Radical feminism is the most destructive and fanatical movement to come … from the Sixties … Totalitarian in spirit, it is deeply antagonistic to … Western culture and proposes the complete restructuring of society, morality and human nature …

Robert H. Bork, in Slouching to Gomorrah

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Some women assembled in Washington yesterday to trumpet radical feminism.  It seems they feel better being discontented, and all the better to be at war with men, Western culture and its institutions and founding, its life-sustaining principles, its time-tested values, and its achievements.

What do you say about such people?

They are not especially humble.  They live in discontent among extraordinary opportunity, comfort, privilege, freedom, and affluence.

Listening to the speakers at their public assembly you have to say – they are frantic.  Who might deny that hearing a speaker say she had thought often of blowing up the White House.

They are distastefully lewd and fixated on their biology.  Who other than a radical feminist would dress up as a vagina or an index finger, or wear a pink “pussy” hat. Yes, lewd and childish.

Let’s face it: the embrace of a constructed victimhood  does not a happy person make.

Think about it.  Women seem to be consuming themselves.  Such is the effect of victimization.  Doubt it?  Look at obesity statistics on Black, White and Hispanic women since the advent of feminism.  Look around – you can see young women who are on the highway to diabetes.  Can this be a sign of contentment?

Look at fatherless families and fatherless children, too.

My point is a simple one – radical feminism is not sufficiently critiqued, and if we care about women and their unique importance to society and the human race, we ought to examine it carefully.

Examine?  Yes. What is good can always withstand review.  What is not, cannot.