True sorrow is as rare as true love.

Stephen King, in Carrie

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King is on to something.  Surely there is a relationship between sorrow or remorse and one’s capacity to love others.

Forget the proof of King’s words or mine as they apply to individual relationships, look rather at aggregates, at groups, the mass and their behavior … and at public figures.

It takes strength and maturity to show remorse, true sorrow and to love others more than self. Those who love self more than others, by the way, love only the fragments of themselves that they wish to imagine are an accurate image of who they are.  They are, of course, always far from the truth about who they are.  Their journey is but lie after lie each creating chaos and disorder, steeping hurt on others.

Look at the vocal advocacy groups – especially the obnoxious and childish, perpetual protesters.  Do they convey a humble and remorseful, sorrowful heart? How about the loud mouth celebrity or politician?  The ideologue?  The special pleaders who would have their base desires become our ways of thinking and being.  Any authentic love and sorrow in their voice?

We are a culture in need of remorse and true love.  Forget public policy and politics, who shows love and sorrow?  Who?

See, O Lord, for I am in distress; my spirit is greatly troubled; my heart is overturned within me, for I have been very rebellious.  In the street the sword slays; in the house it is like death.

Lam 1:20