Thinking about America and a New Presidency

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Mrs. Clinton is depression: you know exactly who she is, what trouble she brings – she always brings a sack of scandal – and she won’t make anything better. (Emphasis added.)

Peggy Noonan, in The Wall Street Journal, September 3-4, 2016

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If one is concerned about Donald Trump as our President, one must also pass an eye over his opponent.

Ms. Clinton is the face of the Democrat Party of the Left.  She and her husband have a long and spotted public record.  Democrats own her, and all that comes with her.  Yet, their inability to look critically at her discredits their collective hysteria over Mr. Trump.

To commence a new Presidency requires a recall of what we have just experienced in his opponent.

I cite just a few things.

The FBI flies on Ms. Clinton’s softball, not-under-oath interview (made public the Friday before Labor Day) show she could neither “recall” nor “remember” details or events as related to 27 specific questions.

Recall, if you will, that in March 2015 she claimed she used one digital device “for convenience.” Yet, the FBI determined she used 13 – including five iPads which were thought to be exposed to others without authority to see them.

Ms. Clinton, by the way, had been formerly advised by the appropriate State Department personnel of the daily threat of computer hacking by foreign agents. Multiple devices just multiplies the risk of having foreign agents secure national secrets.

The FBI determined Ms. Clinton sent or received hundreds of emails marked as classified or confidential while outside the United States where the risk of being hacked by adversaries multiplies again, and becomes a virtual certainty.

Of course we know Ms. Clinton used an unsecured computer server and that the FBI investigation suggested that she had done so to evade accountability.  Of course, to “evade accountability” raises the prospect that one might wish to conceal what they were doing.

Some people have expressed concern that Ms. Clinton intended to keep others from reviewing the degree to which her work as Secretary of State collided with the ongoing activity of the Clinton Foundation.  Apropos, the FBI identified some 17,000 plus emails (not turned over to them) that seemed to contain both personal and work material.

FBI Director James Comey called Ms. Clinton’s behavior “extremely careless.”

It has been a strange year for the letter “C.”  Comey, Clinton, careless, computer, classified, confidential, corruption.  “C”,” mind you, comes before “D.”

Gripers might remember that. “C” before “D.”  Clinton before Donald.


Footnote – There is no pleasure per se and commenting about politics except that we live in a political society and public figures and the public discourse tells us who we appear to be and in that is a measure of faith.  In public matters do we see virtue?  Morals?  Truth? Excellence?  Honor?  Service to others? Or self-gain?  Division?  Confusion and worse?