I am a man … I am a splinter of the infinite deity …

Carl Jung, M.D., in Memories, Dreams and Reflections

+ + +

Think about yourself as being in a dream each day.  Think also of what you have heard reported on the news as part of the dream.  Think of the White woman seeking to lead the Democrat Party who said her job would be to tell White Democrats to “shut up” or about the skinny woman on the airplane that felt “privileged” to verbally assault a fellow passenger who attended the Inauguration. Or the washed-up celebrity who thinks of blowing up the White House.  Or the D.C. rioters and child fire-starter who at age nine or ten wanted to say by this matches: “Screw the President.”

Are the events of this dream not unsettling?

But, why?

Perhaps, you (like Carl Jung) and others are a “splinter of the infinite deity.”

Suppose that is our baseline identity, our actual state of perfection.

Just as the dream would be disturbing, so too isn’t the present day?  Are we not surrounded by troubled, sick and lost souls – yes, others who in their misdirection cross from normal to hostile and in this touch the boundary of insanity.  Has their cheese not slipped off the cracker?

Why do we not plainly identify this conduct?  And then clearly sanction those whose illness disturbs us all, eases the standard of civil conduct, and unchecked – spreads their illness.

In this unchecked coarseness are we not denying God and the sanctity of the human person – splinter as we are?

There are in this dream we now live daily insults and aggression that we need not tolerate.