporting them from his amble pension.

How keen it is for cities, churches and colleges to declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and hand the cost and consequences to taxpayers.  Ditto feminists who support abortion with taxpayer dollars.  This is, in candor, the game of “equality” pled by many – Bradley Manning and the gender confused among them.

The list of grievance mongers is long and growing.  They are demanding and loud and wrong fundamentally, and in many ways.

Things will change for the better when we heed Gandhi and restore individual responsibility. The first step of course will be to cut federal subsidies to those who engage irresponsible behavior and unwise choices.

The fact that social pathology is pursued and practiced by legions of people – is no justification for making innocents pay for the calamity, illness, social and psychological costs that follow.