It is a lovely virtue – the rib of Himself that God sent down to His children.

James M. Barrie, in Courage

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I am old enough now to look back over the events and experiences of my life. Seven decades does that to those whose lives have had challenges, provided the challenges have been accepted, and the results (win, lose or draw) have also been accepted.

In the challenges we come to “the rib.” Barrie’s truth: the rib of God within.

When I think of challenges and courage, I think of mirrors.  Mirrors?  Yes.

Life has a way of holding a mirror up to us, so we might face and look at our self as we are at that moment – the moment when a challenge arises and we come to ask: Who am I? Really, who am I?

Some turn away.  They dare not look.

To look is to see.  To see is, perhaps, to be tested, to face what might be difficult and also what is yet known about us.  That is, the mirror might seek a deeper depth than you have heretofore come to know.  The mirror may call you out of a comfort into the unknown.

When I think of courage I think of ribs and mirrors, and God and life – mortal and eternal.


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